Castlemaine Cemetery

Also sometimes known as Camplbells Creek or Campbells Flat

Cemetery Road
Campbells Creek
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Following discussion with the Victorian Department of Human Services - Cemeteries and Crematorium Unit and with Ian Hockley, Secretary/Treasurer of the Castlemaine Cemetery Trust, as well as being a member of the Castlemaine Historical Society, the following information was gained on the cemetery.

* The first cemetery in Castlemaine was at Templeton Street, Castlemaine and was moved to Campbells Creek in 1853. Most of the burials in this first cemetery were reinterred in the new cemetery, but the owners of the graves were given the option as to where to have the reburials. It is believed that some did use other cemeteries.

* The new cemetery was called Castlemaine Cemetery. This is the only one for Castlemaine. It is located in Campbells Creek.

* On a number of Victorian death certificates there is the name of the cemetery listed as - Castlemaine, Campbells Creek or Campbells Flat. These last two cemeteries did not exist; they were just different names listed on death certificates for the Castlemaine Cemetery. So all burials are in the Castlemaine Cemetery, with the cemetery officially called the Castlemaine Cemetery.

* The cemetery is located in Cemetery Road, Campbells Creek Victoria 3451.

* The first burial noted in the Castlemaine Cemetery was on the 3rd March, 1853.

* There are approximately 20,500 burials in the cemetery as per the cemetery registers.

* It is believed there were earlier burials but no full information is known of them as they were thought to be in a couple of exercise books (not located to date), or just not listed in the registers.

* The actual number of burials is not fully known as it is believed that some of the earlier burials were not recorded as per the information on a number of the earlier death certificates in Victoria (1853 - late 1860s) where the Deputy Registers of the areas did not list the cemeteries on the death certificates. The column was left blank. [I have quite a few of these early death certificates that do not have the cemetery listed].

* The Castlemaine Cemetery Trust holds the burial records for the cemetery.

* The Castlemaine Historical Society has the memorial inscriptions.

The addresses are:

(a). Castlemaine Cemetery Trust - (Burial Information) - address on this web page.

(b).Castlemaine Historical Society, (Index to the memorial inscriptions.)
    P.O. Box 655,
    Castlemaine  Vic 3450.

It was not unusual for cemeteries to have either a number of names over time (ie Preston Cemetery with 4); or have "local" names for them instead of the official one.

David Weatherill
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia



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