Meringur Cemetery


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Surname Given names Photo Date of death Age Relationships Notes
AURICHT Trinity Lee
1-11-1985   Our children  
AURICHT Luke Nathan 27-7-1983   Our children  
AURICHT Rachel Evalyn 1-4-1982   Our children  
BAHR Gertrude Hilda 29-12-1971   Wife of John (Tom). Mother of John (dec), Stanley (Abe), Thomas (Bob), Cynthia (dec), Kathleen & Allan Born 13-8-1899
BAHR John Henry 20-11-1948 53 y Our husband & father  
BRADEY John Murray 29-5-1991   Husband of Veronica (dec). Father of Jane, Michelle, Robert, Rodney (dec) Born 20-6-1912
BRAUN Danny Stephen 4-8-1984   Son of Lee & Sabine Born 12-6-1984
CALLOW Francis Ivan (Frankie) 3-4-1985 71 y    
CALLOW John Lancelot 13-10-1989 72 y    
CALLOW M Edith  1-10-1967 86 y Our mother Nee Harmer  
CAMERON Ewan (Digger) 21-8-1996 85 y Brother of Angus & Ellice. Uncle of Diane & John  
CAMPBELL Alexander 1938   My parent Born 1858
CAMPBELL Jane Hall 1942   My parent Born 1856
CAMPBELL Leila Hall 1930   My sister Born 1895
CROFT Neil Andrew 25-2-2000   Husband of Maureen. Father of Caitlin & Riley Born 26-3-1963. Pot= son of John & Lorraine, brother of Bruce & Matthew
CURTIS E Isabel 28-1-1962 68 y Our wife & mother  
CURTIS George 31-12-1966 74 y Our father  
FARMILO Horace John 28-5-1975 53 y My husband. Father of Barry, Neville & Gwenda  
FARMILO Barry John 4-2-1997   Husband of Lee. Father of Jason, Tatum, Ashley, Joshua, Martin. Son of Horace & Jean. Brother of Neville & Gwenda Born 8-9-1950
FOX Frank Roy 19-12-2002   Husband of Monica. Dad of John, Kevin, James, George, Noreen, Joseph. Millewa Pioneer. Headstone has photo of Frank & Monica
FOX Peter William 12-6-1944 3 y Our son & brother  
FOX Ada May 27-8-1987 73 y Mother of Hilda, Ted, Elsie, Norma, Bob, Peter, Nancy, Bill, Kaye, Joy & Heather  
FOX Talbot Cyril 26-10-1980 75 y Husband of Ada May. Father of Hilda, Ted, Elsie, Norma, Bob, Peter, Nancy, Bill, Kaye, Joy & Heather  
FOX William Peter (Bill) 31-3-2002 55 y Husband of Christine. Father of Tammy, Keith & Ian Born 12-11-1946
HALL Albert E W (Unc) 24-10-1943 65 y    
HALL Elsie 2-11-1981   [Wife of Bertie Samuel] Born 26-11-1897. Died at Adelaide SA
HALL Bertie Samuel 27-7-1948 61 y Husband of Elsie. Father of Jean, Robert & Marjorie  
HARMER Frances Ellen Lorna 5-4-2000   Mother of Bob, Allen & Philip Born 26-3-1908
HARMER Lindsay Jarred (Jerry) 30-12-1986   Husband of Frances Ellen Lorna. Father of Bob, Allen & Philip Born 25-3-1904. Headstone has photo. [Born Bordertown SA, son of Francis Henry & Jane nee JARRED]
HARMER William Robert 25 Jul 1984 94 y   1041 Driver 10th Batt AIF. [Born 14-6-1890 Hd of Conmurra SA, son of Francis Henry & Jane nee JARRED]
HARMER William Robert 25 Jul 1984 94 y AIF Plaque  
HARMER F E J (Ned) [Francis Edward James] 9-11-1948 62 y Our brother [Born 1887 Apsley VIC, son of Francis Henry & Jane nee JARRED]
HARMER Arnold Elmo (Barney) 27-5-1987   Husband of Marjorie Doris (nee BURY). Father of John, Helen, Margaret, Ross & Bill Born 3-8-1897 {Born Frances SA, son of Francis Henry & Jane nee JARRED]
HARMER Jane Helen 28-12-1940 2 m Our daughter & sister  
HARMER Jane 17-2-1937 79 y Our parents  
HARMER Francis Henry 3-9-1935 91 y Our parents  
HARMER Marjorie Doris 11-11-1995   Mother of John, Helen, Margaret, Ross & Bill. Nee Bury Born 19-11-1904
HENDERSON Emily Hilda 6-1-1998   Wife of Arthur James. Mother of Heather, Julia & Peter Born 16-7-1918. Headstone has photo of deceased
HENDERSON Arthur James 4-11-2004   Husband of Emily Hilda. Father of Heather, Julia & Peter Born 7-10-1913. SX 5099 2/2 AAOC [2ND AIF]. Headstone has photo of deceased
HENSCHKE Alfred George 13-12-1931 62 y Our husband & father  
JONES Lance William 23-6-1943   Son of Clem & Mary Born 13-4-1941
JONES R O (Joe) 14-7-1968 75 y [Robert Oscar] Husband of Siscilian A A [Adelaide Ann] Born 11-5-1893 Stirling East SA, son of Robert William & Alice nee JONES]
JONES Siscilian A A [Cecilia Adelaide Ann] 3-7-1968 83 y [Wife of Robert Oscar JONES] Nee HARMER [Born 29-7-1884 Lochaber SA, dau of Francis Henry & Jane nee JARRED]
KELLY Brian Christian 9-5-2004   Husband of Bev. Father of Michael & Tracey. Son of Marjorie & Tige Born 25-1-1953. Headstone reads "Chilla-Enterprise" & has photo of deceased
MANGAN Charles 27-4-1968 71 y Our husband & father AIF plaque on grave = V5580 Sergeant Headquarters [NAA Series 884 = NOK Mary Mangan. Enlisted Royal Park VIC]
MANGAN Charles 27-4-1968 71 y AIF Plaque  
MANGAN Mary Teresa 15-4-1984 90 y Our mother  
MASON Lorraine 21-5-2006   Eldest daughter of Stan & Phyllis MASON. Eldest grand-daughter of Dugald & Margaret MASON, early pioneers 1927-1950 "Pine Grove" Yarrara Born 19-8-1933
MATHIESON  Debra Susan 30-3-2005   Wife of Ted. Mother of Tabitha & Thomas. Daughter of Paul & Mort. Sister of Sandra, Wendy & Rob nee MATTSCHOSS Born 10-2-1960. Headstone has photo of deceased
MATTSCHOSS Kerwin Morris 15-2-2002   Father of Lorraine, Vivienne, Dianne, Janine, Narelle. Sons-in-law & grandchildren Born 9-12-1920
MATTSCHOSS Oscar Hermann 30-7-1977 81 y Husband of Anna Emily. Our father  
MATTSCHOSS Anna Emily 29-1-1937 36 y Wife of Oscar Hermann. Mother of Evelyn, Cordelia, Kerwin, Gladys, Merlyne, Alice, Mortimer, Leslie & Ernest  
MATTSCHOSS Nellie Coral 4-2-1995   Wife of Kerwin Morris. Mother of Lorraine, Vivienne, Dianne, Janine, Narelle. Sons-in-law & grandchildren nee JOHNSON Born 9-9-1923
MAY Albert Raymond 20-6-1979 37 y Son of Rueben & Dorothy. Husband of Lyn. Father of Anthony & Helen Headstone has photo of deceased
McGAFFIN Florence 28-1-1936   Wife of W  
McGAFFIN William George 8-12-1985 85 y Husband of E. Father of Yvonne, Marjorie, Howard, Dawn, Graham, John & Murray  
McGAFFIN Evelyn Alfrina 3-7-1973 56 y Wife of Will. Mother of Yvonne, Marjorie, Howard, Dawn, Graham, John & Murray
Wife of Will. Mother of Yvonne, Marjorie, Howard, Dawn, Graham, John & Murray
McKNIGHT William Duncan 1985     A Pioneer Millewa Settler
McMAHON Ellen Margaret 27-5-1937 56 y Our wife & mother  
O'CONNELL Jean 20-11-1981 84 y Our mother  
O'CONNELL Francis Gerald (Friday) 28-6-1983 64 y    
O'CONNELL William 21-11-1956 75 y    
O'CONNELL Robert 13-7-1993 73 y   2.22 Batt. Info from small metal plate nestled close to headstone of O'CONNELL Francis Gerald
ROADS Ellen Blanche 31-10-1986 88 y Wife of Robert. Mother of 10 children  
ROADS Albert Michael l(Bert) 18-10-1948 22 y    
ROADS Robert James 31-1-1989 94 y Husband of Blanche  
SCHIER John       Son of Mr & Mrs SCHIER. Grave not marked. First burial in cemetery. [Information from "Mellewa the first 50 years" p32]
SELLARS Agnes Monica
31-3-1961 72 y Our mother  
SELLARS Edward James 5-5-1934 47 y Our husband & father  
SUMMERHAYES Raymond 26-4-1992 55 y Father of Margaret, Lynette, Debbie & John  
SUMMERHAYES Betty Ann 14-11-1990 45 y Wife of Raymond. Mother of Margaret, Lynette, Debbie & John  
SUMMERHAYES Debbie Maree 30-4-1980 10 y 4 m Daughter of Ray & Betty  
SUMMERHAYES Emily Alice 14-10-1980 70 y Wife of Fred Grave has pot = Son of Fred & Emily, Brother of Marj & Jan[Probably meant for Raymond SUMMERHAYES]
SUMMERHAYES Fredrick Alfred 5-4-1986 85 y Husband of Emily  
UNKNOWN Andrew       Child
UNKNOWN Molly       Plot marked 19
UNKNOWN         Plot marked 11
VARELA Penelope Margot Louise (Penny) 22-9-2005   Youngest daughter of Bob & Marian MATTHEWS. Sister to Mark, Hilary, Rowan, Andrew & Katrina. Mother of Melina, Gabriela & Sebastian. Wife of Robert Born 28-5-1966
WEATHERHEAD Alvie Grace 20-8-1935 6 m    
WEEKS Mary Ann Ruth 15-3-2001   Wife of Tony. Step-mother of Penny & family. Friend of the Weinert family Born 13-2-1910
WEINERT Peter Michael 5-8-1995   Husband of Val. Father of Helen, Kathy & Jennifer (dec). Grandpa Born 1-6-1940
WEINERT Catherine Philamena (Cassie) 17-3-1998 86 y Wife of Percival Michael. Mother Our husband, father & mother
WEINERT Percival Michael 6-# -1977 70 y Husband of Catherine Philamena. Father Our husband, father & mother
WHITECROSS Ruby May 5-11-1971 78 y Our wife & mother  
WHITECROSS Archibald John Francis 25-9-1973 74 y Our husband & father  
WILKINSON Ethel Lilian Sep 1932 42 y Our wife & mother  
WILKINSON James Henry 17-8-1932 37 y Husband of Francis Mary. Father of John, Geoffrey, Heather  
WILLIAMS Albert George 27-8-1998 91 y Husband of Emily Esther. Father of Elizabeth, Jonathan, Robert & Geoffrey Born 17-9-1906. Meringur pioneer from 1927
WILLIAMS Emily Esther 28-8-2003 89 y Mother of Elizabeth, Jonathan, Robert & Geoffrey  nee STEPHEN Born 22-11-1913
WILLIS Minnie Elaine 18-6-1934 43 y Wife of Thomas. Mother of Marjorie, Fred & Elaine  nee WILKINSON  
WYMAN L E [Ernest Leo] 23-4-1972 47 y Husband of Agnes. Father of Kay, Kevin, Garry & Julie [Born 16-1-1925 Langvilla SA] VX93205 Private 66th Battalion. [NAA B883 Series= Ernest Leo WYMAN. NOK: P Wyman. Enlisted Royal Park VIC]

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