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The town of McIntyre or as it was also known as McIntryes/McIntyre's is located on the Wedderburn - Dunolly Road between Moiiagul and Rheola, just north of Maryborough in Victoria; 4.6 km south-west of Rheola (also known as Berlin). The town was also called "Wet Diggings" and was in the parish of Moliagul. It was originally surveyed as a town but did not develop. The burial ground is on reserved Crown land. The town was part of the early gold mining area. There was a school in the area from 1874 to 1916.

In the early 1850s gold was located at McIntyres Diggings and in 1857, 801 ounces of gold was found in a gully in the area. In March 1857 an 805 ounce nugget was discovered one foot under the ground at McIntyre by Charles McCartin and Patrick Mulcahy

The cemetery/burial ground is located just off O'Briens Drive, to the right off the Wedderburn-Dunolly Road. The burial area has been "Departmentally set aside" for burial purposes, which means that the Department of Crown Lands and Survey could effectively "reserve" the land without formal gazettal; under a section of the Lands Act.

There are no headstones now in the cemetery reserve and there is no reference to the cemetery in the Dept of Human Services Cemeteries Unit records. No Trustees would appear to have "gazetted" for the cemetery. There is supposed to be at least 10 burials in the "cemetery" associated with at least three families. To date I have located burials for

* 3 from the HERAND/HERAUD family,- Anne Heraud (Nov, 1862) - John Peter Heraud (April, 1870), and - Alexander Heraud (Sept, 1880) all children of Pierre (Peter) Heraud- born in France, and Margaret Smith - born in Perth, WA.

* two for the QUERIPEL family, and - Nicholas Queripel (April, 1868) - Elizabeth McIntyre Queripel (June, 1861) all children of Martin Queripel and Judith Mauger

* one for the O'BRIEN family. - Henry William O'Brien (Oct, 1875) son of John O'Brien and Ellen O'Shannesy. John O'Brien was later to become a JP for the area.

All mainly young children. Their fathers being listed as either a Digger, Farmer or Miner.

Currently there is a request for a Heritage Overlay for the cemetery. The cemetery area is surrounded by a wooden fence. It would appear that the town was originally surveyed as a Township but it did not develop. In 1979 there was a photograph taken of the cemetery showing no headstones and light bush and tress covering the area.

If anyone has any further information on this old "cemetery" I would appreciate hearing from them.

David Weatherill
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia



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