Smythesdale Cemetery


Based on Data by Joan Hunt

Photos and Additions by Carmel M Reynen 2006


Abbott A.W.  photo photo 67 years 2nd April 1938 & wife Elizabeth also Arthur William 
Abbott Arthur William  photo photo 85 years 25th Dec 1854 & Elizabeth and A.W. Abbott
Abbott Elizabeth photo photo 79 years 26th Sept 1909 & husb A.W. Abbott
Ahern Edmond photo photo 1829 1914 husb of Eliza
Ahern Eliza photo photo 1847 1909 wife of Edmond
Ahern Roger & Thomas photo photo infant   sons of Eliza & Edmond
Aisbett Annie photo photo 60 years 21st Jan 1922 wife of Thomas
Aisbett Colin  photo   51 years 27th Dec 1984 husband of Joan, father of three
Aisbett David photo photo 71 years 22nd July 1936 husb of Marion
Aisbett Edward Albert photo photo 48 years 21st Dec 1950 son of David & Marion
Aisbett Elizabeth L.  photo photo   13th July 1945 wife of James
Aisbett Isabella B. photo photo   7th Jan 1943 daughter of Richard & Jane
Aisbett James  photo photo   26th May 1947 husband of Elizabeth L
Aisbett Jane photo photo 75 years 30th Nov 1910 wife of Richard
Aisbett Marion photo photo 61 years 22nd May 1923 wife of David
Aisbett Richard photo photo 16 years 30th July 1885 son of Richard & Jane
Aisbett Richard photo photo 74 years 8th March 1911 husband of Jane
Aisbett S. photo photo      
Aisbett Thomas photo photo   20th May 1930 husband of Annie
Aisbett Thomas photo photo   3rd June 1946 son of Richard & Jane
Aisbett W.R photo photo      
Aisbett  Gordon Russell photo   11th Nov 1926 19th March 1996  
Alcock Alphonse photo photo 1866 1911  
Allen - Clarke Rev.J.O. photo photo 35 years 20th March 1906 husband of Maude Allen Clarke, Killed on the railway
Alpin  Annie Thora photo photo 59 years 25th June 1934 daugt of Mary & Gustuv
Alpin  Gustuv Ernst Heinrick photo photo 56 years 31st Oct 1888 & wife Mary 
Alpin  Louise Elizabeth photo photo   2th May 1892 daut of Mary & Gustuv
Alpin  Mary  photo photo 80 years 26th Oct 1926 & husband Gustuv & children
Anderson Bridget photo photo 80 years ? Sept 1916 & Mary Ann
Anderson Elizabeth   photo photo 69 years 10th Feb 1911 & Henry Wood
Anderson Henry Wood photo photo 77 years 24th Feb 1915 & Elizabeth
Anderson James Watson photo photo 61 years 11th Jan 1902 & Mary Ann
Anderson Mary Ann  photo photo 82 years 5th July 1950 & Bridget
Anderson Mary Ann  photo photo 68 years 8th March 1926 & James Watson
Armstrong   photo photo      
Armstrong  Alexander photo photo 62 years 23rd August 1927 husband of Louisa
Armstrong  C.H. photo   72 years 15th April 1982 husband of Elvie & Father of three
Armstrong  Elvie Thetis photo   20th April 1911 27th July 1902 wife of Colin (C.H.) mother of Three
Armstrong  Joseph William  photo photo 74 years 25th April 1944 son of William & Mary
Armstrong  Louisa photo photo 85 years 2nd Jan 1953 wife of Alexander
Armstrong  Mary photo photo 56 years ? October 1982 wife of William
Armstrong  Mary Ann  photo photo 75 years 10th Jan 1950 daugt of William & Mary
Armstrong  William photo photo 70 years 8th July 1905 husband of Mary 
Arnold James Maxwell photo   24 years 21st Sept 1984 son of Pat & Tom brother of seven
Baddeley Charles E photo photo   23rd Aug 1928 & wife Isabella & daughter Lilian
Baddeley Eliza photo photo      
Baddeley Horace Lovering Renfrew photo photo 1st Jan 1911 1st Nov 1991  
Baddeley Isabella photo photo      
Baddeley Isabella photo photo   15th Sept 1942 & husb Charles E, & daughter Lilian
Baddeley Lilian photo photo   8th Feb 1882 daut of Isabella & Charles
Baddeley Mary A.  photo photo      
Baddeley Thomas B. photo photo      
Baddeley W.H. photo photo      
Baddeley   photo        
Barrett Benjamin  photo photo   17th Sept 1938 & Mary McCallum 
Barry William  photo photo 36 years 3rd May 1870 Late of Co. Kildare Ireland 
Bate Margaret photo photo 40 years 7th June 1873  
Bates Clarence Henry  photo photo   29th Nov 1973 & wife Ida Florence
Bates Ida Florence photo photo   7th Jan 1967 & husband Clarence
Bates   photo        
Beattie John  photo photo 54 years 31st May 1865 late of Kilm??ock Scotland
Bedford Eliza Beth  photo photo 67 years 10th Nov 1940 also John and daughter Ethel
Bedford Elthel  photo photo 14 years 3rd Aug 1919 & Eliza Beth & John 
Bedford John  photo photo 81 years 19th Nov 1954 & Eliza Beth & Ethel
Bedford Mary photo photo 88 years 7th Sept 1922 & husband Richard 
Bedford Richard photo photo 75 years 23rd March 1897 Native of Laugharne, Wales, & wife Mary
Bedford  David Daniel photo photo 87 years 10th Jan 1988 son of Elizabeth & Isaac
Beeston Leticia  photo photo 29th Oct 1830 6th Jan 1894 erected by her brother & sister, late of North Umberland England
Berriman Alfred  photo photo   30th Aug 1906 & wife Elizabeth
Berriman Elizabeth photo photo   21st April 1944 & husband Alfred
Berry Maxwell James photo   65 years 3rd Jan 2002 husband of Anky, stepfather of four
Bickett Jane photo photo 35 years 19th Dec 1863 wife of J. M. Bickett
Bird George photo photo 80 years 31st July 1874 Late of Dorchester England, husband of Harriet
Bird George  photo photo 1875 1961 son of John & Mary   
Bird Harriet photo photo 84 years 9th Dec 1897 wife of George, also Louie
Bird John  photo photo 1841 1913 husband of Mary father of George
Bird Louie photo photo 22 years 22nd Dec 1905 daughter of John & Mary Bird
Bird Mary  photo photo 1847 1942 wife of John Mother of George
Bishop Charles photo photo 60 years 12th June 1892 & wife Fanny & son Fredrick
Bishop Fanny Ann  photo photo 69 years 2nd March 1902 & husb. Charles & son Fredrick
Bishop Fredrick William  photo photo     & parents Charles & Fanny
Black Agnes photo photo     daugt of David & Alilias
Black Alilias photo photo     wife of David
Black David photo photo     husband of Alilias
Black Robina  photo photo     daugt of David & Alilias
Black  David  photo     28th June 1987  
Blaikie Jane photo photo 47 years 19th Oct 1875 wife of John 
Blaikie John  photo photo 86 years 1st Feb 1915 husband of Jane
Bleakley Rachel photo photo 9 mths 25th Feb 1866 daugt of William & Sarah 
Bleakley Rachel photo photo 5 years 16th May 1862 daugt of William & Sarah 
Booth Amelia photo photo      
Booth Belinda photo photo      
Booth Eva Amelia  photo photo      
Booth James  photo photo      
Booth John  photo photo      
Booth Mary Ann  photo photo      
Bott Agnes photo photo 27 years 15th Oct 1890 daughter of Mary & Benjamin  
Bott Benjamin  photo photo   15th August 1902 & wife Mary
Bott Louisa Ann  photo photo 6 years 24th July 1861 daughter of Mary & Benjamin  
Bott Mary  photo photo   1st March 1910 & husband Benjamin 
Bourker Thora May  photo   66 years 7th Oct 1986 wife of Chas, mother of seven
Bowdrey Aileen  photo photo 20 years 6th Aug 1951  
Bowles   photo        
Boyd Clara  photo photo   21st May 1942 & Jane & George Knight
Boyd Hugh photo photo 5? Years ? August 1912 husband of Mary
Boyd John  photo   36 years 2nd March 1898  
Boyd Leslie Wallace  photo photo   ? May 1966 great grandson of Sarah & William husband of Edna, cremated Melbourne
Boyd Mary photo photo 58 years ? March 1918 wife of Hugh
Boyd Sarah photo photo 58 years 30th Jan 1888 wife of William mother of William
Boyd William photo photo 21 years 13 Jan 1877 son of William & Sarah
Boyd William  photo photo 81 years 23rd March 1908 husb of Sarah father of William
Briggs Elizabeth  photo photo 36 years 29th July 1871 erected by her husband Abel
Brister Edmund photo photo 46 years 26th May 1910 & wife Elizabeth Ruth
Brister Elizabeth Ruth photo photo 53 years 17th Feb 1914 & husband of Edmund
Broker Eugene photo photo 89 years 5th Sept 1989 & Simpers
Brooker John Raymond photo   58 years 14th Nov 1987 Husb of Joy father of three
Brophet George R photo photo 25 years 29th Sept 1917 Cpl. Killed in France Grandparents Stoker
Brown  Charles Ingleton  photo photo 9 mths 28th Jan 1874 son of John McTurk Brown
Brown  James photo photo 3 yrs 10mths 22nd May 1864 son of John McTurk Brown
Brown  John Ferguson  photo photo 9 mths 23rd Dec 1865  
Brown  John McTurk photo photo 45 years 11th Feb 1877 also his children
Brumby George  photo photo 41 years 2nd April 1934 Late AIF
Brunton Jessie photo photo 77 years 29th Oct 1894 & Racheal & Rudolf Pfleiderer
Burge Edith photo photo 79 years 14th June 1942 & James & Eleanor 
Burge Eleanor photo photo 81 years 20th July 1915 & James & children & grandson
Burge Eleanor photo photo 28 years 2nd Feb 1884 & James & Eleanor 
Burge Eliza photo photo 77 years 19th Sept 1938 & James & Eleanor 
Burge Ethel photo photo 3 years  2nd Oct 1874 & James & Eleanor 
Burge James photo photo 47 years 9th Aug 1874 & Eleanor & children & grandson
Burge William  photo photo 51 years 9th July 1906 & James & Eleanor 
Burke Arthur Patrick  photo photo 58 years 6th Sept 1943 son of Patrick & Georgina
Burke Georgina photo photo 80 years 16th Dec 1942 wife of Patrick 
Burke Patrick photo photo 80 years 10th Oct 1934 husb of Georgina
Burke Thomas Ulick photo photo 41 years 10th May 1867  
Burke   photo photo      
Burridge   photo photo      
Butterworth Ashton  photo photo 59 years 29th Dec 1904  
Butterworth Henry photo photo   22nd July 1940 Husband of Susan
Butterworth Sarah photo photo 90 years 23rd May 1946 & Rebecca Tuddenham
Butterworth Susan  photo photo   4th Sept 1966 wife of Henry
Butterworth  Ashton  photo   78 years 23rd Jan 1992 husband of Jean father of two
Butterworth  Joseph  photo   67 years 1st Dec 1984 husband of Norma & father of two
Byrne John  photo photo infant   son of Winifred & William
Byrne William photo photo 1839 1920 & wife Winifred & son John 
Byrne Winifred photo photo 66 years 6th April 1930 wife of William mother of John 
Callaghan Catherine  photo photo 81 years 23rd Oct 1956 & Thomas Alexander
Callaghan Thomas Alexander photo photo 84 years 25th Sept 1954 & Catherine 
Cameron  Margaret photo   46 years 16th May 1870 beloved wife of Donald 
Campbell Agnes photo photo 53 years 1st Feb 1879 b Girvan Ayrshire Scotland d Haddon 
Campbell Isabella photo photo 42 years 24th Jan 1869 native North Shields England, wife of Joseph
Campigli Louis  photo photo 62 years 16th Oct 1899 Native of Maggia Switzerland, & Mary
Campigli Mary photo photo 78 years 11th Jan 1920 & Louis
Carey Anna Rachel photo   65 years 21st March 1990 & Thomas
Carey Caroline photo photo 91 years 12th July 1980 wife of William 
Carey Daniel Allen  photo photo 63 years 13th Sept 1957 late AIF. Husband of Isabella Emma
Carey Elizabeth  photo photo 65 years 3rd Nov 1956 wife of Lee
Carey Isabella Emma photo photo 88 years 25th June 1988 wife of Daniel Allen
Carey John Maxwell photo   30th March 1926 11th March 2002 husband of Lilian father of four
Carey Lee photo photo 67 years 11th Oct 1957 husband of Elizabeth
Carey Mary  photo   73 years 27th May 1936 wife of Thomas
Carey Thomas James photo   58 years 23rd July 1915 husband of Mary
Carey Thomas James photo   70 years 20th Aug 1991 & Anna
Carey William photo photo 70 years 13th Oct 1853 husband of Caroline
Carey  Lilian Joyce photo   28th Dec 1926 5th Oct 2000 wife of Jack mother of four
Carey  Mary photo   75 years 27th May 1936 & husband Thomas James
Carey  Thomas James photo   58 years 23rd July 1915 & wife Mary 
Carnegie Helen Thorborn? photo photo 79 years 20th April 1926 & William
Carnegie Norman  photo photo   13th March 1917 killed in Action
Carnegie William  photo photo 53 years 29th April 1890 & Helen
Carnegie William B. photo photo 56 years 15th Jan 1928  
Carter Audrey Joyce photo   19th April 1915 1st July 2003 wife of Norman mother of two sons
Carter Norman Clive photo   24th Sept 1910 3rd Feb 2001 husband of Joyce, father of two sons
Causon E.D photo photo 34 years 28th August 1921 21st Battalion
Causon  John  photo photo 66 years 5th July 1949 & Annie Myrtle
Causon  Myrtle photo photo 84 years 29th Sept 1980 & John 
Causon  Roy photo photo      
Causon    photo        
Chellew George photo   58 years 24th June 1919 & Maud
Chellew Maud photo   55 years 27th May 1922 & George
Chibnall Charles Christopher photo photo 34 years 16th Jan 1874 & wife Elizabeth and daughter Louisa
Chibnall Elizabeth  photo photo 23 years 20th August 1866 wife of Charles C. 
Chibnall Louisa  photo photo 5 mnths 27th Aug 1873 daughter of Charles C.
Chidwick Edward photo photo 85 years ? Sept 1908 husband of Elizabeth
Chidwick Elizabeth Lydia Jane photo photo 69 years 9th October 1907 wife of Edward
Christie Charles William  photo   73 years 8th Dec 1982 son of Jane & Andrew brother of six
Christie David Clarke photo photo 36 years 21st Feb 1908 Husb of Mary Ann
Christie Emily Myrtle photo photo 1903 1904 Nee Olsen with Sarah Emma Olsen
Christie Mary Ann  photo photo 76 years 7th Jan 1950 wife of David Clarke
Christie Richard W. photo photo   6th Dec 1972 son of David & Mary, Intd Melbourne
Christie   photo        
Chubb Catherine  photo photo 1876 1953 and others
Chubb Catherine  photo photo 1916 2002 and others
Chubb John  photo photo 1864 1906 and other
Chubb John M photo photo 1913 1931 and others
Chubb Michael photo photo 1872 1941 and other
Clarke Alexander photo photo 73 years 18th March 1878 native of Montrose Scotland
Clarke Andrew photo photo 32 years 19th March 1878 M.D.T.C.D. died in Ararat & daughter & Mosley
Clarke Nelly photo photo 12 mths 12th March 1876 daughter of Andrew & Mosley
Clarkson James photo photo 77 years 22nd Jan 1906 husband of Margaret
Clarkson Margaret photo photo 53 years 11th Nov 1908 & James & Margaret
Clarkson Margaret photo photo 76 years 1st Jan 1910 wife of James 
Clift Jean L.  photo photo 90 years 2nd Oct 2001 & Ella & Alfred Crossthwaite
Clunn Margaret photo photo 74 years 27th Oct 1914 intrd S Brisbane Qld & Cumming & Gerrard
Cochrane George photo photo 16 years 2nd Feb 1863 at Haddon, son of Thomas & Mary
Coleman Gary P. photo photo 33 years 21st Aug 1983 son of Dorothy & John 
Collins Annie photo photo 70 years 2nd April 1944 wife of James 
Collins James photo photo   21sr June 1921 husband of Annie
Collins William photo photo 47 years 6th June 1953 son of James & Annie
Collins  Ann photo photo 32 years 22nd Sept 1860 wife of Lancelot, daughter of Anthony Walton
Collins  Patrick  photo photo 54 years 16th Jan 1891 & Rose
Collins  Rose Ann  photo photo 68 years 17th Sept 1904 & Patrick  
Comerford James Walter photo   29th April 1921 21st Jan 2002 loved husband, father & grandfather
Commons Emma Jane photo photo 5 months 1st Jan 1875 daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Jane from St Austell, Cornwall, England
Commons Richard   photo photo 5 weeks 27th Dec 1861 son of Richard & Elizabeth Jane from St Austell, Cornwall, England
Connell Charles photo   71 years 28th Jan 1964 & Laurel
Connell Laurel photo   79 years 17th Dec 1984 & Charles
Cook W. photo photo 86 years 16th August 1943  
Coolahan Margaret photo photo 80 years 1889 also Smiddy & McInerney
Coolahan Patrick  photo photo 74 years 18th June 1823 also Smiddy & McInerney
Coolahan Thomas photo photo 60 years 1868 also Smiddy & McInerney
Corson  Adam  photo photo      
Corson  Louisa H. photo photo 72 years 8th May 1908 & daughters Louisa & Marion 
Corson  Louisa M.C photo photo 11 years 23rd Sept 1876 & Mother Louisa & sister Marion
Corson  Marion E. photo photo 21 years 2nd April 1891 & Mother Louisa & sister Louisa
Cox James photo photo 33 years 20th April 1880 & Mary 
Cox Mary photo photo 37 years 27th July 1892 & James
Cracknall Margaret A.  photo photo 50 years 18th Oct 1929  
Craigie Robert photo photo 58 years 2nd Jan 1878 hus of Janet, Late of Cu? Scotland, hus of Janet
Creed  Edmund photo photo 44 years 14th Feb 1879 husb of Ellen
Creed  Ellen photo photo 70 years 24th Sept 1905 wife of Edmund 
Creed  Ellen  photo photo   3rd April 1928 & William & Mary 
Creed  James photo       with John & Susan
Creed  Johanna photo photo   28th Nov 1927 & William & Mary & Ellen & Ellen
Creed  John  photo       with James & Susan
Creed  Katie photo photo 7 years 1875 daut of Ellen & Edmund
Creed  Mary photo photo 32 years 12th Dec 1894 & William & Ellen
Creed  Susan  photo       with James & John 
Creed  William photo photo 65 years 21st Sept 1905 & Mary & Ellen
Crosier Brig. Robert Thomas photo photo 82 years 19th Aug 1957 & Mary & Ellen
Crosier Ellen photo photo   ? Jan 1954 & Mary & Robert
Crosier Mary photo photo   ?December 1922 & Ellen & Robert
Crosier   photo photo      
Crosthwaite Alfred Ernest photo photo 84 years 12th April 1971 & wife Ella & Willison & Clift
Crosthwaite Alice Lesley photo photo 83 years 18th April 1960 wife of Thomas
Crosthwaite Arthur photo photo     son of Emma  & John Lee
Crosthwaite Daniel photo photo 64 years 26th July 1916  
Crosthwaite Elizabeth photo photo 77 years 22nd Sept 1902 & husband Thomas
Crosthwaite Ella Elizabeth photo photo 66 years 11th Jan 1955 & husband Alfred & Willison & Clift
Crosthwaite Emma photo photo 86 years 21st July 1935 & husband John Lee
Crosthwaite John Lee photo photo 87 years 21st Sept 1936 & wife Emma & son Arthur
Crosthwaite Thomas photo photo 81 years 13th Oct 1903 & wife Elizabeth
Crosthwaite Thomas photo photo 68 years 7th August 1939 husband of Alice Lesley
Crosthwaite   photo        
Cumming Alexr photo photo 71 years 13th June 1881 & Gerrard & Clunn
Cumming Alexr photo photo 82 years 31st May 1921 interd Balt Gerrard & Clunn
Cumming Margaret photo photo 83 years 30th March 1884 & Gerrard & Clunn
Cunningham Edward Joseph  photo photo   29th Dec 1983 & John 
Cunningham Elspeth photo photo 4th April 1904 30th March 1991  
Cunningham John  photo photo   13th Dec 1944 & Edward Joseph 
Cunningham Patrick C photo   1856 1929  
Cunningham Thomas photo photo 48 years 9th July 1861 native of Down Ireland, hus of Winifred
Cunningham Winifred photo photo 85 years 25th Oct 1919 Wicklow Ireland, wife of Thomas
Currie Isabel Florence photo   77 years 14th Dec 1988 wife of Rupert mother of Two
Currie Kevin Robert photo photo 23rd Dec 1935 27th Aug 2001  
Currie Mary Ann  photo photo 63 years 20th July 1984 & William
Currie Racheal photo photo 84 years 14th Nov 1984 & husband William, mother of Alan & Kevin
Currie Rebecca Linda photo   4 mths 29th May 1987 daught of Neville & Frances 
Currie Rupert Michael photo   86 years 14th Jan 1992 husband of Isabel
Currie William  photo photo 85 years 28th Sept 1980 & wife Racheal, father of Alan & Kevin
Currie William  photo photo 83 years 27th March 1950 & Mary Ann
Daley Anne photo   52 years 29th April 1902 & Michael, native of Limmerick, Co Clare, Ireland
Daley Michael photo   74 years   & Anne
Dalglish Thomas photo photo 50 years 22nd Feb 1868  
Daniel Jessie Eugenie photo   1898 1993 & husband Roy
Daniel Roy photo   1895 1984 & wife Jessie
Daniel  Ann photo photo 1863 1942 & James & Mary Elizabeth
Daniel  James photo photo 94 years 20th Oct 1913 native of Lincolnshire, Enlgand & Mary Ann
Daniel  James photo photo 1870 1933 & Ann & Mary Elizabeth
Daniel  Mary Ann  photo photo 65 years 8th Jan 1901 native of Southerlandshire Scotland, & James
Daniel  Mary Elizabeth photo photo 1866 1948 & James & Ann
Daniel  Mary Pearl  photo photo 38 years 10th April 1929  
Daniel  Wilhelmina photo photo 76 years 23rd Nov 1939 & Mary Ann & James
David Gwendoline photo photo 79 years 19th August 1940 & Racheal & John & Thomas
David John  photo photo 76 years 14th June 1910 & wife Racheal & son Thomas
David Racheal photo photo 84 years 18th June 1920 & husband John & son Thomas
David Thomas  photo photo 20 years 15th Sept 1883 son of John & Racheal
Davies Charles Leslie photo   44 years 14th Aug 1987 & George Robert
Davies George Robert (Bob) photo   70 years 28th March 1889 & Charles Leslie
Davies H. photo        
Davies Harry photo photo 18 years 8th July 1952 son of Violet and Samuel
Davies Samuel John  photo photo 54 years 1st August 1891  
Davies Samuel John  photo photo 72 years 22nd Nov 1973 & wife Violet and son Harry
Davies Violet photo photo 43 years 21st Feb 1989 & husband Samuel & son Harry
Day Leonard George photo   74 years  21st Jan 1986 Husband of Doreen father of three
Delahenty Ellen photo photo 94 years 28th April 1975 & William
Delahenty William  photo photo 74 years 26th July 1938 & Ellen
Delahenty   photo photo      
Dennis  Mabel Sophia  photo photo 90 years 1st June 1985 & S. Dennis
Dennis  S. photo photo 29 years 29th June 1924 & Mabel Sophia
Dennis    photo photo      
Detering Annie photo photo 82 years 12th Nov 1920 mother of Ernest Fred
Detering Ernest Fred  photo photo 24 years 20th June 1891 son of Annie
Deuchar Alexander photo photo 64 years 17th Oct 1971 & Alexander Clarke
Deuchar Alexander photo photo 73 years 5th Sept 1899 husband of Jane Cowie
Deuchar Jane Cowie photo photo 73 years 30th June 1903 & Husband Alexander
Dickson Thomas Peter photo photo 75 years 10th Nov 1977 Husband of Ann
Dickson William photo        
Dickson  Annie photo photo 89 years ? Sept 1968 & John 
Dickson  Ivy Isobel photo   72 years 23rd June 1984 daughter of Annie & John 
Dickson  John  photo photo     & Annie
Dickson    photo        
Dijkman Hendrickus (Rick) photo   4th Sept 1955 28th Sept 1997 son of Ludsa, husband of Colette father of 2
Dinneny James Alexander  photo photo 6 months 8 Jan 1867 son of Mary Ann and John
Dinneny John  photo photo 50 years 13th Oct 1871 husband of Mary Ann & Father of James 
Dobbie Henry   photo   37 years 9th March 1875 husb of Mary 
Dobbie Mary & Martha photo   infant   dauts of Henry & Mary
Dobie Thomas photo photo 64 years 2nd May 1882 Native of Dumb? Scotland
Doherty John Edward (Jack) photo   76 years 12th Nov 2001 husband of Joan father of five
Dunlea John  photo photo 33 years 8th October  County Cork Ireland
Dunne Elizabeth photo photo 35 years 22nd May 1908  
Dykman Cornelus (Kees) photo   6th June 1948 25th Feb 2001 husband of Carol father of seven 
Dykman Ludser photo   69 years 25th Oct 1991 father of five
Ebbels Catherine  photo photo 86 years 4th Sept 1941 & husband Edward
Ebbels Edward photo photo 48 years 9th Jan 1905 & wife Catherine 
Ebbels Elizabeth photo photo 95 years 23rd April 1951 & Husband William H.
Ebbels William H photo photo 62 years 22nd Jan 1911 & wife Elizabeth 
Edgar Archibald Aitkin  photo   63 years 20th Nov 1931 & wife Caroline & son John James
Edgar Caroline Louise photo   60 years 24th June 1938 & Husband Archibald Aitkin & son John James
Edgar Elizabeth photo photo 75 years 11th April 1910 wife of John mother of Stewart & Peter
Edgar John  photo photo 51 years 4th April 1884 husband of Elizabeth
Edgar John James  photo   infant   & Parents Archibald Aitkin & Caroline
Edgar Peter photo photo 16 years 8th April 1886 son of John & Elizabeth
Edgar Stewart photo photo 2 years 1st Jan 1868 son of John &  Elizabeth
Egan Joanna photo photo     & Patrick
Egan Patrick  photo photo 38 years 5th April 1869 & Joanna?
Egan  John  photo photo 6 mths 9th Jan 1870  nephew of Patrick 
Eggleston  Elizabeth photo photo 57 years 21st Feb 1887 native of Co Durham England, wife of John
Eggleston  John  photo photo 67 years 11th March 1896 & wife Elizabeth
Ellis William John  photo   62 years 27th July 1977  
Ericson   photo        
Evans Ann photo photo     wife of Evan mother of Mary & Thomas
Evans Annie photo photo 15 years 19th Feb 1884 & father Phillip
Evans Evan photo photo     husband of Ann father of Mary & Thomas
Evans John  photo photo     son of Evan & Ann
Evans Morgan photo photo     son of Evan & Ann
Evans Phillip photo photo 48 years 5th August 1882 & daughter Annie
Excell James Carver photo photo 50 years 5th Jan 1879 son of the J.C. Excell, late of Harminster, Willshire, Enlgand
Farrell Ellen photo photo 67 years 30th Sept 1891 & husband Thomas
Farrell Thomas photo photo 60 years 12th Oct 1883 & wife Ellen
Ferguson  William  photo photo 60 years 18th April 1887 & Richard Kelland
Finch Jacob  photo photo 1861 1931 & James J. & Mary
Finch James J. photo photo 1897 1898 & Mary & Jacob
Finch Mary  photo photo 1856 1922 & James J, & Jacob
Flynn Alan photo photo 29 years 28th Feb 1979 ex Vietnam
Flynn Annie Louise photo photo 57 years 24th May 1947 & Catherine & Michael
Flynn Catherine  photo photo 45 years 26th Jan 1918 wife of Michael
Flynn Colin  photo photo 42 years 2nd October 1961 son of Val & John 
Flynn Edmund James  photo photo 83 years 21st April 1997 son of Val & John 
Flynn Edmund Joseph photo photo 74 years 28th Nov 1942 & brother Richard
Flynn Elizabeth photo photo 50 years 16th Dec 1916 daut of Laurence & Elizabeth
Flynn Elizabeth photo photo 82 years 2nd May 1916 wife of Laurence
Flynn James  photo photo 35 years 13th August 1835 & Thomas & Julia, 
Flynn John Michael photo photo 72 years 10th March 1988 husband & father of 5
Flynn John Thomas photo photo 69 years 6th August 1947 hus of Valburg
Flynn Julia photo photo 16 years 22nd April 1872 sister of Thomas, 
Flynn Kathleen Kennedy photo photo 81 years 29th Oct 1992 daughter of Michael & Catherine
Flynn Laurence  photo photo 73 years 7th May 1897 husband of Elizabeth
Flynn Michael photo photo 78 years 22nd Jan 1950 husb of Catherine
Flynn Richard photo photo 91 years   & brother Edmund
Flynn Thomas P photo photo 18 years 2nd April 1880 brother of Julia
Flynn Valburg  photo photo 81 years 21st July 1966 wife of John Thomas
Ford Sarah photo photo     wife of Thos mother of Grace & Myrtle
Ford Thomas photo photo     hus of Sarah father of Grace & Myrtle
Fox Alfred  photo photo 20 years   son of Richard & Elizabeth
Fox Elizabeth photo photo     & husband Richard & children 
Fox Ellen photo photo 6 years   daut of Richard & Elizabeth
Fox Louie photo photo 26 years   son of Richard & Elizabeth
Fox Richard photo photo     & wife Elizabeth & children
Fox Richard Albert photo photo 26 years   son of Richard & Elizabeth
Freeling  Sir Clayton Pennington  photo photo 26th Nov 1857 8th July 1927 Baronet
Freeman Mary Hellen photo photo 30 years 8th Nov 1938  
Freeman  Elizabeth photo photo 25 years 4th June 1863 Wife of Edward mother of Elizabeth 
Freeman  Elizabeth photo photo 5 mths 7th Nov 1863 daughter of Edward & Elizabeth
Funcke Jane photo photo 35 years 4th Dec 1875 wife of Charles Phillip
Garlick Elizabeth  photo   64 years 1872 wife of Joseph, grandma of Mary 
Geach   photo photo      
Geibel Anna Margaretha photo   21yrs 9 mths 28th Jan 1861 wife of Jacob 
Germon  Esther Sarah  photo photo   29th ? 1966  
Germon  Henry  photo photo 21 years 10th Sept 1873 & Esther Sarah 
Gerrard Alexr photo photo 72 years 31st Aug 1930 intrd Lidcombe NSW 
Gerrard Elizabeth photo photo 46 years 1st March 1883 & cumming & Clunn
Gerrard John  photo photo 55 years 29th March 1912 & cumming & Clunn
Gilhooley Catherine photo photo 3 yrs & 3 mths 5th ? 1860 & Peter
Gilhooley Peter photo photo 2 years 5th March 1860 & sister Catherine 
Gillard Ada Mavis  photo photo 67 years 27th Nov 1977 Wife of Walter Henry 
Gillard Walter Henry  photo photo 90 years 4th May 1999 husb of Ada Mavis father of Bill, Betty & Barbara
Gist Grace  photo photo 79 years 14th Nov 1913 & husband Thomas & sons 
Gist Henry photo photo 28 years 29th Sept 1898 son of Grace & Thomas, accidently Killed
Gist Thomas photo photo 84 years 19th Aug 1919 & wife Grace & sons
Gist Thomas Jnr photo photo 74 years 4th June 1934 son of Grace & Thomas
Gladman Thomas Arthur photo       Verna
Glen Clara Jane  photo photo   16th Sept 1968 & husband William Henry 
Glen William Henry  photo photo   27th Aug 1958 & wife Clara Jane
Gordon  Annie Selina  photo photo   23rd July 1842 & mother & Mary Rosina
Gordon  Charles Gerald photo photo 14 years 23rd March 1891 & John & Mary Ann & others
Gordon  Edith Lavinia photo photo 40 years 14th July 1914 & John & Mary Ann & others
Gordon  Elizabeth Jane  photo photo 46 years 8th Nov 1907 & John & Mary Ann & others
Gordon  Frances Emily photo photo 1 Year 25th March 1867 & John & Mary Ann & others
Gordon  James Lemuel photo photo 4 years 5th Nov 1876 & John & Mary Ann & others
Gordon  John  photo photo 64 years 21st July 1895 native of Penrith, Cumberland, England husband of Mary Ann
Gordon  Mary Ann  photo photo 82 years 21st Nov 1923 relect of John Gordon 
Gordon  Mary Rosina photo photo   4th June 1943 & Mother & Annie Selina
Gordon  Mother photo photo   21st Nov 1923 & Annie Selina & Mary Rosina
Gordon  Robert  photo photo 1 Year 5th March 1859 & John & Mary Ann & others
Gow Rev. John M.A. photo photo 64 years 18th June 1860 Minister of the Presbysterian Chursh of Victoria in Smythesdale and Scarsdale. This grave has been renovated by MrsAgnes Gow McLean
Graham George Dalgleish photo photo 39 years 1st June 1939 & wife Ida Augusta
Graham Ida Augusta photo photo 86 years 8th Nov 1989 & husband George 
Greenwood Ernest photo photo 18 years 19th Dec 1953 & Florence & Fredrick Weybury
Greenwood James photo photo 1866 1928 & Mary
Greenwood Mary photo photo 1866 1939 & James
Greenwood  Elizabeth  photo photo 57 years 10th March 1891 wife of Thomas
Greenwood  Olivea photo photo 21 years 26th Jan 1887 daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth
Greenwood  Thomas photo photo 83 years 8th July 1911 & wife Elizabeth and daughter Olivea
Grey Ronald Buckley photo   68 years 29th March 1997 husband of Dawn & George Risk
Griffin Daniel photo photo   8th June 1926 husband of Jane
Griffin Gerald Edward photo photo 1907 1985 son of Jane & Daniel
Griffin James Thomas photo photo 1899 1979 son of Jane & Daniel
Griffin Jane photo photo   9th Sept 1936 wife of Daniel
Griffin  Michael James O'Brien photo   35 years 26th Oct 1984 son of Michael & Irene, brother of nine
Griffiths Joseph photo   33 years 7th March 1859  
Grose Edwin  photo photo 55 years 22nd March 1916  
Groves  Alice Maud  photo photo 82 years 24th December 1984 & Beatrice Mary Simpson (nee Groves)
Groves  Fredrick Ernest photo     31st Dec 1958 & Lily may
Groves  James photo photo   25th Sept 1919  
Groves  James William  photo   79 years 1st Sept 1949 & wife Rosalinda
Groves  Lily May photo   83 years 22nd Aug 1975 & Fredrick Ernest
Groves  Rosalinda photo   77 years 7th June 1956 & husband James William 
Groves  Sarah photo photo   3rd April 1937  
Hally   photo        
Hamilton Ella Isabel photo photo   11th April 1955 & husb Hubert
Hamilton Hubert photo photo 55 years 27th Sept 1938 & wife Ella, Light Horse Brigade
Hamilton    photo        
Hampson Stephen W. photo photo 17years 23rd March 1980 son of Rose (nee Knight)
Hanrahan Bridget Susan photo photo 96 years 2nd August 1957 wife of Thomas
Hanrahan John  photo photo   29th Aug 1945 hus of Margaret
Hanrahan Margaret photo photo 56 years 18th June 1935 wife of John 
Hanrahan Thomas photo photo 66 years ? Feb 1923 husb of Bridget Susan
Hanrahan Thomas photo photo infant   son of Margaret & John 
Hanson  Edward photo photo 16th Jan 1864 10th Feb 1865 son of Edward & Margaret
Hanson  William  photo photo 35 years 7th June 1864 erected by his wife Margaret also son Edward
Hargreaves Richard photo photo 83 years 13th May 1901 & Tabitha 
Hargreaves Tabitha photo photo 78 years 22nd Nov 1903 & Richard 
Harridge Charles A.M, photo photo   5th Oct 1944 & wife Mabel, father of Beatrice
Harridge Mabel M photo photo   24th May 1962 & husband Charles, mother of Beatrice
Harris Edwin James  photo photo 73 years 8th Jan 1948 dear Father
Harrison  Walter photo   9th Dec 1923 26th Feb 2002  
Hart Dean photo photo 83 years 18th Sept 1915 husband of Sarah Ruth
Hart Sarah Jane photo photo infant   daugt of Sarah & Dean
Hart Sarah Ruth photo photo 73years 28th Dec 1904 wife of Dean
Hart Selma Louise photo photo 3 1/2 years 5th March1865 daugt of Sarah & Dean
Hart  Dean Dumno photo photo 9 years 13th May 1863 son of Sarah & Dean
Harvey Mary Ann  photo photo 78 years 20th Nov 1929 & Husband William 
Harvey William  photo photo 73 years 17th April 1930 & wife Mary Ann
Hatfield Albert E.  photo photo   28th Sept 1942 & wife Edith A. 
Hatfield Alfred D,  photo photo 84 years 18th Oct 1936 & wife Margaret A. father of Ernest
Hatfield Arthur C.  photo photo 71 years 18th Dec 1941 & Ella and Mary
Hatfield Edith A. photo photo   15th April 1939 & husband Albert E.
Hatfield Ella photo photo 18 years 9th March 1930 & Arthur C. & Mary
Hatfield Emma photo photo 60 years 22nd Aug 1888 & husband George H.
Hatfield Ernest photo photo 22 years 28th July 1916 killed in Action Poziers France son of Margaret A. & Alfred D
Hatfield George photo photo   20th April 1923 & wife Martha
Hatfield George H.  photo photo 72 years 27th July 1899 & wife Emma
Hatfield Margaret A photo photo 82 years 18th Jan 1936 wife of Alfred D. & mother of Ernest
Hatfield Martha photo photo   23rd Feb 1923 & husband George
Hatfield Mary photo photo 90 years 14th Dec 1964 & Ella and Arthur C. 
Hatfield  Elma Isabella photo   71 years 1st Nov 1989 wife of Herbert mother of six
Hatfield  Herbert Palmer photo   82 years 20th Nov 1984 husband of Elma father of six
Hatrick Margaret photo photo 37 years 8th Oct 1872 & Christena Sinclair
Hauser Catherine Elizabeth photo photo 40 years 27th Sept 1876 wife of Phillip
Hauser Jacob  photo photo 32 years 16th Aug 1902 & infant children
Hauser Lionel photo photo infant   son of Jacob
Hauser Mary  photo photo infant   first born of Phillip
Hauser Phillip  photo photo 67 years 15th Oct 1902 husband of Catherine Elizabeth & Ann
Hauser Ralph photo photo infant   son of Jacob
Hauser Winsom photo photo infant   son of Jacob
Hays Catherine Ella photo photo 88 years 22nd Sept 1975 wife of James Francis
Hays James Francis photo photo 75 years 9th July 1954 husband of Catherine
Head Alice Carline  photo photo 69 years 10th Aug 1951 & husband George
Head George photo photo 56 years 27th Sept 1931 & wife Alice Carline
Heard Elizabeth photo photo 87 years 15th Oct 1929 & husband Thomas & daughter Fanny
Heard Fanny photo photo 58 years 28th Nov 1917 daughter of Elizabeth & Thomas
Heard Thomas photo photo 70 years 26th March 1910 & wife Elizabeth & daughter Fanny
Hearn Annie photo   97 years 9th June 2003 Sister of Jim & Ida
Heatherman Margaret photo photo 33 years 3rd Sept 1873 wife of Patrick b Ennistymon Ireland,
Heatherman Patrick  photo photo 63 years 6th Oct 1899 husb of Margaret, native of Laccandara, Co. Limmerick Ireland, d Cape Clear
Helme J.T. photo photo 79 years 13th July 1871 erected by C. Schwartz
Hewitt Annie photo   62 years 25th April 1875 & Lawrence
Hewitt Grace  photo photo 65 years 26th Dec 1892 & husband Thomas
Hewitt Henry photo photo 62 years 25th April 1872 husb of Ellen, native of Quinn, co Clare Ireland
Hewitt Lawrence  photo       & Annie
Hewitt Thomas photo photo 82 years 30th July 1909 & wife Grace
Higgins Bridget photo photo infant   daut of Mary & James Higgins
Higgins Elizabeth  photo photo 18 years 27th March 1891 daut of Mary & James Higgins
Higgins James photo photo 68 years 11th Jan 1882 native of Eoxford, Co Mayo Ireland, & wife Jane and other family O'Bern
Higgins James  photo photo 70 years 12th Jan 1905 husband of Mary father of Eliz, Bridget & Mary
Higgins James Jnr photo photo 54 years 14th March 1934 son of James & Mary 
Higgins Jane photo photo 67 years 14th Sept 1892 wife of James Higgins Also with O'Bern
Higgins Mary  photo photo infant   daut of Mary & James Higgins
Higgins Mary  photo photo 52 years 26th May 1896 wife of James & mother of Elizabeth, Bridget & Mary 
Hockridge Agnes photo photo 33 years 10th Oct 1911 Nee Walsh wife of Andrew
Hockridge Amy, William, Fred & Thomas photo photo     in loving Memory of Mother
Hockridge Andrew photo photo 77 years 24th Dec 1950 husb of Agnes
Hockridge Jessie Elizabeth photo photo 26th October 1910 28th Dec 1999 daughter of Andrew & Agnes mother of Betty
Hockridge Lorna  photo photo 14 years 26th May 1914  
Hockridge Thomas photo photo 62 years 23rd March 1893 husband of Bridget
Hodgson   photo        
Hogg Bennett photo photo 1837 1916 husb of Jane and father of Mary Ellen 
Hogg Esther photo photo   20th June 1956 & Thomas
Hogg Jane photo photo 1844 1929 wife of Bennett and mother of Mary Ellen
Hogg Mary Ellen photo photo 1871 1901 daughter of Bennett and Jane
Hogg Thomas photo photo   11th June 1953 & Esther
Hore Anne photo photo 23 years 7th Sept 1864 daugt of Edward & Jane
Hore Augusta  photo photo 57 years 31st Dec 1903 & husband Edward, daughter Augusta and five children who died in infancy
Hore Augusta  photo photo 29 years 18th June 1901 daugt of Edward & Augusta
Hore Edward photo photo 1846 1933 & wife Augusta & daut Augusta and five children died in Infancy
Hore Edward photo photo 76 years 6th Oct 1891 & wife Jane 
Hore Jane   photo photo 84 years 6th March 1894 wife Edward
Howarth J.W photo photo      
Howarth Sarah C. photo photo 61 years 11th July 1959 wife of J.W.
Howlett Annie Belinda photo photo 81 years 12th July 1966 & Thomas & William 
Howlett Christopher photo photo 49  years 25th March 1905 also Janet
Howlett Daphne Constance (Connie) photo photo 3rd Jan 1918 26th Aug 2005 wife of Les mother of six
Howlett Eoin Leslie photo   55 years 3rd Feb 2003 husband of Glenis father of two
Howlett Fredrick  photo photo 14 years   & Fredrick & Mary
Howlett Fredrick  photo photo 77 years   & Fredrick & Mary
Howlett George photo photo 45 years 13th April 1911 & wife Sarah 
Howlett Janet photo photo 75 years 23rd June 1930 Also Christopher
Howlett Mary photo photo 78 years   & Fredrick & Mary
Howlett Rose Adeline photo photo 85 years 5th Dec 1984 & husband William
Howlett Sarah  photo photo 77 years 3rd July 1943 & wife George 
Howlett T.L.  photo photo 85 years 14th Aug 2001 & Connie
Howlett Thomas photo photo 54 years 22nd Jan 1935 & William & Annie
Howlett William photo photo 51 years 18th Dec 1946 & wife Rose Adeline
Howlett William Becker photo photo 59 years 19th Sept 1940 & Thomas & Annie
Howlett   photo        
Huby Mary Catherine  photo   66 years 6th Nov 1997 wife of Ken mother of four
Irish Alice Margaret (nee Dickson) photo photo 84 years 28th May 1982 mother of 6
Jackson   photo        
Jameson Thomas photo photo 32 years 8th June 1867 late of Brampton Enlgand, husband of Sarah
Jamieson  Charlotte photo photo 88 years 8th May 1953 wife of Richard
Jamieson  Donald  photo photo     & Mary 
Jamieson  Hugh photo photo     & Mary Donald Isabella & Margaret
Jamieson  Isabella photo photo     & Mary, Donald, Margaret & Hugh
Jamieson  Margaret photo photo     & Mary Donald, Isabella & Hugh
Jamieson  Mary  photo photo     & Donald
Jamieson  Richard John  photo photo 88 years 18th Dec 1957 husband of Charlotte
Japp Asmus D, photo photo 20th Nov 1826 15th Dec 1880 & others
Japp Johann P.N photo photo 27th Aug 1866 13th Feb 1869 & others
Japp Louise M. photo photo 22nd July 1872 28th March 1873 & others
Japp Maria C.E photo photo 15th July 1865 25th Feb 1866 & others
Jarmulowicz Albin  photo   94 years 1st August 2005  
Jarmulowicz Gertrude photo        
Jarmulowicz Peter photo        
Jarvis Elizabeth May photo photo 41 years 17th Aug 1984  
Jenkins Elizabeth  photo photo 43 years 7th April 1866 & husband William 
Jenkins Mary  photo photo 16 years 3rd Jan 1872 daughter of William & Elizabeth
Jenkins William  photo photo 45 years 7th Aug 1869 & wife Elizabeth 
Jolly  Daisy  photo photo   17th October 1972 wife of Edward
Jolly  Edward photo photo   20th Sept 1982 husband of Daisy
Jolly  James   photo photo 69 years 2nd April 1955 husband of Mary Jane
Jolly  Mary Jane photo photo 82 years 18th April 1968 wife of James 
Jones  James photo photo     his wife Ema Elizabeth
Jones  Joseph  photo photo 59 years 15th April 1930 & wife Martha Sarah
Jones  Martha Sarah photo photo 54 years 19th June 1933 & husband Joseph 
Jones  Nancy Elizabeth  photo photo 20th Oct 191? 13th Feb 2001 aunt of Ian & Anne
Jordan Rita  photo photo 26th March 1902 26th July 1987 with Walter & Mary Morrison 
Joyce  Edward photo photo 77 years 22nd Nov 1961 & wife Ethel Maud
Joyce  Ethel Maud photo photo 84 years 16th July 1965 & husb Edward
Judd Annie Mary  photo photo 80 years 24th Jan 1989 & husb Ernest Charles
Judd Daniel photo   85 years 22nd April 1906 & wife Dorothy
Judd Daniel John  photo photo 82 years 16th Dec 1971 & Maggie May
Judd Dorothy photo   49 years 28th October 1877 & husband Daniel
Judd Ernest Charles photo photo 55 years 9th Jan 1955 & wife Annie Mary 
Judd Florence May  photo photo 18th July 1814 22nd June 1947 wife of Sydney mother of Daryl Noel & Glenys
Judd Frances Jane photo photo 1864 1944 & husband James & son Thomas
Judd Gerald photo photo   10th Jan 1951 son of James & Helen 
Judd Helen  photo photo 81 years 30th July 1969 & husband James Daniel & son Gerald
Judd James photo photo 1862 1935 & wife Frances Jane & son Thomas
Judd James Daniel photo photo 72 years 13th Dec 1958 & wife Helen and son Gerald
Judd Lily photo photo   28th May 1943 With Thomas
Judd Maggie May  photo photo 93 years 24th April 1988 & Daniel John 
Judd Sydney Robert photo photo 9th Oct 1914 8th Feb 2004 husband of Florence, father of Daryl, Noel & Glenys
Judd Thomas photo photo   14th Jan 1937  
Judd Thomas photo photo 1889 1890 & parents James & Frances Jane
Keahy Michael photo photo 83 years 20th Dec 1920 & brother Richard
Keahy Richard photo photo 71 years 5th June 1905 & Brother Michael
Keith  John  photo photo 64 years 29th Oct 1880 native of Thurso, Caithness, husb of Margaret
Keith  Margaret  photo photo 61 years 15th Nov 1878 wife of John & mother of William 
Keith  William  photo photo 7 years   died Aberdeen Scotland 
Kellaud Richard  photo photo 77 years 30th May 1877 & William Ferguson 
Kelly Anne photo photo 72 years 30th Sept 1909 Late of Haddon 
Kelly  Annie photo photo   8th April 1883 & Bridget Murphy
Kennedy John  photo photo 22 years 4th May 1898 son of Michael & Mary
Kennedy John  photo photo 80 years 7th Jan 1878 husb of Mary
Kennedy Mary photo photo 1826 1922  
Kennedy Mary photo photo 75 years 12th May 1888 wife of John 
Kennedy Michael photo photo 60 years 23rd Nov 1896 son of John & Mary husb of Mary 
Kent Una photo   85 years Jan-99  
Kerr Thomas photo photo 62 years 3rd Sept 1873 born H?rick Scotland
King  Jessie Emma  photo   stillborn 17th July 1985 daughter of John & Jeannie
Kirk Hugh photo photo 68 years 30th March 1910 husb of Mary 
Kirk Mary photo photo 73 years 18th Sept 1916 wife of Hugh
Knight Alma Grace photo   81 years 14th Jan 2001 & husband Leslie mother of seven
Knight Arnold Colin  photo photo 60 years 12th Feb 1980  
Knight Daniel George photo photo 86 years 8th April 2004 Private, 39 works company
Knight Emma May  photo photo 71 years 6th May 1966 wife of Thomas
Knight Ethel Jean  photo photo   10th Oct 1955 wife of Leslie Raymond
Knight George photo photo   21st July 1912 & Jane & Clara Boyd
Knight George John  photo photo 59 years 13th Jan 1947 husband of Grace Adeline
Knight Grace Adeline photo photo 65 years 28th May 1958 wife of George John 
Knight Herbert Daniel photo photo 78 years 27th Oct 1986 Husband of Norma & father of Ron & Rita
Knight James Andrew  photo photo   29th Aug 1915 Australian Imperial Force
Knight Jane photo photo   25th Aug 1905 & George & Clara Boyd
Knight Leslie George photo   71 years 28th Sept 1982 & wife Alma father of seven 
Knight Leslie Raymond photo photo   22nd April 1978 husband of Ethel Jean 
Knight Mother & Father  photo photo   1936 & Herbert, Rita & Norma
Knight Norma May photo photo 21st Jan 1937 22nd Nov 2001 daughter of Herbert & Rita
Knight Rita Louisa Mary  photo photo 3rd March 1908 24th Aug 1896 Mother of Ron & Norma
Knight Thomas  photo photo 84 years 26th Feb 1956 husband of Emma May
Knight  Father & Mother photo        
Knight  Samuel photo       Killed in France, with mother & father
Laidler Ralph photo photo   11th March 1952 & sister Sarah Sherlock
Lammers Berend photo   65 years 31st Oct 1988 husband of Jantje father of three
Lammers Carel Adrianus photo   43 years 23rd Feb 1990 son of Berend & Jantje
Lammers Jantje photo   68 years 22nd April 1994 wife of Berend mother of three
Lavery  Annie photo photo 51 years 8th June 1880 wife of Hugh, 
Lavery  Hugh photo photo 52 years 9th Sept 1880 Husband of Annie, native of Armagh Ireland
Law Amelia  photo       & Robert
Law John  photo   67 years 18th April 1878 Late of Alerdour Fifeshire, Scotland
Law Robert  photo       & Amelia
Lawse George Thomas photo photo 40 years 7th Dec 1873 & John & Belinda Wade
Lawther Mary Ann Ellen photo photo 29 years 16th April 1882 wife of Michael
Leahy Anne photo photo 78 years 6th Oct 1926 mother of Michael Denis
Leahy Michael Denis  photo photo 51 years 22nd Dec 1936 hus of Anne
Leask Alison Margaret photo photo 74 years 26th March 2005  
Leask Angus Robert photo photo 82 years 5th Nov 1988  
Leask C photo   81 years 17th Sept 1947 & Isabella
Leask Fred photo photo      
Leask Isabella photo   87 years 3rd Dec 1964 & C.
Leask James Laidler photo photo 98 year 11th Aug 1997 & Margaret Jean
Leask James Moss  photo photo 60 years 2nd Jan 1927 & Lilian & Maurice
Leask Lilian Mary  photo photo 80 years 29th Oct 1955 & James & Maurice
Leask Lillian May photo photo 88 years 14th Nov 1993 & husband Wilfred
Leask Margaret Jean  photo photo 71 years 4th July 1981 & James Laidlaw
Leask Maurice Fredrick photo photo 54 years 1st Sept 1953 & James & Lilian
Leask Wilfred John  photo photo 60 years 22nd March 1960 & wife Lillian
Lee  John  photo photo 28 years 31st Jan 1866 ??????????
LeMotte David photo photo 40 years 16th May 1869 Erected by brother Joseph, Native of Jersey, Parish of St. John's
LePage David photo photo 1878 1951 & family 
LePage Mary photo photo 62 years 22nd March 1899 & husband Peter & son Peter Albert & Leitchfield
LePage Peter photo photo 75 years 11th Jan 1900 & wife Mary & son Peter Albert & Leitchfield
LePage Peter Albert photo photo 19 mths 1st Oct 1870 & parents Mary & Peter
Lewin Fitzharding C.K.  photo photo 1851 1909 erected by those who knew his worth
Lewin  Hannah Eliza photo photo 93 years 26th Oct 1912 & husb James
Lewin  James  photo photo 61 years 23rd Sept 1884 native St Albans, Herts, England, & wife Hannah
Lewis Lilian Rose photo   20th Sept 1920 24th Dec 1999 wife of William George & mother of five
Lewis Sophia Elizabeth photo photo 88 years 5th May 1982 wife of William John 
Lewis Walter Clarence photo photo 7th July 1930 29th June 1992 son of William & Sophia
Lewis William John  photo photo 88  years 5th Jan 1981 husband of Sophia Elizabeth
Lewis  Ann photo photo 28 years 27th Feb 1882 daughter of William & Elizabeth Jenkins
Liddell Emma photo photo 82 years 20th April 1915 & husband John and daughter Jane
Liddell Jane photo photo 11? Years 17th Sept 1871 and parents John & Emma 
Liddell John  photo photo 53 years 13th Jany 1883 late of Alston Cumberland, & wife Emma and daughter Jane
Litchfield Herbert Ernest photo photo 37 years 3rd Dec 1912 & wife Julia Kate & Le Page
Litchfield Julia Kate photo photo 67 years 2nd March 1934 & husband Herbert & lePage
Little  Jean photo        
Lockhart Alexander Donaldson  photo photo   6th March 1977 & wife Mavis
Lockhart Mavis photo photo   4th June 1989 & husband Alexander Donaldson 
Lockhart Stephen W. photo photo   20th Feb 1994 husband of Elaine
Longridge Annie photo photo 80 years 6th Sept 1917 & husband John
Longridge John  photo photo 56 years 3rd April 1885 native of Co Durham England, & wife Annie
Longwill Allan Andrew Neilson  photo   70 years May-99 husband of Sally
Longwill Sarah (Sally) photo   64 years ?Octo 1994 wife of Allan 
Lorriman Father & Mother photo        
Lovegrove Sally photo     26th March 1869 wife of Charles Lovestone
Low  Marion Parker photo     13th July 1934 & Janet Millen
Lugg Joseph Henry  photo photo 23 years 7 Feb 1875 Erected by his friends
Lynas Elizabeth Ann  photo photo 7 mths 2nd May 1867 daugt of William & Mary
Lynas Mary Gardiner photo photo 24 years 24th Feb 1868 wife of William
Lynch Isabella photo photo 62 years 11th Feb 1900 wife of John 
Lynch James  photo photo 4 years 11th Sept 1872 son of John & Isabella
Lynch Jane photo photo 4 days  20th Jan 1872 daugt of John & Isabella
Lynch Kate  photo photo 7 years 8th Feb 1872 daut of John & Isabella
Lynch Margaret photo photo 7 days 23rd Jan 1872 daugt of John & Isabella
Lynch Mary  photo photo 9 years 5th Sept 1872 daugt of John & Isabella
Lynch Patrick  photo photo 2 years 9th Sept 1872 son of John & Isabella
Lynch Paul  photo photo 3 years  15th Feb 1872 son of John & Isabella
Lynch Walter photo photo 1 year 21st Jan 1878 son of John & Isabella
Mac Fie Alexander photo photo 58 years  30th Jan 1874 husband of Catherine 
Macrie Charles  photo photo 19 years 26th Sept 1873 brother of Mary Ann Denneny
Madden Kate Rebecca  photo   stillborn 15th Sept 1984 daughter of Trevor & Wendy
Madden Norman Edward photo photo 1926 2005 husband of Peggy (Memorial)
Madden Peggy Esme photo photo 1929 2002 wife of Norman Edward (Memorial)
Madden Phillip & Patrick  photo photo     sons of William
Madden William photo photo 60 years 30th Oct 1889 & sons
Maguire Ann photo photo   1900 wife of Neil
Maguire John  photo photo 58 years 9th Sept 1908 husb of Lily
Maguire Lily photo photo 60 years   wife of John 
Maguire Neil  photo photo   1891 husband of Ann
Mahony Cornelius photo photo 68 years 5th May 1911  
Mahony  Maria photo photo 56 years 23rd May 1901 mother of Michael Henry
Mahony  Michael Henry photo photo 16 years 8th Jun 1888 son of Maria
Mann?   photo photo      
Mannin  Hector George photo photo 12 years 5th Dec 1898 grandson of James & Eleanor Burge
Martin  Henry photo photo 34 years 9th Jan 1954  
Martin  Isabella photo photo 34 years 4th July 1907  
Martin    photo photo      
Matheson Duncan photo photo 83 years 21st Aug 1914 & wife Mary 
Matheson Mary photo photo 72 years 26th Feb 1911 & husband Duncan 
Matthews Joseph photo photo 54 years 6th Dec 1876 died Ararat, 
Mayne Judith photo photo 34 years 15th Dec 1970 in McKenzie Grave
McCallum Mary   photo photo   11th April 1960 & Benjamin Barrett
McCormack Annie  photo photo   19th July 1901 husband Edmund & family
McCormack Edmund photo photo   21st July 1901 son of Edmund & Annie
McCormack Edmund photo photo   22nd Jan 1866 wife Annie & Family
McCormack James  photo photo   26th Oct 1913 son of Edmund & Annie
McCormack John  photo photo 58 years 1st May 1886 Co. Antrim Ireland, brother of Samuel father of John 
McCormack John Francis  photo photo 34 years 9th March 1895 eldest son of John McCormack
McCormack Lizzie photo photo   27th Oct 1923 daut of Edmund & Annie
McCormack Margaret photo photo   30th Oct 1925 daut of Edmund & Annie
McCormack Mary  photo photo   30th Dec 1928 daut of Edmund & Annie
McCormack Michael photo photo   7th Octo 1880 son of Edmund & Annie
McCormack Samuel photo photo 50 years 24th July 1890 brother of John 
McCormack Samuel David  photo photo 44 years 19th March 1909 & John & John Francis & Samuel
McCormack Thomas photo photo   22nd Dec 1901 son of Edmund & Annie
McCormack   photo        
McCormack   photo        
McFarland George photo photo 35 years 29th Dec 1866  
McGeachin  John & Mary photo photo     reunion of 2003 
McGrath Eileen Patricia  photo   76 years 25th March 2003  
McInerney Michael photo photo 44 years 1886 also Coolahan & Smiddy
McKay John  photo photo 1846 9th May 1871 born Edinburgh, accidently killed
McKenzie Doris C.  photo photo 20th Feb 1905 24th Sept 1998 wife of Jack (nee Franklin)
McKenzie George photo   51 years 29th May 1865 husband and father 
McKenzie J.A.A. (Jack) photo photo 3rd April 1901 24th Nov 1988 son of Selina
McKenzie Selina photo photo 23rd July 1871 17th Jan 1907 (nee Simper) b Smythes d Linton
McKenzie   photo photo      
McLaurin John  photo photo 73 years 28th August 1878 husband of Mary, native of Glencoe, Argleshire, Scotland
McLaurin Mary  photo photo 96 years 17th Dec 1890 wife of John 
McLaurin Neil  photo photo   21st July 1905  
McLean Charles Maxwell photo photo 40 years 22nd Oct 1972  
McLean  Amy Evelyn  photo   11th May 1914 7th March 2005 wife of Henry father of two
McLean  Henry Anderson  photo   17th Dec 1910 27th Aug 2003 Husband of Amy father of two
McLean  Linda Margaret photo   4th April 1967 29th Oct 1999 daugt of Phill & Gwen
McMaster Angus photo photo   18th March 1933 husb of Johanna
McMaster Donald photo photo 89 years 29th Nov 1945 husband of Jane
McMaster Donald Neil photo photo 61 years 22nd May 1965 husband of Linda
McMaster Jane photo photo 80 years 24th Sept 1946 wife of Donald
McMaster Johanna photo photo   18th Oct 1838 wife of Angus
McMaster Linda Elanor photo photo 81 years 10th Oct 1985 wife of Donald
McMaster Sarah photo photo 60 years 21st March 1876 wife of William
McNamara   photo photo      
McVicar Ellen   photo photo 10days 25th Jan  & William & Mary Creed
Mears Maureen  photo   6th Jan 1940 21st June 1998 born Scotland (Nee Donagher) wife of Norman 
Merry Charles  photo photo     & Elizabeth
Merry Elizabeth photo photo     & Charles
Millen Janet photo     26th April 1934 & Marion Parker Low
Miller Ann photo photo 1819 1872  
Miller Janet photo photo 25 years 12th Jan 1879 daughter of Robert & Janet
Milosevic Milan photo photo 66 years 2nd Sept 1981  
Mitchell Henry photo photo 31 years 7th Jan 1865 Erected by his wife Harriet Ann 
Mitchell John  photo photo 31 years 5th August 1863 husband of Mary
Mooney Andrew photo photo   14th Feb 1935 & John & Sarah
Mooney Andrew photo photo   7th Aug 1922 hus of Margaret
Mooney John  photo photo   3rd April 1935 & Andrew & Sarah
Mooney John  photo photo      
Mooney Margaret photo photo   27th April 1926 wife of Andrew 
Mooney Sarah photo photo   9th June 1951 & Andrew & John 
Mooser- Matthews Auntie & Grace photo photo      
Morris Charles E.E  photo photo 63 years 8th April 1948 & wife Mary Jane
Morris Jane Anne photo   84 years 30th June 1990 wife of Francis (dec) mother of Three
Morris Mary Jane photo photo 75 years 14th Sept 1967 & husband Charles E.E.
Morrison Christina Ann  photo photo 13th Feb 1863 4th July 1882 daughter of Ellen & Kenneth
Morrison Ellen Lee photo photo 1831 5th June 1885 Postlethwaite Nee Griffiths , b Wallasley England, 
Morrison Kenneth photo photo 10th Sept 1826 30th April 1896 b Flat River, Prince Edward Island Canada husb of of Ellen
Morrison Mary Ellen photo photo 78 years 7th Jan 1939 wife of Walter
Morrison Walter photo photo 52 years 21st Oct 1910 husband of Mary Ellen
Mosley Matthey James photo photo 11 years 10th Nov 1866 & Andrew & Nelly Clarke
Muller Jacob  photo photo 20 years 16th  May 1865 brother of Conrad, late of Nieder-weisel Hessen Darmstadt, accidently killed
Munster Saakje photo   66 years 7th June 1986 wife of Len mother of the Hovenga Family
Murphy Bridget photo photo   26th Dec 1913 & James
Murphy Bridget photo photo   7th Sept 1943 & Annie Kelly
Murphy James photo photo   15th Aug 1902 & Bridget
Murray William Dryden  photo photo 14 mths 14th April 1867 ??????
Nash Evelyn Elizabeth photo   22nd Sept 1933 4th Sept 1993 wife of Richard John mother of four
Nimon Agnes photo photo 47 years 19th March 1911 daut of Joseph & Susan sister of William Smith
Nimon James photo photo 60 years 6th Feb 1929 son of Joseph & Susan natives of Co. Antrim Ireland 
Nimon Joseph photo photo 69 years 9th Sept 1897 husb of Susan
Nimon Susan  photo photo 84 years 8th July 1921 wife of Joseph native of Dublin
Nimon William Smith  photo photo 27 years 21 Dec 1895 son of Joseph & Susan natives of Co. Antrim Ireland 
Nimon  Alexander photo photo 33 years 29th June 1914 husband of Elizabeth
Nimon  Elizabeth  photo photo 40 years 9th Aug 1914 wife of Alexander
Nolan  Catherine  photo photo 79 years 30th Aug 1958 wife of Peter
Nolan  Peter photo photo 61 years 4th June 1943 husband of Catherine
O'Bern Harriet photo photo 80 years 23rd Nov 1941 wife of Thos
O'Bern Maria Gertrude photo photo 1 year 9 mths 22nd July 1878 grandchild of James & Jane Higgins
O'Bern Sarah O'Bern photo photo 45 years 5th May 1890 wife of Thomas, with James & Jane Higgins
O'Bern Thomas photo photo 74 years 23rd July 1907 Husband of Sarah & Harriet
O'Bern   photo photo 24 yrs 13th Dec 1917 Killed France & Higgins
O'Brien Betty Margaret photo   22nd July 1942 25th June 1996 (nee Walker) wife of Terry mother of three
O'Donnell John  photo   66 years 21st July 1911 & Mary 
O'Donnell Mary  photo   82 years 22nd June 1929 & John 
Olsen Amy photo photo      
Olsen Olaf Johan  photo photo   7th March 19?  
Olsen Sarah Emma photo photo 75 years 27th Oct 1941 & Emily Christie (Nee Olsen)
Opmiston Harry photo photo 40 years 3rd Nov 1909 son of Margaret & Mark
Ormiston Margaret photo photo 96 years 17th October 1974 wife of Mark Mother of Harry
Ormiston Mark photo photo 66 years 31st Dec 1907 husband of Margaret father of Harry
Orr Agnes M photo   9 weeks 24th Feb 1868  
Otto Karah Eva  photo   24th July 1989 22nd June 1990 daughter of Rosemary & Wayne
Palmer   photo photo      
Parker Alwyn Hamilton  photo photo 58 years 16th May 1973  
Parker Henry Robert  photo   46 years 15 July 1862 husband of Eliza
Parker William David photo photo 52 years 4th Dec 1971  
Paton  Marion Nelson  photo photo 35 years 28th July 1890  
Pattie Eliza photo photo 89 years   & Eliza Sharp
Pattinson  Mary Ann  photo        
Pender Claud photo photo 71 years 25th Oct 1931 husband of Janet
Pender Grace  photo photo 28 years 2nd Sept 1922 daught of Claud & Janet
Pender Janet photo photo 89 years 6th Oct 1950 wife of Claud 
Percy Ann photo photo 65 years 20th Nov 1897 wife of James 
Percy James photo photo 67 years 10th Nov 1894 husband of Ann
Perry Ida Isabell photo   77 years 29th March 1986 & husband Richard mother of Geoffrey
Perry Richard Albert photo   83 years 29th March 1990 husband of Ida father of Geoffrey
Pfleiderer Rachel photo photo 46 years 29th March 1891 & husband Rudolf Otto mother of William
Pfleiderer Rudolf Otto photo photo 68 years 6th June 1903 & wife Racheal father of William
Phillips  Winifred Margaret photo photo 68 years 9th Feb 1980  
Piton  Anna Maria Magdelena photo photo 5 years 11 mths 4th Sept 1861 daughter of Charles & Kate 
Piton  John Charles Lowther photo photo 3 years 2mths 3rd Nov 1861 son of Charles & Kate
Polsen Olga photo photo 47years 20th July 1946 Nee Olsen
Porter Amelia  photo photo 38 years 16th June 1874 wife of George & Amelia & James 
Porter Amelia  photo photo infant   & mother Amelia, daughter of George
Porter Bill photo photo     with Harry
Porter David photo photo   23rd Aug 1913 Late of Pictou Canada 
Porter David photo photo 72 years 3rd Jan 1948 & wife Marion Helena
Porter George photo        
Porter Harry photo photo     with Bill
Porter James photo photo infant   & mother Amelia, daughter of George
Porter James William  photo photo 30 years 11th April 1896 brother of Johanna
Porter Johanna photo photo 20 years 2nd Jan 1897 sister of James William
Porter Leura Jessie photo photo 12th March 1924 22nd Jan 2003 wife of George
Porter Marion Helena  photo photo 88 years 27th March 1976 & husband David
Porter Mary  photo photo   24th March 1913 wife of David
Porter Nancy Jane photo photo   24th Oct 1972 with W.
Porter W.R photo photo 62 years 13th Oct 1956 with Nancy
Porter  J & M  photo        
Prentice  George  photo photo 1851 1922 My beloved husband - Helen Prentice
Prior Patrick  photo   24th Jan 1909 1st Sept 2000 Born Glasgow friend of the Pike Family
Pryor Eliza photo photo 59 years 9th July 1922  
Quarrell Daniel (Bert) photo photo   18th June 1952 & wife Helen
Quarrell Helen photo photo   23rd Dec 1985 & husband Daniel (Bert)
Rand Cecily Esme photo   15th Nov 1929 9th April 1997 wife of Jack mother of five
Rand Jack William  photo   68 years 16th Nov 1989 Husband of Cecily father of five
Reitze Henry photo photo 58 years 15th October 1899 husband of Christina 
Reitze Rachel Pfleiderer photo photo 9 years 19th Jan 1885 neice of John Lee and daughter of Henry & Christina
Rice  Catherine photo photo 73 years 16th Feb 1912 wife of Robert  native of Co. Clare
Rice  Catherine  photo photo   27th Dec 1939? & Elizabeth & James
Rice  Elizabeth Anne photo photo 37 years 20th ? 1928 & Catherine 
Rice  James Francis photo photo   22nd May 1954 & Elizabeth & Catherine
Rice  Mary Ellen photo photo 62 years 1935 & Patrick
Rice  Patrick William  photo photo 18 years 26th Oct 1918 & Patrick & Mary Ellen
Rice  Patrick William  photo photo     & Mary Ellen
Rice  Robert photo photo 88 years 28th March 1921 husb of Catherine
Richards   photo photo      
Richards   photo photo      
Risk George Albert photo   71 years 2nd July 1980 & Viola 
Risk George Gilbert photo   52 years 14th Dec 1984 husband of Dawn & Ronald Grey
Risk Viola Mavis photo   72 years 10th March 1985 & George Albert
Robertson Elizabeth photo photo 89 years 15th Aug 1933 wife of William
Robertson James photo photo 88 years 29th July 1959 & Mary Ann
Robertson Mary Ann  photo photo 64 years 28th March 1933 & James
Robertson William photo photo 71 years 18th March 1900 husb of Elizabeth
Robins  Rebecca May photo   24th Dec 1976 24th Aug 2002 daughter of Eileen and sister to four
Ronzio Antonio  photo photo 58 years 27th Jan 1896 Also Rosena 
Ronzio Rosena photo photo infant   daughter of Antonio 
Russell John  photo photo 48 years 18th March 1877  
Rutherford  Edith Alice photo photo Sept 1870 Oct-02 & son Little Joe
Rutherford  Joe photo photo     & mother Edith Alice
Rutherford  John Joseph  photo photo 74 years 16th Sept 1941 & Susan
Rutherford  Susan  photo photo   14th March 1928 & John 
Saenger Johan Hermann Louis (Louis) photo photo 37 yr 2nd October 1865 Doctor, from Saxe Weimar, Was murdered. Son Also Lois Saenger. 
Sargeant Margaret photo photo 72 years 24th Jan 1953 wife of Thomas
Sargeant Thomas photo photo 86 years 24th Nov 1957 husb of Margaret
Satchell Elizabeth Mary photo photo 87 years 20th Sept 1964 & husband George
Satchell Ernest photo photo   24th Feb 1980 & wife Nellie
Satchell George  photo photo 76 years 28th Aug 1957 & wife Elizabeth 
Satchell Nellie May  photo photo   1st April 2002 & husband Ernest 
Schwartz Father & Mother photo        
Scott Agnes Barkley photo photo 75 years 13th Sept 1907 wife of Thomas
Scott Sybil photo photo 28 years 25th Feb 1899 daugt of Agnes & Thomas
Scott Thomas photo photo 55 years 27th July 1920 son of Agnes & Thomas
Scott Thomas Wemyss photo photo 84 years 13th Dec 1918 husband of Agnes
Searle Agnes photo photo 54 years 21st Oct 1868 wife of Richard
Searle Sabella Agnes photo photo 3yrs 8 mths 22nd April 1860 daughter of Agnes & Richard
Selkirk  Mary photo   5 mths 1867 daughter of Annie & Robert
Sharp Edna photo   1st Sept 1918 24th Aug 1998 wife of Joseph mother of four
Sharp Eliza photo photo 68 years   & Eliza Pattie
Sharp Elizabeth photo   44 years 16th Oct 1862 wife of Edward, from Lincolnshire, England
Sharp George photo photo   9th October 1951 & Sarah Anne
Sharp George  photo photo   29th Sept 1930 & Stanley
Sharp Ivy Elizabeth photo     3rd July 1990 (Nee Howlett) wife of James mother of seven
Sharp James Francis photo   83 years 26th Aug 1985 husband of Ivy father of seven
Sharp Joseph Dennis photo   73 years 10th Feb 1986 Husband of Edna father of four
Sharp Mary photo photo 85 years 11th May 1923  
Sharp Ronald John  photo   15th Jan 1950 28th Oct 1994 son of Joan & Jack, Partner of Kathy father of Two
Sharp Stanley photo photo 14 mths 14th May 1936 & George
Sharp  Herbert L.  photo photo      
Sharp  Sarah Anne photo photo   11th Oct 1941 & George
Sharp    photo photo      
Shaw James photo photo 30 years 25th July 1888 capt. Sumners Vale Brigade?
Shepheard David Edmond photo photo 72 years 8th Feb 1976 & mother Phyllis
Shepheard E.P. photo photo 18 days    
Shepheard Phyllis photo photo 88 years 25th Aug 1962 & son David Edmond
Sherlock Sarah J. photo photo 66 years 24th Oct 1932 & brother Ralph Laidler
Shields George photo photo 74 years 20th Sept 1941 & wife Sarah 
Shields Sarah  photo photo 67 years 11th Oct 1939 Wife of George 
Simper Alfred  photo photo 1881 1947 Elizabeth, Lilian & Norman & Eugene Broker
Simper Elizabeth photo photo 1875 1958 Alfred, Lilian & Norman & Eugene Broker
Simper Emily Elsie photo   14th Nov 1904 30th Aug 1999 daut of Alfred & Elizabeth
Simper George Primrose photo   1879 1898 & Helen
Simper Helen Agnes photo   1905 1935 & George
Simper Lillian Hilda  photo photo 90years 20th Nov 2000 & Alfred & Elizabeth
Simper Norman  photo photo 77 years 27th Dec 1987 & Alfred & Elizabeth
Simpson Beatrice Mary  photo photo 80years 7th July 1993 Nee Groves & Alice Maud Groves
Sinclair Christena photo photo 62 years 27th Jan 1870 Erected by Alexander Hatrick
Sinclair John  photo photo 44 years 19th Feb 1876 Erected by Alexander Hatrick
Slattery Jeremiah photo photo 32 years 20th July 1870 of ? Ireland
Smart Charles Henry  photo   8th July 1916 7th Feb 1914 Husband of Gladys father of two
Smiddy Maria photo photo 31 years 1870 also Coolahan & McInerney
Smiddy Richard photo photo 34 years 1868 also Coolahan & McInerney
Smith  Alma Doris photo   90 years 19th Aug 1997 wife of Harry mother of Alan
Smith  Margaret photo photo   10th May 1860 wife of Michael
Smith  Martha Elizabeth photo photo   12th May 1988 & Percival Learmonth
Smith  Percival Learmonth photo photo   2nd Nov 1970 & Martha Elizabeth
Smith  Valburg Eileen photo   15th Feb 1906 26th Feb 1995 wife of Alfred John & mother of four sons
Smith  Valma Lorraine photo   62 years 21st Nov 1991 wife of Alan mother of four
Spikins Jane photo photo 52 years 3rd Dec 1934 & husband John, erected by his sister Lucy Collett
Spikins John  photo photo 63 years 10th May 1893 & wife Jane, erected by his sister Lucy Collett
Spivey John  photo photo 83 years 3rd March 1911 husband of Sarah also with Emma Trathan
Spivey Sarah  photo photo 73 years 17th Sept 1902 wife of John Spivey also with Emma Trathan
Spratling Kathleen May photo photo   11th March 1984 wife of Percival
Spratling Percival Albert photo photo   15th April 1956 husband of Kathleen
Stagg  Janet Lesley Denise photo   8th Nov 1948 5th May 2003 wife of Stan mother of four
Statton  E.  photo photo 36 years 14th Aug 1929  
Stevenson Sarah Jane photo photo 1878 1958 eldest daughter of Anne & Thomas Younghusband, wife of Thomas
Stevenson Thomas Randal photo photo 1872 1934 husband of Sarah Jane Nee Younghusband
Stewart Jane Ann  photo photo 49 years 20th Nov 1907 Husband of Robert Stewart M.D.
Stewart Robert photo photo 48 years 21st Aug 1887 M.D. husband of Jane Ann 
Stoddart Bertha Beatrice  photo photo 18 years 30th May 1889 & George
Stoddart George photo photo 47 years 3rd Jan 1873 & Bertha Beatrice
Stojakovic Miroslav photo photo 11th Feb 1961 10th Oct 1999  
Stoker George Rennie photo photo 63 years 15th June 1902 & wife Mary & Grandson 
Stoker Mary photo photo 80 years 20th April 1909 & husband George Rennie & grandson 
Stokoe   photo photo      
Stoneman   photo photo      
Street F.J. photo photo 15th June 1810 21st Feb 1871 born U.K
Stuart Janet  photo   39 years 14th June 1892 & sister Janet Young 
Stuart Margaret photo   39 years 14th June 1892 sister of Janet
Sturgeon Reginald photo   3rd Feb 1916 2nd May 2003 Husband of June Mary
Sweeney Robert photo photo 23 years 25th May 1867  
Taylor David photo photo 24 years 24th Sept 1884 son of Robert & Mary
Taylor Johanna Kathleen photo photo 17 years 13th October 1898 daut of Robert & Mary
Taylor Robert photo photo 63 years 1st June 1895 native of Clonara, Co. Clare Ireland, father of David , Willie & Joahanna Kathleen
Taylor Willie photo photo 13 years 14th Dec 1886 son of Robert & Mary
Thom Elizabeth photo photo 76 years 24th Nov 1889 & Andersons
Thomas Ann Veronica photo     4th March 1904 & Harry Evan
Thomas Elizabeth photo photo 71 years 16th April 1921 wife of John 
Thomas Harry Evan  photo     3rd June 1990 & Ann Veronica
Thomas John  photo photo 69 years 15th Feb 1898 husb of Elizabeth, Native of Wales
Thomas Rees Llewellyy     3 years 8 mnths 21 July 1863 son of Thomas & Mary 
Thompson Alexander photo photo 8 years 5th M? 1875 son of Matthew & Barbara
Thompson Barbara photo photo 35 years 5th March? 1865 wife of Matthew
Thompson Ellen photo photo   1887 sister of Ann McGuire
Thurling Margaret Mary McKenzie photo   83 years 15th Sept 1991 (Nee Sharp) mother of three
Tracey Jack photo photo 70 years 5th March 1967  
Trafford John Emanuel  photo photo 74 years 12th Jan 1937 & wife Mary Alice 
Trafford Joseph  photo photo 55 years 16th Oct 1897 Also wife Mary 
Trafford Mary  photo photo 94 years 27th Oct 1923 also husband Joseph
Trafford Mary Alice  photo photo 63 years 21st Feb 1936 & husb John Emanuel 
Trathan Emma photo photo 27years 14th March 1886 wife of James also with Sarah & John Spivey
Trenoweth Susan  photo   21 years 31st March 1863  
Tuddenham Annie Imalda photo photo 80 years 6th Jan 1986 wife of William
Tuddenham Cecilia photo photo   18th May 1940 wife of Robert Allen and children
Tuddenham Clarence  photo photo 3 weeks 4th Sept 1920 son of Cecilia & Robert
Tuddenham David photo photo     with Elizabeth
Tuddenham Eileen  photo photo 15 years 14th Jan 1938 daut of Cecilia & Robert
Tuddenham Eliza photo photo 80 years 26th June 1905 & Thomas John & William
Tuddenham Elizabeth photo photo     with David
Tuddenham Elizabeth Kathleen photo photo 5 years 1st March 1917 daut of Cecilia & Robert
Tuddenham Ellen photo photo 17th June 1907 19th June 1907 & William
Tuddenham George  photo photo 2 weeks 15th March 1919 son of Cecilia & Robert
Tuddenham George   photo   78 years 10th June 1921  
Tuddenham John  photo photo 1864 1930 & Winifred & John 
Tuddenham John  photo photo 45 weeks 9th Feb 1903 & John & Winifred
Tuddenham John Michael photo photo 45 days 9th Feb 1903 & Eliza Thomas & William
Tuddenham Rebecca photo photo 80 years 14th June 1896 & Sarah Butterworth
Tuddenham Robert photo photo 3 years/1862 1865 & Thomas
Tuddenham Robert Allen photo photo   29th Jan 1946 husb of Cecilia and children
Tuddenham Thomas photo photo 58 years/1812 1870 & Robert
Tuddenham Thomas photo photo 36 years 10th May 1875 & Eliza John & William
Tuddenham William photo photo 17th June 1907 17th June 1907 & Ellen
Tuddenham William  photo photo 34 years 27th Sept 1873 & Eliza, Thomas & John 
Tuddenham William John  photo photo 13th April 1934 1st Jan 2000  
Tuddenham William Patrick photo photo 84 years 18th Nov 1981 husband of Annie
Tuddenham Winifred photo photo 98 year 19th August 1973 & John & John 
Tudor Christopher photo photo 1833 1914 husband of Mary Ann
Tudor Henry photo photo   7th May 1955 husband of Mary
Tudor Mary  photo photo   6th Jan 1955 wife of Henry
Tudor Mary Ann  photo photo 1842 1921 wife of Christopher
Turner Hannah photo photo     & Thomas
Turner Thomas photo photo     & Hannah
Turner Vera Grace photo photo 34 years 3rd June 1951  
Tyrrell Charles Thomas photo photo 14th May 1893 1st Oct 1948 & wife Myrtle, Father of five
Tyrrell Myrtle Elizabeth photo photo 16th July 1898 23rd Sept 1968 & husband Charles, mother of five
Wade  Belinda photo photo 68 years 29th August 1880 & John as well as George Lawse
Wade  John   photo photo 51 years 10th July 1865 Late of Norwich England, & Belinda as well as  George Thomas Lawse
Waldie Isabella photo photo 37 years 25th Sept 1865 2nd daught of William of Dunce Burwickshire Scotland
Walker Emma photo photo 27 years 14th Aug 1907 & daughter Myrtle
Walker Myrtle photo photo infant 12th Aug 1907 & mother Emma
Walker William  photo photo 32 years 8th June 1867 husband of Mary, native of Fifeshire, Scotland
Walker William  photo photo 77 years 6th Aug 1913  
Walker   photo        
Wallace Robert photo photo 28th March 1849 23rd August 1889 Born Scotland
Walsh Ellen photo photo 74 years 5th March 1915 wife of Patrick, Natv of Tipperary Ireland
Walsh Mary Ann  photo photo 42 years 10th March 1904 wife of Michael
Walsh Michael photo photo 80 years 24th Dec 1940 husb of Mary Ann
Walsh Patrick  photo photo 40 years 29th Oct 1872 husb of Ellen Natv of Clogheen, Co. Tipperary Ireland
Walton  Hannah photo photo 56 years 14th Oct 1895 wife of Aaron 
Ward Fredrick  photo   20th April 1906 9th July 1996 Husband of Margaret
Ware Ethel photo photo 94 years 14th Sept 1973  
Webb Alexander photo photo 27 years 1908 son of John & Emily
Webb Emily photo photo 1853 1920 & husband John Henry & 3 children
Webb Henry Hamilton  photo photo 18 years 1902 son of John & Emily
Webb John Henry  photo photo 1828 1907 & his wife Emily & 3 children
Webb Mary  photo photo 51 years 2nd Sept 1928 daught of John & Emily
Webb Samuel Beamish photo photo 30 years 1911 son of John & Emily
Wemyss Alan Edward photo   75 years 24th May 1992 husband of May father of two
Weybury Florence May  photo photo 72 years 28th Sept 1981 & husb Fredrick also Ernest Greenwood
Weybury Fredrick  photo photo 80 years 30th June 1975 & wife Florence also Ernest Greenwood
Weybury   photo photo      
Wheatley Patrick  photo photo 52 years 1st June 1882 daughter M.H.Barlow
White  Father, Mother & Uncle photo        
White  Flora C. Ellen  photo photo 73 years 13th August 1963 & husband Thomas Henry 
White  Henry George  photo photo 29th Dec 1917 17th July 1997  
White  R. photo photo 68 years 7th March 1949 son of Mr & Mrs R. White Smythesdale
White  Thomas Henry  photo photo 73 years 7th March 1959 & wife Flora C. Ellen
Wilkinson  Irene May  photo photo 5 years 1919 daughter of John & Martha
Wilkinson  John  photo photo 68 years 1931 & wife Martha & Daughter Irene May
Wilkinson  Margaret photo photo 1823 1892 native of Durham England, & husband William & sons
Wilkinson  Martha photo photo 94 years 1967 & husband John & daughter Irene May
Wilkinson  Matthew photo photo 1864 1903 son of William & Margaret husband of Ida Elizabeth
Wilkinson  William  photo photo 1824 1914 Native of Durham England, & wife Margaret & sons
Wilkinson  William  photo photo 58 years 21st October 1918 son of William & Margaret Husband of Helen
Willaton  Mary  photo photo 85 years 16th Dec 1908 & husband William 
Willaton  William  photo photo 44 years 15th Sept 1865 & wife Mary
Willaton  William  photo   39 years 15th Sept 1890 Erected by his wife Annie Harriet
Williams John  photo photo 37 years ? Sept 1868 late of Washington USA
Williams Margaret photo photo 77 years 10th March 1909 wife of William 
Williams William  photo photo 79 years 1st July 1901 husb of Margaret
Williamson  Alan  photo photo 1909 1977 & William & Winifred
Williamson  William  photo photo      
Williamson  William T. photo photo 78 years 4th May 1949 & Winifred & Alan
Williamson  Winifred photo photo 96 years 13th A? 1971 &William T. and Alan
Williat Annie Elizabeth Charlotte photo photo 73 years 12th August 1962  
Willis C.M. photo   77 years 7th Dec 2004 Army Medical Corp, husb of Jacqui
Willis Charles Maxwell photo       & N.G. 
Willis Flora photo photo 1835 1921 & George
Willis Katherine  photo photo 1869 1943 & Harry  
Willis Maxwell George photo   70 years 4th Nov 1998 husband of Pam father of two
Willis N.G. photo photo 72 years 18th June 1969 Private, 5 machine gun Battalion
Willis Raymond George  photo photo 27th May 1956 7th June 1999 Husband of Ellen father of four
Willis William photo photo 18mths    
Willis  Christina  photo photo 1866 1873  
Willis  George photo photo 1825 1916 & Flora
Willis  George  photo photo     Brother of William
Willis  Harry  photo photo 1868 1932 & Katherine 
Willis  William photo photo     brother of George 
Willison  Dorothy E. photo photo 52 years 2th Sept 1976 & Parents Ella & Alfred Crossthwaite
Willison  Leonard photo photo 71 years 1st Oct 1987 & Ella & Alfred Crossthwaite
Wilson   photo photo      
Wilson  Darah Sabina Mary  photo   2yrs 4 mths 7th Feb 1877 daughter of David & Elizabeth 
Wilson  Mary  photo photo      
Wrathall Henry photo photo 58 years 20th Nov 1883 Late of London, & wife Mary Ann
Wrathall Mary Ann photo photo 84 years 13th Feb 1917 & husband Henry 
Wright Alma Joyce photo photo 76 years 13th June 1997 wife of Horace Mother of Barry
Wright Horace Alan photo photo 58 years 20th July 1977 husband of Alma father of Barry
Wrigley Beatrice Victoria  photo photo 26th March 1872 29th May 1923 & Harold John & James
Wrigley Elizabeth Ellen  photo photo 4th July 1884 2nd Oct 1959 wife of Joseph William mother of seven
Wrigley Harold John  photo photo 12th Jan 1903 13th Oct 1915 & Beatrice & James
Wrigley James  photo photo 1st Oct 1871 18th June 1946 & Beatrice & Harold John 
Wrigley James  photo photo 61 years 13th April 1884 husband of Margaret
Wrigley Joseph William  photo photo 21st Sept 1866 27th July 1948 husband of Elizabeth Ellen
Wrigley Leonard photo photo 24th May 1911 24th Dec 1950 son of Joseph & Elizabeth
Wrigley   photo        
Wrigley   photo        
Yean Catherine  photo photo 93 years 11th Sept 1953  
Yean Edward photo photo 70 years 21st Dec 1952  
Yean Emily Nero photo photo   25th Feb 1984 & husband Victor
Yean Victor James  photo photo   24th Jan 1979 & wife Emily
Yon Mother & Father  photo        
Young Alexander photo photo 81 years 10th Aug 1977 husb of Violet Eleanor & Plaque
Young Alexander photo   74 years 15th March 1905 & wife Janet & sister-in-law Margaret
Young Catherine  photo   1839 1870 nee Hayes, b Tipperary Ireland. Smythesdale pioneer, wife of Adam
Young Collin Alexander photo   55 years 5th April 1987 Husband of Thelma & children
Young James  photo photo   7th Sept 1859 husband of Marion 
Young Lila Olive photo photo 8 yrs 9 mths 8th Dec 1935 Daught of Alex and Violet Young
Young Margaret Ann  photo photo 1863 1928 & Robert D
Young Margaret E  photo photo 84 years 8th Sept 1970  
Young Margaret Eleanor photo photo 2 years 26th Feb 1943 Daught of Alex and Violet Young
Young Marion  photo photo   15th Feb 1970 wife of James 
Young Robert D photo photo 1851 1925 & Margaret Ann 
Young Violet Eleanor photo photo 31st March 1908 25th April 1993 wife of Alexander 
Young  Janet  photo   86 years 15th Sept 1929 & husb Alexander & sister Margaret
Young  William  photo photo 64 years 21st Sept 1899  
Younghusband Anne photo photo 67 years 21st June 1910 & husband Thomas & children
Younghusband George  photo photo 79 years 17th May 1913 husband of Anne & children
Younghusband George Patrick Richardson photo photo 10 mths ?June 1979 with parents Anne & Thomas & siblings
Younghusband John Alfred photo photo 2 years ? Sept 1871 with parents Anne & Thomas & siblings
Younghusband Mary Louisa photo photo 70 years 14th July 1946 with parents Anne & Thomas & siblings
Younghusband Thomas Richardson photo photo 67 years 25th June 1948 with parents Anne & Thomas & siblings
Yung George photo photo 48 years 28th Aug 1877 Hesse Darmstadt, Germany

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