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* Bullarto is approximately twelve (12) kilometres from Daylesford on the Daylesford to Trentham Road .

* The cemetery of five acres was gazetted on 24 October 1879 [VGG 1879-2524]. The cemetery is located on Cantillons Road , off Mossops Road , Bullarto.

* A report on the cemetery site was undertaken by John Taylor, Inspector, on 23 September 1895 . He concluded in his four page report that, "I consider it a suitable site". [ Note : John Taylor was the Inspector used to report on a number of proposed cemeteries to the Government of the day]

* In 1899 there was a recommendation made to the Chief Secretary that the following people would be of value as Trustees of the cemetery [Letter: 19 April 1899 from M. Coghlan]

* Mr Trail Sutherland - Presbyterian Church

* Mr John Coghlan - Roman Catholic Church

* Mr John Vorback - Unitarian Church

* Mr George Bremner.

* Over a number of years there was discussion as to the appropriateness of the cemetery due to the type of land to be used. It would appear because of this reason that the above Trustees were not approved.

* On 21 October 1904 there was another report of an inspection of the Bullarto Cemetery prepared. It noted that: "I am of opinion that the Eastern portion of the site is suitable for burial purposes but that the trustees should be required to maintain the land to the west of the ridge line as a plantation". [M. Norris]

* In 1905 the following Trustees were gazetted for the cemetery [VGG 1905-527]:

- Thomas Orr

- John A. Koetsveld

- Hugh McKinnon

- George A Pearce

- Thomas Lynch

- John Coughlan, and

- James Callahan.

* It has been identified to date that there were 47 burials in the cemetery dating from 1897 to 1941 [Victorian Registry of BDM]. Of interest is that two of these burials were noted as being buried at Bullarto South Cemetery , but there is no such cemetery. Their death certificates notes them passing away at Bullarto South and the Deputy Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages at the time probably decided to note them buried at Bullarto South Cemetery .

* The first recorded burial located to date was for:

- David TOWERS , aged 2 hours who died due to premature birth.

- Died: 7 November 1897 at Bullarto

- Parents were David Towers (Labourer) and Lavinia Suckling.

- Buried 8 November 1897 at Bullarto Cemetery .

* The next burials in the cemetery were believed to be in 1903:

- McCASHNEY, John, Labourer, aged 87 years, died: 31 January 1903 . Buried 1 February, 1903 .

- TOWERS, Solomon Archibald, aged 1 year, 2 months, died 8 March 1903 . Buried 9 March 1903

- GAVED, John Young, aged 45 years, died 15 March 1903 , Buried 19 March 1903 .

* The last recorded burials were in 1941 for:

- DWYER, Ellen,

- QUINLAN, Sarah.

* It would appear that there were no recorded burials in the cemetery from 1879 to 1897 and from 1942 to today.

* On 10 September 1971 the Council of the Municipality of the Shire of Daylesford and Glenlyon became the Trustees of the cemetery. [VGG 1971-351]

* There is no complete list of burials in the cemetery. If there was one it has been lost over time.

In a letter (28 June 1973) by the Shire Secretary, Shire of Daylesford and Glenlyon to the Secretary, Commission of Public Health in Melbourne, it was stated that , "From the records in this office the above cemetery (Bullarto) has not been used for some considerable time, many years. The Total number of burials and the total number of unused grave sites are not known."

* The Genealogical Society of Victoria [GSV] holds a copy of the Bullarto Cemetery Register (incomplete) and headstones from 12 November 1912 to 11 September 1941 . Included in the listing are sundry additions 1905-1980. The information of four pages lists 23 burials and was compiled in November, 1979.

* The current Trustee for the cemetery is the Hepburn Shire.

* In the Council Meeting Minutes, Hepburn Shire Council [ 16 May 2008 ] there is reference to the current budget allocating $3000 for a plaque to list the names of those buried in the cemetery. [Page 59].

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