St. Kilda Cemetery




Data compiled by Garry Batt


Garry Batt passed away Jan. 2012
He was a long term supporter and
contributor to this site and he will
be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Surname Given Name (& -Maiden Name) Born Died Age Extra info/notes Location
Saba Nicholas   28.03.1972 83y h/ Victoria, f/ six children Lwn.
Saba Victoria   07.09.1985 88y w/ Nicholas, m/ six children Lwn.
Sabelberg Archie   1881     CathB.
Sabelberg Brentani   1876     CathB.
Sabelberg Cecil Brenton   1934     CathB.
Sabelberg Joseph   1933     CathB.
Sabelberg Marianna   1928     CathB.
Sabelberg William Brenton   1940     CathB.
Sabine Elizabeth   [Feb.1954] [76y]   CathA.
Sabine James   31.01.1887     AngC.
Sabine Mary Monica 1900 1984     CathD2.
Sabine Reginald   25.12.1937 31y   CathA.
Sabine Robert Routh   05.04.1941     CathA.
Sabioni Peter 18.02.1937 28.01.2006   dad NicheB
Sachse Arthur O. 22.05.1860 25.07.1920     AngD.
Sachse Frederica Alice 02.07.1866 26.06.1936     AngD.
Sadleir Richard   27.02.1884     AngA.
Sadler Elizabeth   20.04.1960 92y   BapB.
Sadler John E.   29.04.1937 70y   BapB.
Sadler Maria   23.02.1888 65y   Other.C
Saint Charles Abraham   09.12.1886 63y   Other.C
Saint Sarah Maria   26.12.1917 88y   Other.C
Saker Myrtle Cynthia   27.10.1974     IndB.
Salisbury Benjamin   17.10.1939 77y h/ Jane AngC.
Salisbury Jane   16.08.1946 83y w/ Benjamin AngC.
Salkeld Alice "Sissie"   25.09.1910     MethC.
Salkeld Charles   22.09.1910     MethC.
Salkeld Eldred Stanley   29.11.1893 5m   IndC.
Salkeld J.M.   24.09.1891 50y   MethB.
Salkeld Margery   24.09.1910     MethC.
Salkeld Thelma   16.08.1913     MethB.
Sallmann Frederick William   27.04.1942 84y8m h/ Johanna Louise, our father AngB.
Sallmann Gordon Edmund 1896 1977   h/ Mary Frances AngB.
Sallmann Johanna Louise   14.04.1951 90y9m w/ Frederick Louise, our mother AngB.
Sallmann Mary Frances 1919 1977   w/ Gordon Edmund AngB.
Sallows Unknown no dates       AngC.
Salmon Elizabeth   20.05.1905 83y   CathC.
Salmon Grace Elizabeth   16.03.1913 57y   BapC.
Salmon on foot with Carey no dates       MethC.
Salter A.G. [Arthur George]   12.12.1930 [49y]   CathA.
Salter Alfred no dates       MethA.
Salter Charles no dates       MethA.
Salter Ellen   09.09.1963 74y   CathA.
Salter Josephine   [1947] [88y]   MethA.
Salter Minnie   04.10.1950 63y   BapB.
Salter on foot no dates       IndD.
Salter Reginald Lesueur   11.11.1951 62y   BapB.
Salter Roy no dates       MethA.
Sampson Arthur E. 14.04.1883 19.01.1900     Other.C
Sampson Charlotte M.    22.06.1925 66y   AngB.
Sampson Elizabeth   16.03.1901 77y our mother PresD.
Samson Eliza   13.11.1892 63y   Other.C
Sander Emma (-Haller) 12.07.1834 16.01.1891   w/ G.E. IndA.
Sander Georg Emil   18.06.1920 87y h/ Emma, our father IndA.
Sanders John 11.02.1824 01.05.1882   erected by wife and brother, b. Sussex, England AngC.
Sanders John Brunel B.   17.03.1887 25y son/ Charlotte Ellis Chesterton BapD.
Sanders Stanley William   11.07.1942 56y   CathC.
Sanderson [Beryl Olive]   07.10.1897 7y   IndB.
Sanderson A.E. [Alfred Eric]   05.01.1955 43y   BapD.
Sanderson Alfred   13.11.1947     BapD.
Sanderson Effie Alma   01.09.1946     BapD.
Sanderson F.C.   06.12.1897 34y   Other.E
Sanderson George   31.07.1883 59y   IndC.
Sanderson Jeannie   May.1894 31y   Other.E
Sandford Arthur William   14.10.1900 37y   AngB.
Sandford Bridget T.   18.09.1933 70y   CathC.
Sandford E. George G.   17.05.1882 30y   AngC.
Sandford Edward   24.06.1907 84y h/ Eliza Catherine AngB.
Sandford Eliza Catherine   18.03.1901   w/ Edward for 51 years AngB.
Sandford Mary A.   17.07.1874 80y   AngB.
Sandilands Frederick Erskine   03.09.1929 71y   MethB.
Sandilands Mary Ann   09.04.1937     MethB.
Sandry John W.   18.06.1942   h/ Mary J., our father BapD.
Sandry Mary J.   16.12.1938   w/ John W., our mother BapD.
Sands Emmie   30.11.1907     MethB.
Sandwell Edward Beaumont W.   16.03.1863 40y h/ Elizabeth AngB.
Sandwell Elizabeth   22.07.1870 44y w/ Edward Beaumont AngB.
Sangster Jamie   [1863] [6y]   PresA.
Sangster Janet   30.05.1890 54y   PresA.
Sangster Katie   [1866] [29y]   PresA.
Sangster William Cameron   22.08.1890 22y   PresA.
Sansom Unknown no dates       CathD.
Santley Hilda   14.07.1969     AngD.
Sargood Frederick Thomas   02.01.1903 68y   IndC.
Sargood Harry Morton 21.01.1870 19.06.1951     IndC.
Sargood Harry Morton 21.01.1870 19.06.1951     IndC.
Sargood Hilda Alexander   09.04.1969     IndC.
Sargood Hilda Alexander   09.04.1969     IndC.
Sargood Marian Australia   06.01.1879 40y   IndC.
Sargood Norman Rippon   15.03.1876 13y   IndC.
Sarjeant James Jeffery   04.08.1905 71y h/ Sarah Ann IndD.
Sarjeant Jane 26.06.1806 04.06.1889   b. St Andrews, Holburn, London IndD.
Sarjeant Sarah Ann   20.03.1895   w/ J.J. IndD.
Saubrey Mahala   12.04.1954     AngC.
Saulson Leonard   18.10.1939 45y   HebA.
Saunders A.F.W.   22.05.1904 76y h/ Margaret, f/ Louisa Mary AngB.
Saunders Amie Helen   19.12.1937     CathB.
Saunders Augustine Rachel   18.07.1865 1y dau/ William AngB.
Saunders Ernest Christian   07.11.1875 9m son/ Wiliam AngB.
Saunders Esther Louisa   20.11.1942     Other.C
Saunders Louisa Mary   19.07.1875 17y5m dau/ A.F.W. and Margaret AngB.
Saunders Margaret   28.05.1886 53y w/ A.F.W., m/ Louisa Mary AngB.
Saunders Natalie Florence   16.06.1941     AngD.
Saunders Nellie A.   06.10.1933     AngD.
Saunders William   24.11.1874 44y f/ Ernest C., Augustine R. AngB.
Saunders William   26.03.1948     Other.C
Saunders William Costwick   19.12.1865 40y   AngB.
Saunderson Charles Rodney 07.11.1931 22.03.1992   son/ George, bro/ Douglas NicheB
Saunderson George Harland 1907 1976     NicheB
Savage Annie   17.06.1914     BapB.
Savage Felix G.   14.07.1934   h/ Lilly PresC.
Savage George W.   20.03.1928 62y h/ Julia M., f/ leslie AngC.
Savage Julia M.   12.03.1946 77y w/ George W., m/ Leslie AngC.
Savage Leslie   02.01.1894 1y son/ George W. & Julia M. AngC.
Savage Lilly   26.04.1960   w/ Felix G. PresC.
Savage on foot no dates       CathA.
Savage on foot no dates       CathA.
Savage Robert   12.07.1888 69y   BapB.
Savory Alfred   30.03.1934 71y   IndB.
Savory James   08.06.1962     IndB.
Savory Jessie 1860 1945     IndB.
Saward Charles Emmanuel   08.10.1937 74y   BapB.
Saward Elizabeth Kezia   08.08.1934 71y   BapB.
Saward Harriet Rachel Maud   22.04.1975     BapB.
Saward Lillah Kezia   17.07.1980     BapB.
Sawers Bowie Stockman   08.12.1902 20y   BapB.
Sawers Elizabeth Hannah   04.12.1925 76y   BapB.
Sawers John   01.07.1906 64y   BapB.
Sawyer Adele   06.01.1959     AngD.
Sawyer Irene Edith (-Martin)   07.02.1935 33y   PresA.
Saxby John   12.12.1880 53y   IndC.
Sayce Deborah Ann   04.01.1878 57y   Other.A
Sayce Edward   25.09.1892 79y   Other.A
Sayce Emma   31.07.1901   w/ Joseph AngB.
Sayce Emma Henrietta   08.06.1880     AngC.
Sayce Florence Mary   27.04.1885 26y   Other.A
Sayce Henry Smith   27.08.1902 58y   Other.A
Sayce John   17.04.1874 34y   Other.A
Sayce Joseph   28.05.1876 61y h/ Emma AngB.
Sayce Mary Eleanor   22.01.1867 6m   Other.A
Sayce Octavius Albert   29.04.1911 48y   Other.A
Sayce Rita Catherine   25.06.1911 48y   Other.A
Sayer Agnes M.A.   29.04.1939   w/ William C.J. AngB.
Sayer Catherine   10.08.1924 80y w/ James C. AngB.
Sayer Charles   02.05.1890 60y bro/ James C. AngB.
Sayer Ellen   07.09.1904 73y w/ Charles AngB.
Sayer Ellen F.   10.05.1906     AngB.
Sayer James   09.12.1883 75y   IndC.
Sayer James C.   27.07.1882 54y h/ Catherine AngB.
Sayer Lucy   30.11.1878 63y   IndC.
Sayer William C.J.   28.06.1919   h/ Agnes M.A. AngB.
Sayers Cecil   05.03.1888 15y6m   BapB.
Sayers Elizabeth E.   06.10.1954   dau/ Thomas & Ellen HOLESGROVE AngC.
Sayers Emily Clara   12.12.1936 86y   BapB.
Sayers Frank   13.06.1961     BapB.
Sayers Grace 02.09.1887 26.10.1929     BapB.
Sayers Hazel 1905 16.10.1997     BapB.
Sayers Joseph   17.04.1898 51y   BapB.
Sayers May.   28.02.1888 3y9m   BapB.
Scale Jane   20.07.1892 69y   PresB.
Scales Harry Thomas 02.04.1884 12.09.1940     AngA.
Scales Maisie Beatrice 26.05.1892 02.04.1956     AngA.
Scammell Charlotte   13.05.1886     MethB.
Scammell George Thomas   04.02.1878 46y   IndB.
Scammell William   31.08.1866     MethB.
Scanlan Camelia   09.01.1890     BapC.
Scanlan Ethel Ann   13.04.1952 67y   CathC.
Scanlan Frederick John   12.06.1911 59y   CathC.
Scanlan Irini Muriel   12.03.1890 5y11m   CathC.
Scanlan Maud Louisa   26.05.1888 13y   CathC.
Scanlan Patrick   09.09.1889 70y   BapC.
Scanlan Percival Thomas J.   51.08.1957 70y   CathC.
Scardon Bessie   31.12.1918   w/ Paul, d. USA AngB.
Scardon Tottie    03.01.1919   d. USA AngB.
Scarff Kathleen Maria   29.09.1986   w/ William James, m/ Anthony,Robert Lwn.
Scarff William James   13.11.1971   h/ Kathleen Maria, f/ Anthony,Robert Lwn.
Scarlett Arthur Robert   17.07.1944 67y   IndC.
Scarlett Eliza Jane   12.02.1946 77y   IndC.
Scarlett J.  Albert   04.11.1876 4y5m gson/ Frederick & Amelia PITTMAN AngC.
Scarlett John   [1893] [47y]   AngD.
Scarlett Katherine   [1918] [69y]   AngD.
Scarsbrick Mary   [1890] [64y]   Meth.D.
Scarsbrick William   22.06.1884 55y   Meth.D.
Schaefer Ernest G.   06.05.1919     BapB.
Schaefer Ernest J.   23.07.1889     BapB.
Schaeffer F.C. no dates       CathB.
Schafer Carl Gottfried   23.04.1868 46y   BapC.
Schafer N.T.H. (Dr.)   21.08.1996 91y   BapC.
Schafer Sarah   23.07.1903 75y   BapC.
Schaffer Ann F.   10.08.1952 70y   CathA.
Schaffer Ernest J.   20.05.1937 57y   CathA.
Schaffer Kathleen Cecilia   31.07.1962 44y   CathA.
Schalit Harriet May   18.04.1934 52y w/ M.A., m/ Rita,Ivan HebA.
Schalit M.A.[Moiset]   11.05.1959 84y   HebA.
Schatz Clara W.E.   07.07.1963 81y   Other.A
Scheiring on foot no dates       AngD.
Schelble baby sister no dates   infant   CathC.
Schelble Dorothea 1906 1993   w/ Karl, m/ Margaret,Karlene Lwn.
Schelble Ellen   19.03.1931     CathC.
Schelble Emil   1902     CathC.
Schelble Karl 1901 1983   h/ Dorothea, f/ Margaret,Karlene Lwn.
Schelble uncle no dates       CathC.
Schieblich Alma Adelaide Ir.   23.01.1906 5y   BapC.
Schieblich Alma Boll   28.08.1910     AngD.
Schieblich Etheldreda   25.02.1971     AngD.
Schieblich Franz Ottomar   25.03.1962     AngD.
Schieblich on foot, stone fallen no dates       AngD.
Schleebs Jane Florence "Topsy"   29.05.1938 63y   Other.C
Schlesinger Ginda Henrietta   09.09.1958     HebB.
Schlesinger Madeleine Louise   24.11.1893 2y1m   Other.C
Schlesinger Manfred Paul Da   09.05.1963     HebB.
Schlesinger Richard Emil   24.10.1896 66y   AngD.
Schlesinger Richard Emil   29.08.1911 56y   Other.C
Schlipalius Charles Gustave   13.05.1897 73y   IndB.
Schlipalius Charles L.   10.02.1927 78y   IndB.
Schlipalius Emma Margaret   26.03.1887 56y   IndB.
Schlipalius Jessie A.   02.05.1931 78y   IndB.
Schlipalius Lettie   19.06.1920 43y   IndB.
Schlipalius Lucy   23.09.1953 77y   MethC.
Schlipalius William H.   06.05.1947 67y   MethC.
Schlyder Bridget Annie   02.10.1935 80y   CathB.
Schlyder Christina Victoria   13.04.1912 21y   CathB.
Schlyder Ernest   04.09.1916 60y   CathB.
Schlyder Ernest R.A.   02.05.1973 79y   Lwn.
Schlyder Henry Christensen   15.01.1915 28y   CathB.
Schlyder Petrine   06.01.1889 1y   CathB.
Schmitz Johann   20.03.1913 71y   CathC.
Schmitz John   30.07.1877 3y   CathC.
Schmitz Margaret   04.02.1893 52y   CathC.
Schneider on foot no dates       AngD.
Schnorr Elizabeth H.   22.03.1950 81y   BapC.
Schofield Mary Ann "Annie"   04.04.1885 29y   AngA.
Scholes Lilian Susan 14.12.1863 03.03.1896     MethB.
Schollick Edward Jones 29.05.1824 10.04.1908     AngB.
Schollick Herbert Stonard   24.06.1944     AngB.
Schollick Mabel Edith   16.04.1916   w/ H.S. AngB.
Schollick Margaret  08.03.1824 26.01.1896   w/ E.J. Schollick AngB.
Schollick Margaret Stonard   21.06.1934 [70y] only dau/ Edward & Margaret AngB.
Schonell Alma   23.07.1953     CathA.
Schonell Harold   02.11.1950     CathA.
Schorer Dorothy Gray   05.01.1946 47y m/ John T. AngC.
Schorer John Theodorus 23.03.1924 30.09.1993   h/ Mary, f/ Margaret,Robert AngC.
Schrader Herman T.   09.07.1934 73y   CathA.
Schrader Jane S.   19.09.1918 63y   AngD.
Schrader Maria R.   [1882]     AngD.
Schrader Mary Elizabeth "May"   21.04.1930 43y   CathA.
Schrader Mary Elizabeth D.   16.11.1903 41y   CathA.
Schrader Maurice E.   13.05.1916 60y   AngD.
Schrader Samuel M.J.   [1882]     AngD.
Schrader Wilfred M.D.   [1897] [6y]   AngD.
Schroder William 1830 21.03.1915 84y   MethC.
Schuller Jacqueline 21.09.1917 29.01.1965     PresB.
Schuller Joseph 25.01.1906 28.12.1959     PresB.
Schultz Carl Andrea   2?.08.1900 44y   CathB.
Schultz Elizabeth   Oct.1881 8m   CathB.
Schultz Frances Jul.1856 Aug.1927     CathB.
Schultz Margaret E.   11.10.1973 82y w/ Alfred George, m/ Lorna,Bill,Doreen,Don Lwn.
Schultz Michael   06.05.1918     CathB.
Schultz Waldemar W.   [Mar.1892] 51y   CathB.
Schutze A.C. (Cptn.)   19.08.1890 55y   BapB.
Schutze Louise   21.08.1903 60y   BapB.
Schutze Mary Alice   04.07.1944   m/ Jean,Roy AngC.
Schwennesen William   08.04.1893 59y   CathB.
Schwetasch on foot no dates       Other.C
Schwieger Edward   [1917] [85y]   BapD.
Schwieger Edward no dates       BapD.
Scoble John   23.07.1892     BapD.
Scoble Urias John   24.12.1953     BapC.
Scoles Richard   10.07.1878 66y   MethB.
Scott Agnes   29.05.1867 22y   PresB.
Scott Agnes Mary   29.03.1882 21y   PresB.
Scott Albert Edward 22.11.1901 03.02.1981     NicheB
Scott Alexandrina   14.06.1957     Other.C
Scott Amy   15.07.1958     CathB.
Scott Annie Dashwood   24.12.1885 10m gdau/ Mary Strevens PresD.
Scott Archibald G.W.   24.10.1887     PresC.
Scott Arthur   31.08.1927 71y   PresB.
Scott Augusta Leonora L.   15.05.1872 31y   PresB.
Scott Bethea   09.01.1884 15y6m   Meth.D.
Scott Charlotte H.   09.04.1913     MethC.
Scott Claude   19.02.1957     MethB.
Scott Claude   12.07.1896 25y yngst son/ John Scott PresC.
Scott Dorothy Gladys   1902 2y   PresB.
Scott Edith   21.02.1939     PresB.
Scott Edith (-Burridge)   10.07.1894 21y   IndC.
Scott Edward Joseph 1894     h/ Mary Louisa Lwn.
Scott Elizabeth   02.02.1876 57y   IndB.
Scott Elizabeth   15.06.1946 73y   IndB.
Scott Elizabeth   30.08.1875 31y   PresB.
Scott Elizabeth   18.02.1907 74y h/ John PresC.
Scott Ernestine   21.05.1911     PresC.
Scott Evelyn N.   17.08.1977 74y w/ Albert NicheB
Scott George   16.12.1869 37y   IndC.
Scott George   18.05.1878 82y   IndC.
Scott George C.   10.02.1904 child   AngD.
Scott George Leithead   26.09.1957     Other.C
Scott Henry J.H.   23.09.1910 51y 2nd son/ John, d. Scone, NSW PresC.
Scott Hugh   19.11.1929 85y   Other.C
Scott Isabella   29.09.1858 18y dau/ John & Maryanne AngC.
Scott Isabella   01.09.1864     PresC.
Scott Jane Elizabeth   15.12.1921 88y   Meth.D.
Scott Johanna   27.04.1936     MethC.
Scott John   [Jul.1909] [73y]   PresA.
Scott John   05.05.1882 59y w/ Elizabeth PresC.
Scott John B.   26.06.1907     MethC.
Scott John Elliot 02.02.1845 16.04.1894     Other.C
Scott John Laidlaw (Cpt.)   13.10.1891 50y h/ Susanna A.S. PresD.
Scott John Melby   14.03.1904 37y   PresC.
Scott John W.   25.08.1913     MethC.
Scott Lilian E.   17.11.1928     PresC.
Scott Margaret 1857 29.08.1945     PresB.
Scott Margaret Ann   21.04.1955 83y   CathC.
Scott Margaret Sophia   05.07.1888 47y dau/ William Jones & Sarah Scott PresC.
Scott Mary   16.01.1919     CathC.
Scott Mary   16.07.1858 22y   IndC.
Scott Mary Ann   02.02.1935     MethB.
Scott Mary Louisa (-Rollo) 1894 1995   w/ Edward Joseph Lwn.
Scott on foot no dates       AngC.
Scott on foot no dates       AngD.
Scott on foot no dates       BapD.
Scott on foot no dates       PresB.
Scott on head, with Gavey no dates       Other.C
Scott Philip   21.07.1870 54y solicitor AngB.
Scott Polly [Marian]   [1894] 10y   CathC.
Scott Robert   19.06.1888 58y   PresB.
Scott Robert James   22.08.1933 71y   Other.G
Scott Samuel Garrick   22.06.1941 72y   IndB.
Scott Sarah   19.06.1881 69y w/ William Jones, m/ Margaret Sophia PresC.
Scott Susanna Ann S.   23.01.1905 55y w/ John Laidlaw PresD.
Scott Thomas   23.03.1903 89y   IndB.
Scott William   02.03.1911 49y   Meth.D.
Scott William E.   16.03.1937 66y   MethC.
Scott William Francis   09.12.1943     CathB.
Scott William Jones   18.05.1855 39y h/ Sarah, f/ Margaret Sophia PresC.
Scott William Norman Eric   1917 23y   PresB.
Scougall Brenda Hebbard 26.05.1925 21.02.2006   dau/ Jack & Stella Circle
Scriven James Edward   01.02.1936     MethC.
Scudamore Charles H. no dates   infant son/ Charles J. & Edith IndD.
Scudamore Charles J.   29.03.1937 65y h/ Edith, f/ Charles H. IndD.
Scudamore Edith   03.02.1945   w/ Charles J, m/ Charles H. IndD.
Scull Frances   10.03.1972 87y   CathA.
Scullin Charlie   05.07.1919     CathC.
Scullin Tom no dates       CathC.
Scullin Unknown no dates       CathC.
Scullion Amelia [form. Kennedy]   30.08.1906 31y   CathA.
Scullion Catherine   04.03.1946     CathC.
Scullion James   02.07.1944     CathC.
Scullion Kathleen   04.09.1907 2y6m   CathA.
Scullion on foot no dates       CathA.
Scurrah Henry William   20.06.1932   h/ Maryion, our parent AngB.
Scurrah Maryion   05.11.1942   w/ Henry William, our parent AngB.
Seabrook Clarence S.   23.11.1898 15y   AngD.
Seabrook Frank Cyril   18.09.1905 17y   AngD.
Seale Mary   04.01.1891 57y   BapB.
Search Ellen Elizabeth K.   14.08.1921 52y   MethC.
Search Frederick   24.08.1895 76y   MethC.
Search Louisa   03.03.1912 76y   MethC.
Searle Grace   10.04.1918 28y   MethC.
Searll Arthur Theodore   24.12.1923 60y h/ Christinia Evelya AngB.
Searll Charles T.   08.04.1887 33y   MethB.
Searll Katie   11.12.1930 71y   MethB.
Sears Clara 1846 1916 69y   AngC.
Sears John Alfred   06.01.1947     AngB.
Sears Lillias   04.10.1937     AngB.
Sears Thomas Housson 1835 1896 60y   AngC.
Seath Emily   09.03.1924 75y   AngD.
Seaton Agnes Murray   06.06.1899 31y w/ Charles Edwin, dau/ Mary Murray AngC.
Seaton Charles Edwin   21.06.1934 89y h/ Agnes Murray SEATON AngC.
Seaton Dorothy Maude   09.12.1944 43y   IndB.
Seaton Eliza Bishop   29.04.1897 72y   MethB.
Seaton James   03.01.1959 67y   IndB.
Seaton Joseph Edwin   23.01.1887 68y   MethB.
Seaton Richard   15.11.1925 68y   MethB.
Seddon Hannah   21.06.1861 28y w/ Rev. David Seddon AngB.
Sedgman Frank Henry   22.03.1934 [66y] h/ Rebecca AngC.
Sedgman Rebecca   13.07.1942 [77y] w/ Henrietta E. AngC.
Sedmiratzsky Otto   19.07.1883     CathB.
Seear Mary Ann   19.08.1908 52y w/ William J. IndA.
Seear Susan   23.09.1882 69y w/ William J., m/ William J. IndA.
Seear William J.   25.10.1855 39y11m h/ Susan, f/ William J. IndA.
Seeds Waring Mercer   03.11.1876 52y uncle of Sarah Hicks AngC.
Seedsman Frederick   21.07.1944 79y   IndC.
Seedsman Leslie   14.07.1980 79y   IndC.
Seedsman Lou   28.12.1939 75y   IndC.
Seelenmeyer Henry   10.02.1879 37y   Other.E
Seelenmeyer Norman Munster   08.05.1891 15m   Other.E
Seelenmeyer Sarah Hannah   05.05.1922 67y   Other.E
Seeley Adolphe Frederic   10.11.1922 67y   Other.E
Seeley Alexandra M.   31.12.1946 83y   Other.E
Seeley E. no dates       MethB.
Seeley E. Frederic   18.11.1936 43y   Other.E
Seeley Emma   14.07.1960     Other.E
Selkirk William   07.02.1860 39y   AngB.
Sellar George no dates     f/ Victor PresD.
Sellar Patrick Francis Alex 24.04.1853 08.01.1872   eldst son/ Professor SELLAR AngC.
Sellar Robert   05.09.1900 72y   AngC.
Sellar Victor no dates   14y son/ George PresD.
Sellars Elizabeth   23.04.1900   w/ John, m/ George,Thomas BapD.
Sellars John   09.06.1896   h/ Elizabeth, f/ George,Thomas BapD.
Selleck Agnes no dates       Other.E
Selleck Charles   21.12.1939 78y   CathC.
Selleck Christopher   12.11.1934 70y   MethB.
Selleck Emily   18.02.1954 84y   MethB.
Selleck George   11.09.1945     CathC.
Selleck Jane   26.07.1940     CathC.
Selleck Mary   14.01.1941 74y   CathC.
Selleck Richard J.   09.04.1955     Other.E
Selleck Richard. no dates       Other.E
Selleck Walter   14.01.1966 75y   PresC.
Sellick Loretta M. 04.04.1966 02.11.1985     NicheB
Sellwood John   [1898] [34y]   Meth.D.
Sellwood Mary   [1950] [86y]   Meth.D.
Sellwood William   [1897] [5y}   Meth.D.
Selman Catherine   16.12.1859 52y w/ Samson AngB.
Selman Edgar Alan   19.03.1884 19y8m   CathB.
Selman Robert Lancashire   02.04.1865 27y son/ Samson & Catherine AngB.
Semmens on foot no dates       AngD.
Semple Harriett   28.04.1887 30y   MethB.
Semple John   03.12.1860     MethB.
Semple Mary   01.05.1894 76y   MethB.
Senior on foot no dates       AngC.
Serman Ruth Alice   08.06.1929 68y sis/ Edith Rachel Kift IndA.
Servante Annie   31.07.1955 89y w/ Arthur, m/ Maybelle,Hazel,Olive AngC.
Servante Annie   09.02.1914     AngD.
Servante Arthur   25.03.1948 84y h/ Annie, f/ Maybelle,Hazel,Olive AngC.
Servante Bertie   26.03.1889 infant   BapB.
Servante Edgar   06.06.1963     AngD.
Servante Edgar   17.04.1934     AngD.
Servante Esther   10.06.1950 88y   BapB.
Servante Henry   31.07.1941 84y   BapB.
Servante Kathleen   25.09.1990 91y   BapB.
Severs Benjamin   18.06.1896 62y   AngA.
Severs Jane Ellen   08.07.1883 31y   AngA.
Severs Kate Marion   29.01.1887 42y   AngA.
Seville Ann 29.05.1822 22.06.1887     CathB.
Seville Joseph 16.04.1816 16.02.1891     CathB.
Seward Kathleen Maud 27.04.1896 25.05.1901 child   CathA.
Seward Leila Margaret 27.03.1893 08.04.1895     CathA.
Seward William Arthur 20.07.1851 29.03.1896     CathA.
Sewell C.L.N. [Christopher Leigh N.]   10.02.1898 27y   AngC.
Sewell Letitia "Letty"   22.10.1887 74y   MethB.
Sexton on foot no dates       Other.C
Sexton Thomas   15.12.1965     CathA.
Sexton Unknown no dates       CathB.
Seymour Arthur Charles   15.06.1988     CathA.
Seymour Frank Charles   13.05.1952     CathA.
Seymour Frederick Stephen   10.03.1876 21y   CathB.
Seymour John George   17.08.1904 71y   AngC.
Seymour Maria   07.01.1898 64y w/ J.G. AngC.
Seymour Millicent Eileen   21.06.1974     CathA.
Sezonov Gerda   17.03.2005     Gdn1
Sezonov Paul   20.10.1997     Gdn1
Shackell Amy Adelaide   19.02.1966 96y   AngD.
Shackell Annie Susannah   08.11.1935 95y   AngD.
Shackell Edward Herbert   06.05.1932 63y   AngD.
Shackell James   25.04.1899 66y   AngD.
Shackell Kassie Elizabeth   17.03.1940     Other.C
Shackell Robert Henry   19.08.1945     Other.C
Shadforth Marianne Pering   23.07.1894   w/ Robert William AngB.
Shadforth Robert William   04.01.1900 83y h/ Marianne Pering  AngB.
Shalless Emily Effie   07.11.1954     AngA.
Shamis Beba 13.11.1929 11.02.1991   w/ Iosif, m/ Michail,Stanislav Gdn1
Shanahan Margaret   31.05.1880 60y   CathB.
Shanahan Martha May 15.03.1904 03.02.1996     CathB.
Shanahan Michael Francis 02.11.1904 16.03.1963 58y   CathB.
Shanaughan on head no dates       CathC.
Shand John David Adolphus   12.06.1895 37y 2nd son/ John Shand M.D. PresC.
Shanley Elizabeth   19.12.1873 73y   AngC.
Shannon Amy Pollena   29.01.1898 1y   CathC.
Shannon Elsie   12.06.1943 56y   CathC.
Shannon Gladys   07.12.1904 5y   CathC.
Shannon Henry (Dr.) 25.01.1897 10.10.1977   h/ Madge Rahel, f/ Jane,Richard HebB.
Shannon John   08.10.1943 77y   CathC.
Shannon Kate   15.04.1895 32y   CathA.
Shannon Kate   24.06.1916 86y   CathA.
Shannon Madge Rahel 11.11.1900 08.01.1974   w/ Henry, m/ Jane,Richard HebB.
Shannon Margaret 19.11.1860 18.11.1949     CathA.
Shannon Mary "Polly"   27.05.1949 81y   CathC.
Shannon Richard 09.01.1932 22.08.2000   son/ Henry & Rahel HebA.
Shannon Thomas   06.09.1936     CathA.
Shannon Thomas   17.09.1952 81y   CathC.
Sharland James Sutherland 23.11.1866 12.02.1948     PresB.
Sharland Jane Armstrong 30.03.1870 08.11.1939     PresB.
Sharman Kay Diane 14.04.1940 18.11.2004     CathC.
Sharman Mary Ann   17.12.1923     BapB.
Sharp Alexander 17.04.1841 26.08.1861     BapB.
Sharp Elizabeth   Feb.1858 infant   IndC.
Sharp James   28.11.1889 78y   BapB.
Sharp Jennet 20.04.1849 19.01.1867     BapB.
Sharp John 20.02.1806 23.12.1877 71y   MethC.
Sharp John and family no dates       PresC.
Sharp John Meek   Jun.1859 infant   IndC.
Sharp Margaret 28.07.1814 23.01.1887     BapB.
Sharp on foot no dates       AngC.
Sharp on foot no dates       BapB.
Sharp on foot no dates       IndD.
Sharp Raymond? no dates       AngC.
Sharp William   15.06.1875 61y   IndC.
Sharpe Cecelia Rose   26.12.1891 4m   IndA.
Sharpe Rose   06.01.1892 28y my wife IndA.
Shaumer Charles   18.11.1949 [55y] son/ Maurice M. & Zara HebA.
Shaumer Maurice M.   09.10.1952 [83y] h/ Zara, f/ Charles HebA.
Shaumer Zara   17.03.1943 [75y] w/ Maurice M., m/ Charles HebA.
Shaw [Andrew]   13.07.1916 68y h/ Harriette O. PresD.
Shaw Alice Mary   22.01.1891 29y   Other.C
Shaw Anna Charlotte   24.03.1882 56y   AngD.
Shaw Bertie   11.08.1897 5y   Other.F
Shaw Catherine Emily   08.09.1954     MethC.
Shaw Catherine Wallace J.   21.02.1935     PresB.
Shaw David   04.03.1938   h/ Louisa IndA.
Shaw Edward Joseph   19.01.1926 64y   AngD.
Shaw Eliza   09.03.1882 62y w/ Robert, m/ Thomas AngC.
Shaw Elizabeth   21.09.1941 78y   PresD.
Shaw Ella May   07.10.1954 [66y] dau/ Matilda B. FEATHERSTONHAUGH AngC.
Shaw Ellen Loretta   30.04.1936     CathB.
Shaw Ellen Neale 25.11.1842 21.06.1912   w/ Joseph AngB.
Shaw Emily Florence   27.03.1936     AngB.
Shaw Gavin, family grave of no dates       PresA.
Shaw George Edwin 03.03.1912 07.01.1983     Lwn.
Shaw Hannah   29.08.1884 54y   BapB.
Shaw Harriette Orgill   09.03.1948 92y w/ Andrew PresD.
Shaw Helen Jane   20.10.1944     CathB.
Shaw James   16.10.1894 24y   AngA.
Shaw James   21.10.1861 55y h/ Rosanna AngB.
Shaw John   21.05.1875 46y   AngA.
Shaw John   29.05.1875 6w   AngA.
Shaw John   30.11.1880 38y   AngD.
Shaw Joseph   06.03.1864 11m son/ Joseph AngB.
Shaw Joseph   13.11.1887 62y h/ Ellen Neale, f/ Joseph, Emily Florence AngB.
Shaw Louisa   16.01.1948   w/ David IndA.
Shaw Lydia (-Keyes)   22.02.1941 87y   IndB.
Shaw Mary Ann   27.06.1909 36y   AngD.
Shaw Mary Anne   04.12.1885     BapB.
Shaw Minnie   09.05.1888     Other.C
Shaw Minnie Alan   15.08.1936 [61y]   PresB.
Shaw Nelson no dates       AngD.
Shaw Robert   27.02.1885 66y h/ Eliza, f/ Thomas AngC.
Shaw Ronald Courtney 03.01.1916 02.03.1981     Lwn.
Shaw Thomas   09.06.1860 2y son/ Robert & Eliza AngC.
Shaw Walter Stephen   01.08.1885 64y   AngD.
Shaw William James   20.09.1954     PresB.
Shaw William Marshall   16.07.1948     CathB.
Shaylor Jessie 14.01.1916 2008   w/ Reginald, m/ Allan NicheB
Shaylor Reginald 03.08.1901 1979   h/ Jessie, f/ Allan NicheB
Sheahan Bridget   [Oct.1895]     CathA.
Shee on foot no dates       AngD.
Sheehan Ann   05.08.1885 36y   CathB.
Sheehan Margaret   05.08.1886 31y   CathB.
Sheehan Mary   15.01.1892 73y   CathB.
Sheehy Edward (Rev.) 20.01.1873 28.01.1935     CathA.
Sheenan Mary Teresa   22.09.1903 78y   CathA.
Sheenan Thomas   19.07.1909 97y   CathA.
Shegog Eilene   09.01.1900 9m [dau/ John & Rose] AngB.
Shegog Lyle   27.04.1898 infant son/ John & Rose AngB.
Sheils Elizabeth   31.10.1872 53y   CathB.
Sheils Thomas   29.03.1864 68y   CathB.
Shelley John R.   13.02.1908 26y   AngD.
Shelton Annie   26.05.1911     CathC.
Shelton Eliza   19.01.1924     CathC.
Shelton Ellen   16.02.1896 78y   CathC.
Shelton Emery George 1890 1891   son/ George E. & Mary Jane IndA.
Shelton Esther   04.09.1900     CathC.
Shelton George Edward 1863 1919   h/ Mary Jane, f/ Emery George IndA.
Shelton Henry   16.05.1868 52y   CathC.
Shelton Jessie E. 29.03.1919 01.01.1991   w/ Wallace, m/ Colin,Jenny NicheB
Shelton Margaret   28.06.1939     CathC.
Shelton Mary Ellen Frances   17.03.1897     CathC.
Shelton Mary Jane 1863 1948   w/ George Edward, m/ Emery George IndA.
Shelton Wallace C.   01.03.1984 65y h/ Jessie NicheB
Shepherd Alfred Andrew   30.06.1898 24y son/ John & Elizabeth PresC.
Shepherd Charles King   23.01.1944     AngE.
Shepherd Charlotte Fedelia 16.05.1854 05.10.1935     AngE.
Shepherd Dorothy Evelyn   27.07.1969     AngE.
Shepherd John   17.03.1883 13m son/ John & Elizabeth PresC.
Shepherd John   08.11.1881 40y h/ Elizabeth PresC.
Shepherd Susannah Lavinia   09.11.1879 1y8m dau/ John & Elizabeth PresC.
Shepherd Vivian Myra   12.11.1988     NicheB
Shepherd William Frederick 20.10.1858 22.12.1932     AngE.
Sheppard Alfred   18.05.1886 29y   IndC.
Sheppard Arthur   20.11.1876 12y   IndC.
Sheppard Arthur Guy   21.12.1894 7y   AngA.
Sheppard Brenton Murray   15.05.1897 36y   MethB.
Sheppard Elizabeth   20.07.1881 34y   IndC.
Sheppard Elizabeth Mary   21.04.1860 53y   AngD.
Sheppard Gertrude   05.01.1894     MethB.
Sheppard Haliburton Arthur   23.03.1939     AngA.
Sheppard Helen Margaret   17.03.1954     AngA.
Sheppard Kate   29.01.1923     AngA.
Sheppard Norma Margaret 31.01.1920 17.03.1920     AngA.
Sheppard Percy   13.08.1890 17y   Other.F
Sheppard Rachel Silvenor   07.02.1856 18y   AngD.
Sheppard Reginald   19.10.1959     AngA.
Sheppard Sherbourne Haliburton   10.07.1915 31y   AngA.
Sheppard Thomas   03.03.1890 64y   CathB.
Sherer H. no dates       MethB.
Sherer J. no dates       MethB.
Sheridan Bessie   23.05.1877 2y   CathC.
Sheridan Bridget   09.01.1903 68y   CathC.
Sheridan John   05.11.1939     CathA.
Sheridan Joseph   30.09.1907 75y   CathC.
Sheridan Kate   24.11.1909 37y   CathA.
Sheridan on foot no dates       CathA.
Sheridan Vincent   20.01.1901 15m   CathA.
Sherlock Herbert Lancelot 10.01.1911 25.06.1990     Other.A
Sherlock John   08.07.1885 39y 6th son/ Wright Shelock BapD.
Sherlock Percy Edward 21.09.1868 10.07.1937     Other.A
Sherlock Ruth Mary (-Howell) 03.10.1913 20.08.1973     Other.A
Sherry Mary Ann   28.12.1906 78y   AngD.
Shields Alfred William no dates   infant   CathC.
Shields Alice Sarah 15.02.1865 28.01.1867 child   CathC.
Shields Amanda W.   23.02.1941 83y   CathA.
Shields Charles E.   30.07.1929 71y   CathA.
Shields Edward   29.08.1882 54y   CathC.
Shields Edward no dates   infant   CathC.
Shields Emily Mary 18.03.1856 19.01.1857 child   CathC.
Shields Fred   08.02.1904 18y   CathA.
Shields Irene   09.02.1927 42y   CathA.
Shields John no dates   infant   CathC.
Shields Lillias Sophia 04.03.1854 19.08.1876     CathC.
Shields Mary Alice no dates   infant   CathC.
Shields Millie [Emily Lucy]   16.05.1919 27y   CathA.
Shields on head no dates       AngB.
Shields Sophia   01.07.1872 43y   CathC.
Shields William Edward 05.06. 18.11.1852     CathC.
Shiels Agnes M.   24.07.1937     PresB.
Shiels Emily A.   08.11.1920     AngD.
Shiels George   17.10.1929     PresB.
Shiels Georgiana C.   13.04.1918     AngD.
Shiels Louis   04.07.1933 [65y]   CathB.
Shiels Mary (-Leonard)   24.12.1931 [85y]   CathB.
Shiels Robertina Mary   11.04.1893 25y dau/ Andrew & Mary Matilda Stenhouse PresC.
Shillinglaw Agnes Mary   25.11.1931 79y   PresB.
Shillinglaw Arthur E.   20.04.1907 28y   PresB.
Shillinglaw Ethel B.   23.05.1898 13y6m   PresB.
Shillinglaw Gladys   17.10.1891 11m   PresB.
Shillinglaw Lillian Muriel   17.07.1939     PresB.
Shillinglaw on foot no dates       Other.C
Shillinglaw Samuel   13.09.1925 76y   PresB.
Shilston George E. 03.05.1886 07.05.1965     IndB.
Shilston Ilma J.   08.09.1937     IndB.
Shimmin on foot no dates       AngD.
Shine Josepha   23.01.1983     CathA.
Shinkfield Annie   15.02.1892 32y   MethB.
Shinkfield Elsie May   09.12.1889 7m   MethB.
Shinkfield Robert Edward   30.06.1945 87y   MethB.
Shinkfield Sarah Ann   16.11.1912 78y   MethB.
Shippard W.A.   24.08.1936 71y h/ Gertrude Theresa BapD.
Shires May.   19.09.1906 68y w/ Samuel AngB.
Shires Samuel   07.05.1902 73y h/ May AngB.
Shirt Herbert T.   23.09.1895 [49y] h/ Olivia M. AngB.
Shirt Olivia M.   03.01.1942 [91y] w/ Herbert T. AngB.
Shoobridge Annie Rebecca   25.08.1888 39y   MethB.
Shopland Jane   10.04.1901 83y w/ William AngB.
Shopland William   20.04.1861 42y h/ Jane AngB.
Short Charles Edward 1870 1959     CathA.
Short Clement   01.03.1903 70y   BapA.
Short Elizabeth [-Richardson]   10.03.1903 83y   MethB.
Short Emily Ann 1872 1944     CathA.
Short Euphemia   13.08.1921 84y   PresD.
Short James   13.01.1898 30y   Other.F
Short Mary Lloyd   30.04.1907 87y   AngD.
Short Robert (Rev.)   23.07.1899 80y   AngD.
Short William Henry b.1855 11.09.1924 66y   MethB.
Short William Henry   25.04.1860     MethB.
Short William Henry   Apr.1860     MethB.
Shortal Emily   19.10.1972 99y   CathA.
Shortal Margaret   26.06.1932     CathA.
Shortal Mary   20.07.1948     CathA.
Shortt Bridget   30.08.1920 75y   CathB.
Shortt Eliza Emily   08.11.1957 81y   CathB.
Shortt Henry   17.04.1904 66y   CathB.
Shortt Jean de Vere (-Carter) 03.01.1908 26.05.1990   yngst dau/ Harold Godfrey & Violet Grace AngB.
Shortt Margaret 26.06.1876 09.07.1955     CathA.
Shortt Mary Ann   03.09.1952     CathB.
Shortt Newton Henry   28.07.1943 64y   CathB.
Shortt Robert 10.03.1875 08.06.1930     CathA.
Shortt Robert   09.08.1874 38y   CathB.
Shrimpton Amy Mary Amanda 04.10.1839 11.01.1909     BapA.
Shrimpton John 30.09.1837 02.05.1902     BapA.
Shrimpton Lilian Benalla 08.08.1877 28.05.1893     BapA.
Shrimpton Mary   30.06.1934 62y   CathB.
Shuter Amelia Elizabeth   16.08.1923 86y   Other.A
Shuter Charles Dudley C. 1900 1979     Other.A
Shuter Charles Yalden   07.04.1890 30y   Other.A
Shuter Clement George   28.02.1909 46y   Other.A
Shuter Edward Ayscough   06.11.1929 62y   Other.A
Siddall Helen   08.08.1897 49y   PresC.
Siddall Margaret Helen   14.07.1891 14y6m   PresC.
Siddall on foot no dates       PresC.
Siddeley Eliza   28.07.1900 69y sis/ William AngB.
Siddeley Eliza Ellen   17.05.1864 7m dau/ William & Emma AngB.
Siddeley Emma Catherine   29.05.1885 53y w/ William AngB.
Siddeley Henry Edward   10.09.1905 40y son/ William & Emma AngB.
Siddeley Herbert   13.02.1864 22m son/ William & Emma AngB.
Siddeley Mary Elizabeth   11.08.1860 4y dau/ William & Emma AngB.
Siddeley on foot no dates       AngD.
Siddeley William 23.11.1827 04.10.1905 78y h/ Emma AngB.
Sidey Ann   22.02.1885 60y   MethB.
Sidey William   15.06.1906 76y   MethB.
Sievwright James   18.10.1894 72y   Meth.D.
Sievwright Mary Mellis   07.07.1904     Meth.D.
Sigel Louis William   27.12.1960     AngD.
Sigel Mary   25.02.1955 90y   BapA.
Sigel Robert   24.12.1939 82y   BapA.
Siggers Edward   10.09.1936     MethC.
Siggers Emily Hannah   18.11.1890     MethC.
Siggers Maud Emily   11.05.1898     MethC.
Silk Eleanor Mary   18.09.1882 [78y]   AngA.
Sillett Gwen Ethel -Hogarth   03.01.1910     BapB.
Sillett Hogarth   11.08.1898 39y   BapB.
Silverwood Frederick Cockburn   10.02.1939 [48y] h/ Mona, f/ Jean PresD.
Silverwood William H.   29.04.1893 43y h/ Janet [-Howden] PresD.
Sim A.E. [Ann Elizabeth]   1907 [83y] w/ Francis Burdett PresC.
Sim Francis Burdett   11.08.1895 71y h/ A.E., f/ Frederick Charles PresC.
Sim Frederick Charles   17.06.1887 20y son/ Francis & A.E. PresC.
Simcox Annie   29.12.1873 3w   BapA.
Simcox Benjamin   23.12.1889 26y   BapA.
Simcox Betsy   12.06.1897 63y   BapA.
Simcox Samuel   22.04.1927 88y   BapA.
Simcox William Frederick   27.11.1875 14w   BapA.
Simmie George   27.03.1906 77y   BapC.
Simmie Isabella Forbes   02.03.1899 47y   BapC.
Simmonds Sarah (-Dear)   14.11.1889 34y   BapB.
Simmons Alfred Bloomfield   03.12.1936     Other.A
Simmons Annie   17.10.1936 57y   MethC.
Simmons Beryl Rose 1911 2007   dau/ Harriet & Henry, sis/ Julia,David NicheA.
Simmons Edwin Morris   06.04.1975 90y h/ Emily G.S.,Florence Lillian, f/ Jeffrey IndA.
Simmons Eliza   1901 infant   PresA.
Simmons Eliza Ann "Lizzie"   13.03.1940 84y   IndC.
Simmons Emily Gertrude Susan   07.03.1939 [54y] w/ Edwin M., m/ Edwin,Irene IndA.
Simmons Ernest M. no dates   infant   CathA.
Simmons Josephine [-Dodds]   03.05.1936 84y   IndC.
Simmons Julia no dates     sis/ Beryl-Rose,David NicheA.
Simmons Matilda Agnes   25.08.1960 92y   Other.A
Simmons Nellie Winifred   08.07.1913     CathA.
Simmons on foot no dates       MethA.
Simmons Thomas   13.10.1912     IndC.
Simmons Victor   19.12.1914 21y   IndC.
Simons Merrie 10.04.1915 02.12.2004   m/ Gordon,Brent, gm/ Grace,Beauty HebB.
Simonsen Caroline   09.12.1948     Meth.D.
Simonsen Fanny   19.09.1896 62y   HebB.
Simonsen Harriet   27.12.1897     Meth.D.
Simonsen M.A.   02.07.1937     Meth.D.
Simonsens Marie Antoinette   11.07.1914 2y   AngA.
Simonsens Otley   26.01.1886     AngA.
Simpson Alethea Reynell   19.04.1941 63y   AngD.
Simpson Alfred Louis   10.08.1947 74y   AngD.
Simpson Blanche E.   27.11.1955     AngA.
Simpson Bridget   16.04.1902 76y   Meth.D.
Simpson Catherine   09.05.1909 68y   PresD.
Simpson Catherine "Kitty"   27.03.1916     IndB.
Simpson Charles   17.10.1901 83y   Meth.D.
Simpson Colin   06.03.1920 59y h/ Lizzie, gf/ Colin Watson PresD.
Simpson Colin Hall   23.08.1964 70y   PresD.
Simpson Colin Watson   17.07.1926 infant son/ C.H. & J. Simpson PresD.
Simpson Edgar Scott 15.08.1841 23.07.1892     AngA.
Simpson Edith   12.10.1920 31y   AngD.
Simpson Edith E.   11.02.1942 70y   PresD.
Simpson Edna Rita   28.12.1954   w/ John Henry, my parent AngB.
Simpson Elizabeth   10.06.1908 74y   IndC.
Simpson Elizabeth Oliver   25.07.1934 65y w/ Colin, gm/ Colin Watson PresD.
Simpson Essie 14.03.1828 14.08.1913     IndB.
Simpson Flora   20.07.1918 45y   AngD.
Simpson George   15.11.1892     Meth.D.
Simpson Henrietta Jane   01.04.1913     AngA.
Simpson Henrietta Louisa   24.03.1916     AngA.
Simpson Henry E.   28.10.1941     IndB.
Simpson Hugh   04.07.1889 62y   IndC.
Simpson Ivy no dates   infant   AngD.
Simpson J. George   22.11.1933     IndB.
Simpson James Lees   07.07.1915 88y   AngA.
Simpson Jane   05.05.1892 82y   MethB.
Simpson John   24.03.1897 88y   MethB.
Simpson John Henry   29.01.1969   h/ Edna Rita, my parent AngB.
Simpson Kezia   10.02.1917 85y   MethB.
Simpson Letitia P. 27.03.1916 08.11.1953     AngA.
Simpson Margaret   19.05.1915 84y   AngA.
Simpson Margaret   25.05.1904 43y   MethB.
Simpson Nathaniel   06.07.1921 92y11m   MethB.
Simpson on foot no dates       AngB.
Simpson on head no dates       AngC.
Simpson Robert   14.04.1895   our uncle IndD.
Simpson Robert Andrew   05.04.1902 49y   PresC.
Simpson Violet C.   08.04.1949     AngA.
Simpson William   07.11.1911     IndB.
Simpson William 08.02.1828 01.08.1887 50y   PresD.
Simpson William Henry   21.07.1919 39y   AngB.
Simpson William Thomas   11.05.1930     AngA.
Sims Sarah Ann   17.05.1923 65y   BapC.
Sims William no dates   1y   BapC.
Simson Agnes Hunter 24.09.1826 06.01.1916     PresD.
Simson James   23.06.1895 76y   PresD.
Simson James Murray   20.08.1889 37y   PresD.
Simson Margaret L.   19.03.1894     PresB.
Sinclair Ada   01.11.1930 66y   Other.C
Sinclair Alexander Mckay   27.04.1912 infant son/ W. & I. PresD.
Sinclair Barbara   03.04.1896 69y   PresB.
Sinclair Catherine   03.01.1886 86y m/ James PresD.
Sinclair David   16.04.1886 6m   CathB.
Sinclair David J.   17.02.1983 79y h/ Olive, f/ Clarke NicheB
Sinclair Dorris Ida   25.04.1898 7y10m dau/ Robert & Adelaide PresD.
Sinclair Douglas Gordon   28.07.1878     AngB.
Sinclair Edwin B.   25.07.1913 79y   Other.C
Sinclair Elizabeth Sophia   25.08.1897 60y w/ John AngB.
Sinclair Gwendoline Travers 25.12.1877 02.12.1898     AngD.
Sinclair James   01.12.1898 60y son/ Catherine PresD.
Sinclair Jane Victoria   10.11.1922 79y   Other.C
Sinclair John   04.11.1902 67y h/ Elizabeth Sophia AngB.
Sinclair Olive M.   05.07.1985 80y w/ David, m/ Clarke NicheB
Sinclair Thomas Alex   08.04.1892 42y   CathB.
Sinclair Vera   11.01.1969     Other.C
Sinclair Walter   03.07.1938     Other.C
Sinclair Winnie   05.10.1895   w/ James Law Sinclair BapD.
Sincock Priscilla Flamank 09.02.1854 25.01.1872     AngC.
Sincock Richard Jenkyns 01.02.1848 29.01.1868     AngC.
Sinden John William   21.01.1937 65y   MethA.
Sinden Selina Adeline   10.12.1950     MethA.
Sindrey A.J.   05.01.1886 6m   PresB.
Sindrey Charles   15.07.1905 51y   PresB.
Sindrey E.M.L.   03.11.1892 13m   PresB.
Sindrey Mary Ann   15.07.1905     PresB.
Singer Eugen 1920 1980   h/ Fina Gdn1
Singleton Maria Elizabeth   09.07.1883 48y w/ Henry AngB.
Sircom Adelaide Edith   30.06.1892   our sister AngC.
Sircom John   12.11.1894     AngC.
Sircom John   25.10.1886   our brother AngC.
Sircom Louisa   12.01.1853     AngC.
Sisk David   21.10.1901 79y   CathC.
Sisk Margaret   13.02.1863 1y   CathC.
Sisk Mary   16.11.1907 74y   CathC.
Sisk Michael   11.07.1866 6y   CathC.
Sissons Charles 23.11.1840 15.03.1921     MethC.
Sissons Eliza 28.01.1818 28.05.1889     MethC.
Sissons Thomas 24.03.1821 10.03.1888     MethC.
Siversen on foot no dates       BapD.
Skelly James   28.06.1954 [66y] h/ Catherine, f/ Bernard CathD3.
Skelly Lyn   [1943] [1d] gdau/ James Skelly CathD3.
Skelton Amelia Annie "Boldy"   20.11.1897 36y yngst dau/ H. & L.S.  AngC.
Skelton Florence Louisa   06.04.1927 68y dau/ Louisa Sarah AngC.
Skelton L.S. [Louisa Sarah]   14.05.1901 80y6m m/ Louisa Florence, Amelia Annie AngC.
Skene Alexander John   22.08.1894 74y   AngB.
Skene Catherine Williamson   14.12.1879 58y w/ A.J. AngB.
Skene James Williamson   24.06.1916   eldst son/ A.J. & Catherine AngB.
Skene Kate M.A.   26.07.1932   yngst dau/ A.J. & Catherine AngB.
Skepper Edith E.   02.06.1938     AngD.
Skepper Joseph L.C.   25.03.1936     AngD.
Skewes Eliza Ann "Cissie"   22.11.1934 67y w/ Herbert AngC.
Skews on head with Wannop no dates       MethA.
Skinner Anne   29.05.1871 72y   AngC.
Skinner C.B. (family grave) no dates       BapB.
Skinner Charles J.   24.11.1909 47y   CathC.
Skinner Elizabeth   15.07.1947     CathA.
Skinner Emily   16.03.1937 [79y] dau/ Henry & Jane AngB.
Skinner Frederick S.B.   08.09.1890 41y   AngC.
Skinner George H.   27.06.1939 73y   AngD.
Skinner George Musgrave   23.08.1887 66y   MethB.
Skinner Grace   03.09.1903 82y   MethB.
Skinner Henry Alfred   23.06.1899 66y   AngD.
Skinner Herbert   21.04.1937     CathA.
Skinner Herbert E.   05.04.1962 [59y] bro/ Harry, friend of Nita CathD2.
Skinner Keith   30.10.1934 8y   CathA.
Skinner Mary Ann   14.04.1893 91y   BapA.
Skinner Samuel Bourne   12.03.1867 36y   AngC.
Skinner William   23.08.1911 22y   AngD.
Skovell Joseph 11.08.1911 17.03.1990   f/ Eva,Robert, b. Warsaw Gdn3
Skovell Rena   27.06.1986   w/ Joseph, m/ Eva,Robert Gdn3
Slack Mary   16.08.1908     AngD.
Slack William Thomas   01.12.1859 2y   IndC.
Slade Alfred Miles   09.02.1908 27y   Other.C
Slade Ann   14.12.1905 62y   Other.C
Slade Emily   28.09.1891     Other.F
Slade Emily Alice   04.12.1957     Other.C
Slade George no dates       Other.C
Slade Hilda   06.02.1976 82y w/ Sidney Walter AngC.
Slade Lewis   27.12.1941     Other.C
Slade Lewis William 15.10.1835 29.05.1888     Other.C
Slade Matthew W.   09.08.1915 46y   Other.C
Slade on foot no dates       AngC.
Slade Sidney Walter   12.03.1935 41y h/ Hilda, f/ Donald, son/ Henry & Clara AngC.
Slaney Annie   04.09.1876 25y 4th dau/ henry AngC.
Slaney Emily   19.10.1896 34y 9th dau/ Henry AngC.
Slaney Fanny   01.01.1938 89y   AngB.
Slaney Henry   17.12.1865 45y f/ Annie,Emily,Robert AngC.
Slaney on foot no dates       Other.E
Slaney Robert   21.12.1865 10m son/ Henry AngC.
Slater Alice   25.05.1951 88y   IndB.
Slater Eileen "Tim"   16.01.1937     BapB.
Slater Louisa Harrie (-Veall)   26.11.1913 23y10m   IndB.
Slater William   24.11.1897 37y   IndB.
Slattery Edward   13.08.1938     CathC.
Sleight Harriett   14.01.1886 27y w/ Samuel PresC.
Sleight Mary Ann (-Liggins)   28.01.1897 47y   BapC.
Sleight Samuel   07.08.1900 47y h/ Harriett PresC.
Slevison Annie   13.07.1887 42y   CathB.
Slevison James   29.04.1902 55y   CathB.
Slevison Mary   17.06.1876 75y   CathB.
Slevison Thomas   28.10.1877 39y   CathB.
Slight Cyril Percy no dates   10m son/ James & Lila PresC.
Slight Jack Allen no dates   1y14d son/ James & Lila PresC.
Slight James   10.12.1931 75y h/ Lila PresC.
Slight Lila 22.11.1859 27.08.1902 43y w/ James PresC.
Slight Louisa   15.05.1883 54y w/ William, d. Emerald Hill PresC.
Slight William   06.02.1887 58y h/ Louisa PresC.
Sligo Nellie May   05.01.1923 30y   BapC.
Sloane Betty   22.12.1914     PresB.
Sloman Alice May   29.10.1941 36y w/ Maurice Gabriel, m/ John G.,Barbara L. HebA.
Sloman Annie 04.08.1839 01.11.1877     HebB.
Sloman Carrie H.   24.07.1926   w/ Maurice I., our parent HebB.
Sloman Maurice Gabriel   28.01.1985 87y h/ Margaret,  f/ John G.,Barbara L. HebA.
Sloman Maurice I.   17.11.1897   h/ Carrie H., our parent HebB.
Sloman Queenie   16.11.1946     HebB.
Sloss Christina   22.06.1936     AngD.
Sloss James Davis   22.02.1893     AngD.
Small Arthur Titmas 06.05.1864 07.01.1866 child   IndB.
Small Edward Calvert 30.06.1868 20.07.1868 infant   IndB.
Small Eliza Ann   25.02.1893 52y   IndB.
Small Frank Drinkwater 20.09.1865 12.02.1867     IndB.
Small John Henry 06.11.1861 04.02.1863 child   IndB.
Small Selina (-Moore) 09.01.1834 30.01.1879     IndB.
Small William 13.10.1827 09.10.1904     IndB.
Smart Hephzibah   20.02.1883 42y w/ George Hale AngC.
Smart L.W.T.   21.10.1940 24y   MethC.
Smart Mary Elizabeth   08.09.1941 89y w/ George Hale AngC.
Smart Susan Golding   28.07.1951 75y   MethC.
Smart Thomas Henry   21.05.1936 57y   MethC.
Smart William Istamboul   14.10.1887 29y   Other.A
Smartt on head no dates       MethC.
Smeaton Alexander   04.07.1932   h/ Ellen PresD.
Smeaton Ellen E.C.   07.09.1922 81y w/ Alexander PresD.
Smedley Harriet   25.06.1901 89y   Other.C
Smeeton Alfred 16.01.1845 07.11.1899   father AngC.
Smeeton Emily 17.07.1857 14.03.1950   mother AngC.
Smellie Lillias   18.06.1889 31y w/ J.S. IndA.
Smiddy John P. 05.04.1830 22.03.1906     IndB.
Smiddy Marie Y.G.   24.03.1900 54y   IndB.
Smith Ada   19.07.1949 [76y] w/ John J., m/ Jessie BapD.
Smith Ada M.   09.11.1961     BapC.
Smith Adam   28.02.1879 20y6m son/ Adam & Matilda AngB.
Smith Adelaide Elizabeth Kate   [1883] [54y]   Meth.D.
Smith Adelia [-Roberts]   06.12.1941 93y w/ George, m/ Daisy PresD.
Smith Agnes Rosa   14.09.1902 82y   AngA.
Smith Aileen   19.08.1954     MethC.
Smith Ailsa Mary Oliphant 07.02.1895 13.04.1896     PresB.
Smith Albert E.   08.01.1906 38y son/ Ann, our mother IndD.
Smith Albert Edward 1915 1992   h/ Molly Lwn.
Smith Alexander   04.09.1883 68y   BapB.
Smith Alexander   21.04.1937 55y   IndC.
Smith Alf no dates       MethB.
Smith Alice   [1931] [78y]   AngA.
Smith Alice   03.06.1880 46y   AngD.
Smith Alice Lilian "Elsie"   19.08.1956   w/ Thomas Edward, m/ Edward Thomas PresC.
Smith Alice R.M.   28.11.1905 23y   IndB.
Smith Alison Mary Oliphant 25.06.1890 28.04.1891     PresB.
Smith Amelia Sophia   26.03.1901 77y   BapC.
Smith Andrew Anderson 19.01.1881 02.03.1951     BapC.
Smith Ann   04.06.1912     CathB.
Smith Ann   26.05.1911 79y m/ Albert E.,Elmina, our mother IndD.
Smith Ann   23.08.1892 79y10m   PresB.
Smith Ann Louisa   21.01.1885 40y   MethB.
Smith Anna   20.07.1938 73y   BapB.
Smith Annie   04.10.1891 [12y]   MethA.
Smith Annie   06.10.1876 22y dau/ James PresC.
Smith Annie Bremner   28.08.1921 55y   PresB.
Smith Annie Eliza   25.08.1951 79y   AngD.
Smith Annie Selina   04.10.1894 21y8m   MethA.
Smith Annie Wright 09.08.1844 31.05.1878     PresB.
Smith Anthony A.   11.11.1877 66y   PresB.
Smith Anthony A.   12.08.1863     PresB.
Smith Arthur   21.07.1927     AngB.
Smith Arthur B.   04.09.1940 68y h/ Mary AngB.
Smith Arthur Jennings   14.06.1927 68y h/ Edith Mary, son/ Euphemia AngB.
Smith Belle [Annabella - Rutherford]   [1918] [60y]   AngA.
Smith Bert no dates       PresA.
Smith Bruce   03.02.1884 4y3m   AngA.
Smith Carl   29.06.1901     Other.C
Smith Catherine   05.12.1904     CathB.
Smith Catherine   24.07.1878 24y dau/ William & Catherine IndA.
Smith Catherine   31.12.1900 82y w/ William, m/ Christina,Catherine,William IndA.
Smith Catherine   22.06.1912     MethB.
Smith Catherine Steele   30.12.1946 69y   MethB.
Smith Celia   20.10.1944 85y   BapC.
Smith Charles   11.05.1945 74y h/ Jessie Mary, our father AngC.
Smith Charles   14.07.1903 77y   IndB.
Smith Charles Arthur   13.04.1899 38y   BapC.
Smith Charles Henry   1856 infant   IndB.
Smith Charlotte   13.12.1912 73y   BapB.
Smith Charlotte Ann   08.03.1915 69y w/ Henry AngB.
Smith Christina   04.08.1872 22y dau/ William & Catherine IndA.
Smith Christopher   23.12.1911 79y   Other.C
Smith Clara Agnes [1855] 16.01.1882 26y   AngA.
Smith Clara Elizabeth   23.02.1861 6m our only daughter AngB.
Smith Daisy [1888]   infant dau/ George & Adelia PresD.
Smith David   [1897] infant [son/ David H. & Emily] PresD.
Smith David Hunter   15.05.1957 92y [h/ Emily, f/ Lawrence,David,Leila] PresD.
Smith Delia   26.08.1890 45y   Other.C
Smith Dina   24.04.1906 68y w/ Stephen, m/ Sarah BENTON AngC.
Smith Dolly   30.06.1912     AngA.
Smith Dora Josephine   18.08.1947   w/ William B.G. AngB.
Smith Dot no dates       BapC.
Smith Dudley Vincent   08.01.1971     AngA.
Smith Edgar Arnold no dates   5w   BapC.
Smith Edith Mary Jennings   03.08.1958 91y w/ Arthur Jennings Smith AngB.
Smith Edith Maude   30.10.1936 71y w/ Edward John, our parent BapD.
Smith Edith May   30.06.1872 3m   PresB.
Smith Edmund no dates       AngA.
Smith Edward John   14.04.1939 74y h/ Edtih Maude, our parent BapD.
Smith Edward Thomas   30.03.1935 10y son/ T.E. & A.L. PresC.
Smith Edwin   08.08.1935 64y h/ Margaret AngC.
Smith Edwin Arthur   10.06.1897 28y   Meth.D.
Smith Eileen A.   24.11.1973     CathB.
Smith Elijah   09.06.1925 73y   MethC.
Smith Eliza Isabella   28.12.1862 1y6m   IndB.
Smith Elizabeth   09.06.1905 56y   AngA.
Smith Elizabeth   10.02.1891 45y   BapB.
Smith Elizabeth   15.02.1892 84y   MethB.
Smith Elizabeth   25.03.1923 72y w/ James E., m/ Ralph A.,Jean Catherine PresC.
Smith Elizabeth Austin 19.12.1851 27.11.1852   dau/ Francis Grey & Susanna Amelia AngB.
Smith Elizabeth Susanna   26.01.1885 75y w/ Robert, m/ Jane Kate AngC.
Smith Ellen   04.08.1946   w/ Arthur AngB.
Smith Ellen   30.03.1930 54y8m   Meth.D.
Smith Ellen Elizabeth   05.04.1934 74y   MethC.
Smith Elsie Nancy Bell   05.04.1970     PresB.
Smith Emily   04.04.1923 51y sis/ Constance May Wildman IndA.
Smith Emily   04.02.1958 90y [w/ David H., m/ Lawrence,David,Leila] PresD.
Smith Emily (-Vincent)   05.11.1907 48y   IndB.
Smith Emily Elizabeth Knapp   20.10.1929 69y   MethB.
Smith Emma   10.11.1944 92y   IndC.
Smith Emma   16.12.1913 80y   Meth.D.
Smith Emma Elizabeth   15.05.1898 20y   AngD.
Smith Emma Jane   31.10.1923 65y   MethB.
Smith Emma Mary   20.09.1872 28y   AngC.
Smith Ernest (Rev.)   26.05.1944     Meth.D.
Smith Esther 25.06.1812 06.10.1894 82y   AngD.
Smith Ethel Foster   02.09.1900 22y   MethB.
Smith Ethel Mary (-Wheatley) 1883 1969     Other.F
Smith Ethel May   21.06.1967 80y   IndC.
Smith Euphemia Jennings   12.08.1861 28y m/ Arthur Jennings AngB.
Smith Eva no dates       Other.C
Smith Fanny Elizabeth   04.08.1928     IndB.
Smith Francis   11.05.1898 32y   AngD.
Smith Francis Grey   01.05.1900   h/ Susanna Amelia AngB.
Smith Frank   [1892] infant   AngA.
Smith Frank Grey Jnr. 04.06.1857 23.12.1926   interred Brighton AngB.
Smith Fred no dates     f/ Mervyn,Douglas NicheB
Smith Frederic Coape   13.10.1882 84y h/ Margaret Maynard Cowley AngB.
Smith Frederick   12.02.1898     BapC.
Smith Frederick   15.11.1936     CathB.
Smith Frederick George   15.02.1904 54y   BapC.
Smith Frederick Thomas   26.12.1867 47y   BapC.
Smith George   18.07.1886 55y   MethB.
Smith George   10.10.1906 59y h/ Adelia, f/ Daisy PresD.
Smith George Frederick B.G. 02.03.1864 21.07.1913     AngB.
Smith George Oliphant 01.02.1846 12.05.1921     PresB.
Smith George S.   25.06.1887 18y   Other.C
Smith George Thomas   18.10.1933 67y   AngD.
Smith Guy Grey 06.11.1860 23.07.1945     AngB.
Smith H.D. "Bert" no dates       PresA.
Smith Harley   10.03.1885 4y14d   AngA.
Smith Harold 1890 1955     BapB.
Smith Harold George 01.05.1886 27.07.1972   h/ Violet Ethel, f/ Phylliss N., Thomas H. Lwn.
Smith Harriet Maria Douglas   12.10.1933 77y   Other.F
Smith Harry   [1872] [3y]   AngA.
Smith Hazel Doreen   11.03.1988 78y   AngD.
Smith Henrietta Crews   18.02.1940 [70y]   MethB.
Smith Henrietta Frances   01.10.1887 3d   Other.C
Smith Henrietta L.   21.07.1960 78y   MethC.
Smith Henry   13.07.1894 77y h/ Charlotte Ann AngB.
Smith Henry   02.11.1906 87y f/ Mabel Drysdale AngB.
Smith Henry   29.05.1861 3y5m   BapC.
Smith Henry John   15.04.1932     MethB.
Smith Henry Joseph   11.09.1875 41y   MethB.
Smith Herbert Austin Grey 25.02.1859 09.01.1937   son/ Francis Grey & Susanna Amelia AngB.
Smith Hiram Maxwell "Max"   29.06.1938 21y   PresB.
Smith Isabel   01.08.1896 75y   AngD.
Smith Isabella   11.11.1905 45y   AngD.
Smith Isabella   23.07.1910 71y   PresB.
Smith Ivy   21.06.1938 30y   AngD.
Smith James   22.07.1858 51y h/ Margaret, gf/ George BEAVAN AngC.
Smith James   16.08.1877 56y   AngD.
Smith James   14.08.1937     BapC.
Smith James   Mar.1910     CathA.
Smith James   09.11.1866     PresB.
Smith James   23.12.1886 29y son/ James PresC.
Smith James   14.05.1870 39y f/ Annie,James PresC.
Smith James Edwin   14.05.1913 79y h/ Elizabeth, f/ Jean C., Ralph Amess PresC.
Smith James Herbert   21.11.1937 79y   IndC.
Smith Jane   17.11.1904 51y   MethB.
Smith Jane Carmichael 20.06.1839 06.10.1913     AngD.
Smith Jane Ellen   08.10.1893     AngC.
Smith Jane Kate   20.10.1873 31y dau/ Robert & Elizabeth AngC.
Smith Jane Middlemas   05.03.1874 58y   PresB.
Smith Janet F.   20.07.1971 91y   PresB.
Smith Jean Catherine   13.08.1908 23y only dau/ James E. & Elizabeth PresC.
Smith Jean Mary (-McCracken)   24.09.1983     AngA.
Smith Jeannie Crawford   31.12.1886 1y10m   MethB.
Smith Jessie   30.09.1949 79y   AngD.
Smith Jessie   24.03.1949 [49y] dau/ John J. & Ada BapD.
Smith Jessie Mary   15.07.1960 77y w/ Charles, our mother AngC.
Smith John   02.09.1866   my husband AngC.
Smith John   26.11.1902     CathA.
Smith John 1809 Jan.1895     MethA.
Smith John   11.01.1858 10y   PresB.
Smith John Albert   14.12.1936 59y   MethC.
Smith John Allan   21.04.1906 75y   PresB.
Smith John Burt   29.01.1872 50y eldst son/ Samuel AngB.
Smith John Clifford 1839 1907     AngA.
Smith John Crawford   29.01.1944 45y   MethB.
Smith John Dixon   12.09.1951 77y   AngD.
Smith John J.   02.06.1938 [67y] h/ Ada, f/ Jessie BapD.
Smith John Jennings   07.08.1871 20y eldst son/ Francis Grey & Susanna Amelia AngB.
Smith John Lee   10.04.1863 38y son/ Margaret AngB.
Smith John Thomas   18.06.1928     IndB.
Smith John W.   05.10.1918     CathB.
Smith John Washington   31.08.1877 58y   CathB.
Smith Joseph   16.01.1878 62y   AngD.
Smith Kate no dates   infant   BapC.
Smith L no dates       BapB.
Smith Lawrence   [1897] infant [son/ David H. & Emily] PresD.
Smith Leila Emily   08.07.1930 21y [dau/ David H. & Emily] PresD.
Smith Leopold   21.09.1951     CathB.
Smith Leslie   17.10.1945 62y my husband CathD.
Smith Leslie Octavus Grey 21.11.1862 11.03.1894     AngB.
Smith Letitia   02.02.1918     BapC.
Smith Louise Janet   03.09.1895 31y w/ William John IndA.
Smith Lucy Susannah   20.05.1878 38y w/ William Stokes Smith AngB.
Smith Mabel Dimsdale 27.04.1872 16.01.1874   dau/ Henry AngB.
Smith Mabel Gertrude   17.03.1953     AngA.
Smith Malcolm ----- no dates       PresB.
Smith Margaret   26.04.1863 65y m/ John Lee Smith AngB.
Smith Margaret   11.03.1935 63y w/ Edwin, m/ Tom,Nellie,Edith,John AngC.
Smith Margaret   01.09.1890 72y w/ James, gm/ George BEAVAN AngC.
Smith Margaret   12.01.1897     CathA.
Smith Margaret   29.06.1938     Other.C
Smith Margaret A.   25.04.1926 67y   MethC.
Smith Margaret Anne   23.01.1858 25y   PresB.
Smith Margaret C.   26.09.1866 16y6m   PresB.
Smith Margaret Maynard   17.11.1879 72y w/ Frederic Coape Cowley AngB.
Smith Margaret Serpine   22.06.1938 84y   PresA.
Smith Margaret Thompson   23.12.1876 20y   PresB.
Smith Marion Emma   07.02.1868 10m18d dau/ William Howard Jnr. & Emma Mary AngC.
Smith Martha   13.03.1911   w/ Arthur AngB.
Smith Martha   12.04.1869 44y w/ Alfred AngC.
Smith Martha Isabella   27.10.1933 65y   Other.G
Smith Martin   23.03.1968     PresB.
Smith Mary   12.08.1892     AngD.
Smith Mary   07.09.1890 33y   BapB.
Smith Mary   Dec.1897     CathA.
Smith Mary   06.03.1886 25y   IndB.
Smith Mary Ann 1800 1879     AngA.
Smith Mary Austin "Molly" 1916 1985   w/ Albert, m/ Graham Lwn.
Smith Mary Sophia 20.09.1855 28.02.1877   2nd dau/ Francis G. & Susanna Amelia AngB.
Smith Mary Walker   10.04.1892 72y   BapB.
Smith Matilda Ann   15.12.1899 54y8m our mother AngC.
Smith Melita Winifred   29.11.1889   dau/ Reuben William & Frances Grace AngC.
Smith Millicent   18.07.1965     CathB.
Smith Mitchell Reid   15.04.1953 86y   Other.G
Smith Octavus 02.12.1827 30.04.1918     Meth.D.
Smith on foot no dates       AngC.
Smith on foot no dates       AngC.
Smith on foot no dates       BapC.
Smith on foot no dates       CathC.
Smith on foot no dates       PresC.
Smith on head no dates       BapC.
Smith on head no dates       PresB.
Smith Ormond C.   10.08.1935     AngA.
Smith Phyllis Nancy 14.11.1917 11.05.1998   dau/ Harold George & Violet Ethel Lwn.
Smith Ralph Amess   02.05.1885 17m son/ James E. & Elizabeth PresC.
Smith Reginald 1887 1959     BapB.
Smith Reginald Edward   16.02.1897 9y   BapD.
Smith Reuben William   11.04.1919   h/ Frances Grace AngC.
Smith Robert   18.12.1885 68y h/ Sarah AngC.
Smith Robert Murray 29.10.1831 31.08.1921     AngD.
Smith Robert Sherbourne M. 20.10.1865 17.11.1886     AngD.
Smith Robert Tebbutt   08.07.1902 71y   AngB.
Smith Rosa   23.05.1928     IndC.
Smith Rowland James   19.01.1957 55y   Other.G
Smith Samuel   24.11.1889 80y   MethB.
Smith Sara Eleanor   04.07.1900 38y dau/ Edward Thurlow EDWARDS AngC.
Smith Sarah   03.03.1883 80y w/ Robert AngC.
Smith Sarah Anne   28.08.1914 77y   AngA.
Smith Savina Jane   30.10.1939 61y   AngD.
Smith Selina   11.03.1895 67y   IndB.
Smith Sidney 1802 1878     AngA.
Smith Sidney   11.01.1942     Other.C
Smith Sissie   19.11.1950     BapC.
Smith Sophia Heywood   15.08.1914 83y   MethB.
Smith Stanley Giffard W.   27.02.1886 33y   AngA.
Smith Stephen   28.08.1895 82y h/ Dina, f/ Sarah BENTON AngC.
Smith Susan   15.10.1906 54y   AngA.
Smith Susan M.   20.01.1939     Meth.D.
Smith Susanna   10.10.1892 64y my wife AngB.
Smith Susanna   08.11.1909 91y   MethA.
Smith Susanna Amelia   12.09.1915   w/ Francis Grey AngB.
Smith Sydney W.   13.06.1886 60y   AngA.
Smith Sydney William   26.07.1945     Other.C
Smith Thomas   12.12.1936 74y   BapB.
Smith Thomas no dates       BapB.
Smith Thomas Bunbury G. 11.05.1856 19.05.1892     CathB.
Smith Thomas Edward   16.02.1958   h/ Alice Lilian, f/ Edward Thomas PresC.
Smith Thomas Harold   02.09.1944 22y son/ Harold George & Violet Ethel Lwn.
Smith Tom   27.09.1883 28y   MethB.
Smith Unknown no dates       PresB.
Smith Violet no dates   infant   BapC.
Smith Violet Ethel 20.04.1893 28.12.1973   w/ Harold George, m/ Phyllis N.,Thomas H. Lwn.
Smith Violet Howard   10.03.1934 [54y]   AngA.
Smith Walter   06.07.1890 46y   Other.F
Smith Walter Sydney   19.03.1922     AngA.
Smith William 1892 1955     BapB.
Smith William   23.02.1895 35y son/ William & Catherine IndA.
Smith William   02.05.1879 72y h/ Catherine, f/ Christina,Catherine,William IndA.
Smith William   31.01.1930 74y   MethB.
Smith William no dates       Other.C
Smith William Belcher Grey 15.10.1853 30.10.1933   h/ Dora Josephine AngB.
Smith William Crawford 1878 1950     Other.F
Smith William Downie   20.12.1872 3y   PresB.
Smith William Henry   28.02.1898 29y   CathB.
Smith William Henry   14.10.1883 39y   MethB.
Smith William Howard   22.03.1890 76y   AngA.
Smith William Kessell   21.06.1906 79y   Meth.D.
Smith William Kessell   18.09.1956     MethA.
Smith William Lamb   23.05.1910 64y   PresA.
Smith William Peter   20.09.1929 77y   MethB.
Smith William Peter   25.05.1928 48y   PresB.
Smith William Stokes   29.11.1876 38y h/ Lucy Susanna AngB.
Smith Williamina   30.01.1911 67y   IndA.
Smith Willie   04.10.1910 61y h/ Jane E., f/ Montie AngB.
Smyth Arabella 29.11.1832 10.10.1891   w/ Charles Alexander AngC.
Smyth Butler Cole   19.12.1886 22y son/ Charles Alexander & Arabella AngC.
Smyth Charles Alexander   16.06.1908 80y h/ Arabella, f/ Butler C., Henry J.C.,Sydney WHITLEY AngC.
Smyth Constantia 1838 02.11.1899 84y   Other.C
Smyth David 08.11.1826 03.01.1889     IndB.
Smyth Ellen Jane   05.12.1946     MethB.
Smyth Emma   16.06.1890     BapB.
Smyth Harriet Louisa   19.05.1870 60y w/ W.T. AngC.
Smyth Henry James Claude   05.03.1872 4y son/ Charles Alexander & Arabella AngC.
Smyth John Robert   01.09.1938     AngD.
Smyth Robert Brough   08.10.1889     BapB.
Smyth Samuel Wilson   17.03.1890 52y   BapB.
Smythe Amelia   02.10.1865 48y w/ George D. AngB.
Snare Richard   07.05.1919 87y   AngA.
Snare Sarah Eleanor   14.11.1903 71y   AngA.
Sneesby Bonnie   07.12.1977     IndC.
Sneesby Christina Pow   10.01.1934 71y w/ John Joseph, our parent AngB.
Sneesby John Joseph   10.03.1939 78y h/ Christina P., our parent AngB.
Sneesby Leslie Louis   19.03.1944 10y6m   IndC.
Sneesby Sylvia May   05.03.1938 23y   IndC.
Sneesby Violet   13.08.1951     IndC.
Snell Arthur J.   25.09.1933 65y   Other.C
Snell Lillian A.   20.09.1953 82y   Other.C
Snellgrove Sarah   06.03.1891 82y   BapB.
Snellgrove William   09.09.1897 89y   BapB.
Snooks Ellen Henrietta   17.12.1885 50y   AngD.
Snooks? Arman ? Hard to read no dates       AngD.
Snow Amelia   [Mar.1954]     AngC.
Snow John   [Sep.1927] [65y]   AngC.
Snowdon Joseph   10.03.1866 43y   IndC.
Sobey Edwin   03.09.1929     AngC.
Sobey Gladys no dates   13y   AngC.
Sobey Isabelle   21.05.1944     AngC.
Soden Charlotte Alice S.   12.02.1924 49y dau/ George H. & Susannah S. Jamison AngB.
Soden Elizabeth   13.07.1893 68y w/ Joseph IndA.
Soden Joseph   18.12.1890 72y h/ Elizabeth IndA.
Sole Aladar   31.05.1977   h/ Kate NicheB
Sole Kate   22.04.1978   w/ Aladar NicheB
Solly Janet Rome   01.11.1878 47y w/ William Samuel, m/ John,William PresC.
Solly William Samuel   26.02.1884 57y h/ Janet Rome, f/ John,William PresC.
Solomon C.G.   17.02.1961 65y   CathA.
Solomon Harold Isaac   13.05.1965 85y h/ Miriam Sarah, f/ Phyllis HebB.
Solomon Lewis   09.08.1889 60y h/ Rachel HebB.
Solomon Miriam Sarah   29.10.1937 59y w/ Harold, m/ Phyllis HebB.
Solomon Rachel   08.08.1928 89y w/ Lewis, m/ Isaac, Mrs. S. Jacobs, Morris HebB.
Solomons Henry   04.09.1883 79y   HebB.
Somerset Bertha Clotilde   02.03.1932     BapC.
Somerset Charles William C.   19.03.1890 2y   BapC.
Somerset Harold   09.07.1904 [48y]   BapC.
Somerset Henry Calthorpe   03.03.1904 48y   BapC.
Somerset Wyndham A.   Nov.1916     BapC.
Somerville Elizabeth 11.02.1828 13.12.1908     IndB.
Somerville Hugh John 05.02.1869 18.04.1890     IndB.
Somerville William Doherty 26.06.1857 16.08.1889     IndB.
Sommerville on foot no dates       BapC.
Somner Arthur Hay 16.05.1840 22.03.1901     PresA.
Somner Grace   [Dec.1907] [57y]   PresA.
Soppet Emma   04.08.1904     AngA.
Soues Unknown no dates       PresB.
Soulsby Thomas Stanley   08.08.1938 37y h/ Doris, f/ Margaret BapD.
Soutar Elizabeth Jessie   [1930] 67y w/ John PresD.
Soutar May.   06.02.1897 71y   BapD.
Soutar on foot no dates       PresC.
Soutar William   20.10.1899 72y   BapD.
Soutar William no dates   12m   PresD.
South Marcus Furlong   26.04.1909 59y h/ Rosa Knight AngB.
South Rosa Knight   12.02.1936 86y w/ Marcus Furlong South AngB.
Southcott G.W.C.[George William C.]   [1900] [46y]   AngD.
Southey Adelaide E.   21.03.1885 38y   IndB.
Southey Henry   23.11.1887 65y   IndB.
Southwick Elizabeth   14.07.1906 80y   MethB.
Southwick Joseph   15.06.1933     MethB.
Southwick Thomas Leek   16.09.1897 73y   MethB.
Soutter Frederick   27.02.1893   b. Omeo PresD.
Spain Arthur William   23.02.1861 11m   AngA.
Spain Eleanor Maria   27.09.1861 22y   AngA.
Spain Henry   07.12.1864 6y   AngA.
Spain Mary   13.03.1858 8m   AngA.
Spar--- J.P. no dates       MethA.
Spargo James   14.01.1880 69y   MethC.
Spargo Kathleen Florence M. 1886 1982     CathA.
Spargo Mary   30.12.1879 59y   MethC.
Spark Alison Margaret 1912 1968   w/ David Ronald IndA.
Spark David Ronald 1906 1977   h/ Alison Margaret IndA.
Spark Euphemia (-Mason) 09.04.1822 26.11.1890   w/ Robert IndA.
Spark James Lyall 1908 1971     IndA.
Spark James Mason 1859 1938   h/ Mary H. IndA.
Spark Mary Hymers   06.01.1918   dau/ Robert & Euphemia IndA.
Spark Sarah Whyte 15.06.1866 03.07.1926   w/ James Mason spark IndA.
Spark Sylvia 1906 1936   w/ Robert IndA.
Spark-Woolcott Ethel Magdeline   18.08.1894 [22y] dau/ John & Julia AngB.
Spark-Woolcott Reginald Ernest   28.07.1868 [2y] son/ John & Julia AngB.
Sparrow Alice Jane (-Pfeil)   30.07.1956 83y   IndC.
Sparrow Richard Henry   02.07.1886 38y   MethB.
Speary Mary Ann   01.11.1939     Other.F
Speed on foot with Cordeli no dates       AngD.
Speedie Alan Augustus   30.12.1966     BapA.
Speedie Arthur P.H.   27.09.1917     PresB.
Speedie Mary Henderson   03.06.1892 17y   PresB.
Speedie Peter H.   03.08.1912 72y   PresB.
Speed-Judd Unknown no dates       AngD.
Spehr Bridget   30.04.1937     CathA.
Spence Alfred James   10.06.1894   gson/ Joseph & Margaret M. Rippingale PresC.
Spence Charlotte Rebecca   30.06.1937 66y w/ Thomas Young, our mother PresD.
Spence David   16.06.1883 50y   MethB.
Spence James William   29.01.1867 11m   MethB.
Spence Jane   01.12.1924 76y   Other.A
Spence Mabel   07.12.1880 7y5m   MethB.
Spence Millie   12.07.1935   w/ William J. AngC.
Spence Nellie (-Hurley)   14.12.1954 [54y]   CathC.
Spence Robina M. 27.03.1850 29.05.1912     Other.A
Spence Thomas Young   25.11.1937 71y h/ Charlotte Rebecca, our father PresD.
Spence William J.   20.08.1934   h/ Millie AngC.
Spencer Albert Otten   16.08.1925 65y   Other.F
Spencer Annie Maude   13.12.1946 63y our mother IndA.
Spencer Dora   01.01.1886 45y   Other.C
Spencer Elizabeth   31.07.1901 69y w/ James IndD.
Spencer Elmina   20.02.1906 48y w/ Walter, dau/ Ann IndD.
Spencer Elsie Lydia   07.09.1901 16y   Other.F
Spencer Frederick   21.09.1927 66y   IndD.
Spencer James   17.11.1905   h/ Elizabeth IndD.
Spencer Jane   28.03.1902 65y   BapC.
Spencer John   25.07.1901 66y   Other.C
Spencer Leslie Joseph   20.11.1898 6y5m   AngD.
Spencer Margaret   10.10.1947 82y   PresA.
Spencer Margaret Ann   24.12.1949     BapC.
Spencer Mary Jane   01.12.1944 82y   Other.F
Spencer Mary Jopling   03.02.1910 42y6m   AngD.
Spencer O.M.   27.07.1895 64y   MethC.
Spencer on foot no dates       AngD.
Spencer Robert J.   30.07.1879 52y   BapC.
Spencer Robert Joshua   11.08.1887 17y   BapC.
Spencer Rosina Liddia   28.02.1887 19y dau/ Elizabeth IndD.
Spencer Susan   24.04.1915 83y   BapA.
Spencer Thomas R.   27.05.1938 72y   PresA.
Spencer William   31.07.1913 83y   BapA.
Spicer Elizabeth M.   28.05.1923 73y   BapC.
Spicer on foot no dates       BapC.
Spicer William Walter   06.01.1930 85y   BapC.
Spiers Arthur Leslie   29.05.1946     AngB.
Spiers Emily Josephine   10.05.1973     AngB.
Spink Cecilia   30.04.1953     PresB.
Spink Percy Edward   16.10.1947     PresB.
Spinks Emily no dates       BapB.
Spiteri Anthony 1935 2005   husband, father and grandfather Lwn.
Spiteri Antoinette 1937 1990   wife,  mother and grandmother Lwn.
Spittal Emily   26.11.1929 71y   MethA.
Spittall John   1910     MethA.
Spitzer E. Ella   16.10.1970 72y w/ Geza, m/ Victor Gdn6
Spitzer Geza   06.11.1978 83y h/ Ella, f/ Victor Gdn6
Splatt Erna March   15.07.1947 34y w/ William James PresC.
Splatt Maud Rebecca   13.09.1960   w/ William James, m/ Beryl,Bill AngB.
Spooner Joseph   16.06.1886 75y   MethB.
Spooner Maisie Eleanor   09.02.1934 20y dau/ Olivette Amy AngC.
Spooner Olivette Amy   29.01.1962   m/ Maisie Eleanor AngC.
Spottiswood Catherine   29.02.1868 56y   PresB.
Spottiswood David   15.10.1894     PresB.
Spottiswood Eliza 1837 1911     PresA.
Spottiswood Elizabeth H.   10.05.1906 79y   IndB.
Spottiswood Emma 1877 1881     PresA.
Spottiswood John   10.01.1878 70y   PresB.
Spottiswood John, family plot no dates       PresA.
Spottiswood Mary Eliza 1863 25.09.1937     PresA.
Spottiswood Sarah 23.09.1840 24.05.1917     PresB.
Spottiswood Wm. 1834 1916     PresA.
Sprunkel Alice no dates   infant   CathB.
Sprunkel Anne   09.03.1892 63y   CathB.
Sprunkel Isabella no dates   infant   CathB.
Sprunkel Johannes   24.10.1888 53y   CathB.
Sprunkel John no dates   [53y]   CathB.
Spry Charlotte (-Moore)   14.12.1905 43y   CathB.
Spry Freda   29.12.1953     MethA.
Spry Lancelot   02.07.1951     MethA.
Spry Rena   16.03.1958     MethA.
Spry Violet Louise   23.06.1978     PresC.
Spry William Michael   17.01.1987     PresC.
Spunner Elizabeth Jane 1867 1940     IndB.
Spunner Henrietta Frances 18.04.1863 20.04.1933     IndB.
Spurr Mel B.   25.09.1904 [58y]   AngA.
Spyer Angelina   11.11.1883 67y w/ Lawrence Joseph AngC.
Spyer Lawrence Joseph   09.09.1881 74y h/ Angelina AngC.
Squire Elizabeth Ellen   04.08.1934 79y   MethB.
Squire Emily Ruby   04.06.1967     MethB.
Squire Hazel Esme   16.11.1974 81y w/ Richard Thomas, m/ Jack,Geoff,Alan Lwn.
Squire John Henry   29.09.1927 72y   AngD.
Squire Lilian Alberta   22.10.1899 9y   AngD.
Squire Richard Brereton   15.03.1940 85y   MethB.
Squire Richard Thomas   25.09.1971 74y h/ Hazel,Esme, m/ Jack,Geoff,Alan Lwn.
St. Hill Unknown no dates       CathD2.
St. John Annie   31.08.1902 58y   PresC.
St. John Frederick   15.09.1900 69y   PresC.
St. John Norah   18.12.1915 33y   IndC.
St. John Reginald   13.12.1881 11m   PresC.
St. Lawrence Margaret (-Beck)   03.12.1908 97y sis/ Edward IndA.
St. Ledger Anthony J.J.   17.04.1929     CathA.
St. Ledger Mary Helena   06.08.1955     CathA.
St. Leger on foot no dates       AngA.
St. Paul Irene G. "Renee"   28.09.1900     AngD.
St. Paul Marian   27.02.1952     AngD.
Stabb Edwd. (family grave) no dates       Other.C
Stabb John   1864   family grave AngC.
Stafford Ada Julia   30.01.1873 9m   Other.C
Stafford Alice Jane   30.09.1928 88y   Other.C
Stafford E.J. no dates       CathC.
Stafford Ellen "Dot"   31.01.1891 26y   CathC.
Stafford Francis F.   03.09.1972   h/ Sadie, f/ James Lwn.
Stafford Fredk H.   13.07.1893 48y   Other.C
Stafford Sadie   08.07.1980   w/ Francis, M/ James Lwn.
Stageman Herbert W.   14.08.1938   h/ Nellie AngC.
Stageman Nellie   05.03.1935   w/ H.W., m/ Girl,Doss,Lill AngC.
Stagg Alfred George 1900 1965     AngD.
Stagg Lily May   05.01.1946 73y   AngD.
Stahl Margaret   03.06.1954     AngA.
Stainsby-Conant Annie Marie   08.08.1888 37y   BapB.
Stainton Joseph   28.02.1984 73y   IndB.
Stainton Joseph   04.08.1939     IndB.
Staker Caroline   03.08.1910 64y   Other.C
Staker Frederick William   23.11.1918 47y   Other.C
Staker Herbert Reginald   26.03.1908 28y   Other.C
Staker Sarah   17.05.1950 82y   CathA.
Staker William Charles S.   06.12.1948 52y   CathA.
Staker Wm. Chas Seymour   08.06.1922 80y   Other.C
Staley Violet J. 16.06.1895 17.02.1974     IndA.
Stallworthy Jane   01.05.1919 61y   AngD.
Stamoulis Nafsika 21.04.1980 14.12.2004     Circle
Stamoulis Spiros 09.09.1937 11.05.2007     Circle
Stanbrough Mary Ellen   28.04.1879 25y   AngC.
Standish on foot no dates       CathC.
Standring Eliza   14.04.1922 86y   AngD.
Standring Thomas Stanley   28.04.1900 55y   AngD.
Stanley Clarice Minnie T.   15.10.1943   w/ Herbert AngB.
Stanley Frank 16.08.1900 11.01.1973   b. Vienna NicheA.
Stanley Herbert   23.08.1962 63y h/ Clarice M.T. AngB.
Stanley Raymond J.   12.10.1932     CathC.
Staples Frank Stewart   22.03.1935 29y   CathA.
Stapleton B.M.   24.11.1900     CathA.
Stapleton Harvey   25.12.1896 52y   Other.E
Starke Margaret Mary   31.03.1959     CathB.
Starkoff Edith Dora   03.11.1964     BapA.
Starr John   25.05.1904 43y   CathA.
Startup John   17.10.1929 75y   BapC.
Staton Eliza   16.03.1911 79y   IndC.
Staton George A.   06.06.1896 64y   IndC.
Staughton Anna Maria   25.02.1926     BapA.
Staughton Harry Werribee   09.02.1930     BapA.
Staughton Philip   13.07.1960     BapA.
Staughton Reginald Werribee no dates   5m2d   BapA.
Staughton Simon   18.05.1863 67y of Exford AngB.
Stavro Maria (-Ienco)   24.05.1984 57y   AngD.
Steains Ernest Jasper   01.05.1879 7m   AngD.
Steains George James   27.12.1876 32y   AngD.
Steane infant (1) no dates   infant   BapB.
Steane infant (2) no dates   infant   BapB.
Steane Mary   09.10.1890 56y   BapB.
Steane May Elise   10.05.1890 18y   BapB.
Stedeford Edith Louisa 27.06.1876 26.06.1950     Other.C
Stedeford John 20.02.1842 22.04.1913     Other.C
Stedeford John Charles 19.03.1871 06.08.1918     Other.C
Steedman Antoinette Sarah   20.11.1943     IndC.
Steedman William Milroy   23.09.1962     IndC.
Steed-Ridoutt Unknown 1895 1910     IndD.
Steel Alfred Lucas   26.09.1958 41y h/ Elvie, f/ Perry, son/ William Alfred & Lizzie AngC.
Steel Claude William   21.12.1889 6y   PresB.
Steel David   03.01.1961 84y   PresB.
Steel Donald   03.07.1883 46y   PresB.
Steel Donald   10.12.1911     PresB.
Steel Hilda Mary Heron   23.12.1889 3y   PresB.
Steel Isabella Nimmo   06.05.1935 89y   PresB.
Steel James   02.09.1869 41y   PresB.
Steel John   25.02.1896 25y   PresB.
Steel Kieth Nicholson   21.12.1889 4y   PresB.
Steel Lizzie   26.08.1958 76y w/ William AngC.
Steel Mary   12.01.1930 [85]   CathB.
Steel Mary Heron   05.01.1880 5y   PresB.
Steel Octavius   10.01.1893 52y   PresB.
Steel Robert James   24.09.1929 56y   PresB.
Steel T.H.   07.03.1942 64y   PresB.
Steel Thomas Heron (M.D.)   13.12.2000 88y   PresB.
Steel Thomas Heron MD   26.10.1893 56y   PresB.
Steel W.H.   01.08.1959 87y   PresB.
Steel William Alfred   12.06.1946 68y h/ Lizzie AngC.
Steel William H.   25.12.1889 59y   PresB.
Steele Alma Emily   24.01.1968 67y   AngB.
Steele Elizabeth   08.06.1909     PresB.
Steele James   18.01.1908 [79y]   PresB.
Steele Mary   30.01.1867 infant   PresB.
Steele Robert   13.08.1960 93y   AngB.
Steele Sarah   05.08.1960 90y   AngB.
Steers Ann   02.11.1916 82y   MethB.
Steers John Alfred   13.07.1916 82y   MethB.
Steers John H. 30.05.1872 06.05.1883     MethB.
Stenhouse Andrew   03.02.1896 22y son/Andrew & Mary Matilda PresC.
Stenhouse Andrew   06.08.1918 81y h/ Mary Matilda PresC.
Stenhouse David M.   23.01.1937     IndD.
Stenhouse Eliz.   16.11.1962 95y   NicheB
Stenhouse Mary M.   31.05.1945     IndD.
Stenhouse Mary Matilda   19.08.1909 73y w/ Andrew PresC.
Stenhouse William G.   19.11.1933     IndD.
Stenning John Charles   29.03.1936 55y   MethC.
Stent Albert Edward T.   1886 10m   MethC.
Stent Edwin Charles   1888 3m   MethC.
Stent Emma Susan   30.07.1900 42y   MethC.
Stent Emma Susan 1858 1900     MethC.
Stent infant no dates       MethC.
Stent infant no dates       MethC.
Stent James   06.10.1895 32y   MethC.
Stent James Peurcy 1864 1895     MethC.
Stent Ronald James   17.05.1987   h/ Violet Anne, f/ four children NicheA.
Stent Thomas W.   01.08.1938     AngD.
Stent Thomas William 1832 1904     MethC.
Stent Violet Anne 19.07.1905 17.08.1986   W/ Ronald James, m/ four children NicheA.
Stepens Elizabeth Sarah 08.03.1861 31.01.1862     AngA.
Stepens Sarah Ann 25.12.1844 27.06.1853 child   AngA.
Stephen Anne Atkinson 09.07.1829 26.01.1906   w/ George Milner  Elmslie AngC.
Stephen Emma Harriet   16.06.1900 67y w/ Sidney James AngB.
Stephen Fanny   17.06.1910 83y   AngB.
Stephen Francis J.S. 21.10.1823 10.05.1895   2nd son/ Sydney AngB.
Stephen George (Sir) 17.01.1794 20.06.1879   h/ Henrietta AngC.
Stephen George Milner E. 03.04.1828 02.09.1881   son/ Sir George & Henrietta AngC.
Stephen George Vernon 30.01.1862 11.06.1942   h/ Carlotta, only son/ James Wilberforce AngC.
Stephen Hastings F.M. 25.03.1837 01.01.1881     AngD.
Stephen Henrietta 29.01.1797 16.08.1869   w/ Sir George AngC.
Stephen Henrietta Sibella P. 16.02.1824 20.01.1903   dau/ Sir George & Henrietta AngC.
Stephen James Sidney   19.09.1928   son/ Sidney James AngB.
Stephen James Wilberforce 10.04.1822 17.08.1881   h/ Katherine Rose AngC.
Stephen Katharine Rose 03.06.1824 16.04.1908   w/ George Wilberforce AngC.
Stephen Katharine Vernon 23.05.1860 01.08.1878   d. England AngC.
Stephen Margaret   17.05.1875 75y w/ Justice Sidney Stephen AngB.
Stephen Rose Vernon 22.04.1866 28.03.1867     AngC.
Stephen Sidney James   28.01.1875 53y eldst son/ Justice Sidney Stephen AngB.
Stephen Una Georgina   [Apr.1876] [15m] dau/ Sidney J. & Una G. AngB.
Stephen W. Ravenscroft [William]   28.06.1899 73y   AngD.
Stephen William Henry   08.09.1911 80y 4th son/ Sidney Stephen AngB.
Stephens Amelia   26.01.1896     BapC.
Stephens Amy Leybourne no dates   30y   MethC.
Stephens Anne   10.07.1904     AngA.
Stephens Arthur George   24.12.1959 81y h/ Irene Mary AngB.
Stephens Arthur Leybourne   [1880] 9m   MethC.
Stephens Charles no dates   infant   AngA.
Stephens Claude   07.09.1917 11y   CathA.
Stephens Edith Lilian   [1885] 1m   MethC.
Stephens Edwin   02.08.1875     AngA.
Stephens Elizabeth   14.10.1938 82y7m   MethC.
Stephens Elizabeth [-Bonella]   1889 87y   BapC.
Stephens Elizabeth Jane   02.10.1951 88y   Meth.D.
Stephens Ethe Lavina   19.06.1989     CathB.
Stephens Eveline   13.07.1900 6m   CathA.
Stephens George Samuel 09.09.1840 11.02.1928     PresB.
Stephens Gertrude   05.02.1958 [79y]   AngD.
Stephens Harriet   28.08.1888 69y   BapC.
Stephens Helen   09.06.1925 77y   PresB.
Stephens Henry   09.06.1934     AngD.
Stephens Hubert   02.03.1913 23y   CathA.
Stephens Irene May   04.01.1977 80y w/ Arthur George AngB.
Stephens Isaac   07.03.1880 54y   AngB.
Stephens Isabel Ellen   27.06.1923     AngD.
Stephens James   1872 70y   BapC.
Stephens James 16.05.1831 26.04.1917     BapC.
Stephens John   24.03.1917 76y   Other.F
Stephens John R.   12.12.1874 17d   BapC.
Stephens John W.P.   20.11.1939 85y4m   MethC.
Stephens Johnson   19.06.1938 74y   Meth.D.
Stephens Kate   15.12.1934     AngD.
Stephens Margaret   06.06.1933     AngD.
Stephens Mary   06.07.1943 89y   AngD.
Stephens Mary   29.09.1922     CathA.
Stephens Mary Ann (-Churchyard)   07.05.1923 83y   BapC.
Stephens Mary Edith   11.07.1976 92y   AngD.
Stephens Rachel   02.12.1859 62y   AngB.
Stephens Reginald Pedler   [1892] 23m   MethC.
Stephens Robert   23.01.1861 43y   BapC.
Stephens Rupert Wesley   20.12.1950 [62y]   CathB.
Stephens William   19.10.1944     AngA.
Stephens William   09.07.1866 74y   AngB.
Stephens William   13.06.1931 80y   AngD.
Stephens William Bonella   09.01.1879 13y   BapC.
Stephens Winifred May   [1884] 4m   MethC.
Stephens Wm. Fraser   26.09.1898 76y   AngD.
Stephenson Ann   25.04.1865 65y   MethB.
Stephenson Annie Amelia   [1890] [26y]   Other.F
Stephenson Charlotte   19.06.1901   yngst dau/ J.M.  of Mowbray, Tasmania IndA.
Stephenson Frank Cuno   17.06.1906 38y h/ Ethel IndD.
Stephenson Isabella Janet   01.11.1888   6th dau/ J.M.  of Mowbray, Tasmania IndA.
Stephenson Robert Gardnor   [1917] [68y]   Other.F
Stephenson Sarah A.   17.04.1922 56y   MethB.
Stephenson William   16.06.1957 78y   BapA.
Sterck Charles   23.04.1862 54y h/ Sarah Jane, f/ Sarah Jane AngB.
Sterck Sarah Jane   17.04.1855 11m yngst dau/ Charles & Sarah Jane AngB.
Sterck Sarah Jane   15.04.1879 60y w/ Charles, m/ Sarah Jane AngB.
Stevens [Charlotte E.N.]   18.11.1890 [1m]   BapB.
Stevens Agnes Louisa   26.03.1932   w/ John AngB.
Stevens Albert Edward   29.08.1952 77y   MethA.
Stevens Alfred   07.11.1926     BapB.
Stevens Annie May   06.12.1948 70y   MethA.
Stevens Catherine   01.10.1902 63y   CathA.
Stevens Catherine Daisy   16.11.1928     CathA.
Stevens Charles Leonard   12.04.1931     CathA.
Stevens Clara E.   03.09.1947 80y   MethB.
Stevens Ellen Thorpe no dates       AngD.
Stevens Harold Leslie 1882 1939     BapB.
Stevens John   08.06.1894 41y h/ Agnes Louisa, b. London, d. Melbourne AngB.
Stevens Joseph   18.04.1895 27y   MethB.
Stevens Leonard Roy   03.08.1983 67y   CathA.
Stevens Linda   12.03.1947 46y   MethB.
Stevens Lottie   28.03.1922     BapB.
Stevens on foot no dates       IndA.
Stevens Rachael 1878 1964     BapB.
Stevens Royal Albert   08.09.1958 57y   MethC.
Stevens Samuel J. Hatch   27.05.1930 80y   MethB.
Stevenson Alexander   18.04.1860 43y   BapC.
Stevenson Allan   07.04.1930 76y   BapB.
Stevenson Anastasia   15.05.1930     CathA.
Stevenson Andrew   25.04.1937     BapC.
Stevenson Ann   30.08.1883 29y   AngA.
Stevenson Annie   10.03.1935 73y   BapC.
Stevenson David   18.07.1859 40y   AngA.
Stevenson David   30.07.1913 64y   IndB.
Stevenson Dorothy   08.03.1967 50y   Other.C
Stevenson Eliza Catherine   02.10.1942 89y   AngA.
Stevenson Elizabeth Matilda   [1858] [6m]   AngA.
Stevenson Ernest Alan   22.06.1938 28y   Other.C
Stevenson Ernest Alan   09.04.1942 59y   Other.C
Stevenson Esther Fleetwood   27.07.1875 59y w/ James AngB.
Stevenson Florence Jane   18.10.1935 79y   BapB.
Stevenson George Fredrick   18.10.1912 61y   AngA.
Stevenson Gwyndra Ruth   15.01.1950 37y   Other.C
Stevenson Gwyndra Ruth   13.09.1950 9m   Other.C
Stevenson Henry Grenfell   [1859] [3w]   AngA.
Stevenson Isabella   17.02.1893 85y   PresB.
Stevenson Jacob Gore   14.09.1885 45y   Other.C
Stevenson Louisa Jane   07.11.1930   my wife PresC.
Stevenson Matilda [-Shaw]   15.05.1886 66y   AngA.
Stevenson on foot no dates       MethC.
Stevenson Ruth   18.05.1973 88y   Other.C
Stevenson W.J. [William John]   05.08.1918     AngA.
Stevenson William   10.09.1879 79y   PresB.
Steventon George   17.05.1913     MethB.
Steward Bertha Amelia   12.10.1952     MethB.
Steward Edmund   28.01.1952     MethB.
Steward Emily J.   10.08.1938     AngB.
Steward George   11.05.1920     Other.C
Steward Mary A.   06.06.1952     AngB.
Steward Norman Lewis   30.04.1984     MethB.
Steward Olive J.   26.07.1945     AngB.
Steward on foot  no dates       IndC.
Stewart Albert 04.06.1878 08.11.1898     AngD.
Stewart Alexander   21.07.1930 74y   AngC.
Stewart Alexander   11.06.1964 [77y]   CathB.
Stewart Alexander   11.06.1964 [77y]   CathB.
Stewart Alfred P.   03.01.1887 1y2m   IndC.
Stewart Alice   17.08.1938 76y   AngD.
Stewart Allan James 16.08.1955 20.07.2008   b. Cobram, d. Prahan NicheA.
Stewart Andrew   16.03.1922 78y   IndC.
Stewart Anne Sutton   14.03.1871 77y   AngC.
Stewart Anne Symington   Apr.1895 36y   PresC.
Stewart Annie   03.02.1925 69y6m   BapB.
Stewart Annie   15.01.1897 42y   PresB.
Stewart Arthur P.   08.02.1907 28y   IndC.
Stewart Bertram Alan   18.08.1934     IndB.
Stewart Bridget   19.12.1875 72y   CathB.
Stewart C.W.G. [Clair William G.]   29.04.1945 43y   CathC.
Stewart Daniel   May.1929     CathC.
Stewart David Smith   08.06.1883 22y   PresB.
Stewart Edith Helen   29.10.1963 92y   MethC.
Stewart Edward Townsend   12.12.1933     IndC.
Stewart Elizabeth   05.12.1881 27y   IndC.
Stewart Elizabeth   15.09.1912     PresB.
Stewart Ellen Race   14.05.1878 31y w/ Charles Lennox Stewart AngB.
Stewart Elsie Irene 1910 2001   w/ Martin, m/ Thelma,Ruby,Phyllis,Kenneth Lwn.
Stewart Emma Elizabeth   01.05.1949 86y   IndC.
Stewart Emma Lydia   1871     CathC.
Stewart Euphemia   15.05.1891 70y   PresB.
Stewart Eva Marion (-Fetherstone)   07.09.1918   w/ Alexander, dau/ G.H. AngB.
Stewart Fanny Burt   02.01.1882 52y   PresB.
Stewart Fanny Ross 1862 1953     PresB.
Stewart G. no dates       IndC.
Stewart George   17.02.1941 78y   AngD.
Stewart George   18.02.1868 4y6m   IndC.
Stewart George   08.01.1879 63y   IndC.
Stewart George William   1871     CathC.
Stewart Georgina   25.02.1932 86y w/ John BapD.
Stewart Gerald Leslie   14.11.1916 24y KIA AngB.
Stewart Gordon   28.08.1898 28y of Adelaide S.A. AngC.
Stewart Hedley Garfield   26.08.1939 24y son/ James & Sara BapD.
Stewart Hugh   15.04.1944 78y   MethC.
Stewart I.   21.06.1931 90y   IndC.
Stewart Isabella   03.07.1947 66y   CathB.
Stewart J. Ellis no dates       Other.E
Stewart J.M. no dates       AngC.
Stewart James   07.07.1952   h/ Sara, f/ Hedley G., Hilda Lillian BapD.
Stewart James Alexander   13.03.1880 7y8m   IndC.
Stewart James Hill   09.01.1893 24y   IndC.
Stewart Jane   05.02.1915     CathC.
Stewart Jane Paul   09.12.1879 53y   PresB.
Stewart Janet   20.06.1918 71y   IndC.
Stewart Jessie   08.01.1887 21y   PresB.
Stewart Johannah   24.07.1878 40y   CathB.
Stewart John   20.12.1900 54y h/ Georgina BapD.
Stewart John   1875     CathC.
Stewart John 1830 01.10.1905     CathC.
Stewart John   07.06.1909 68y   IndC.
Stewart John Galloway   30.11.1874 47y   PresB.
Stewart John Galloway   26.06.1944     PresB.
Stewart John Timothy M.   19.11.1891 65y   AngC.
Stewart Josephine   14.03.1929 84y   IndC.
Stewart Laura Annie   19.02.1937     IndC.
Stewart Leslie Gordon   May.1886 4m gson/ Helen Reid PresC.
Stewart Letitia   08.03.1891 64y   AngD.
Stewart Lillias   17.06.1901 46y   PresB.
Stewart Lily Elizabeth   10.09.1953 72y   BapC.
Stewart Lucy   13.06.1909 22y   BapB.
Stewart Magdalene   22.08.1965 85y   CathA.
Stewart Martin 1907 1973   h/ Elsie, f/ Thelma,Ruby,Phyllis,Kenneth Lwn.
Stewart Mary Sep.1852 06.06.1926     AngD.
Stewart Mary A.   12.10.1913 84y   Other.C
Stewart Mary P.   14.07.1897 80y   IndC.
Stewart Maud Elizabeth   17.03.1955 83y   IndB.
Stewart Norman   16.12.1937 67y   BapC.
Stewart on foot no dates       Other.F
Stewart Percival Aug.1877 27.01.1907     AngD.
Stewart Reginald   28.04.1906 34y   AngD.
Stewart Robert   25.02.1888 72y   AngD.
Stewart Robert   02.01.1867 15m   IndC.
Stewart Robert   12.11.1885 75y   Other.C
Stewart Sara   29.02.1948   w/ James, m/ Hedley G., Hilda Lillian BapD.
Stewart Sarah S.   24.04.1913 32y   PresB.
Stewart T.W.F. [Terrence William]   21.11.1965 72y   CathC.
Stewart Violet no dates       AngD.
Stewart Walter Lorne   25.12.1876 2y   AngC.
Stewart William   29.12.1947     CathA.
Stewart William   29.11.1867 53y   PresB.
Stewart William G.   08.04.1918 54y   AngC.
Stewart William Peebles   17.02.1942 74y   IndB.
Stickland Vic no dates       MethC.
Stiles Elsie Kathleen 20.07.1880 23.07.1892     BapB.
Stiles John 31.03.1855 07.07.1890     BapB.
Stillard Jane   04.09.1941 82y   IndA.
Stillard John Lord   28.11.1938 82y   IndA.
Stimpson Elizabeth   04.06.1900 74y   MethC.
Stirling Catherine Maria   14.02.1945     CathA.
Stirling Dorothy   04.04.1899 8y dau/ W.C. & Eliza Cutten BapD.
Stirling Edith   29.11.1895 26y dau/ W.C. & Eliza Cutten BapD.
Stirling John Howard   04.11.1939     Other.C
Stirling Sybil Lillian   [1981] [83y] dau/ Thomas Henry & Florence Louisa CHENOWETH AngC.
Stirling Thomas Henry   [Aug.1977] [82y] h/ Sybil Lillian AngC.
Stoakes Nan [Annie]   22.02.1893     AngD.
Stobart George Edward M.   19.01.1884 27y   CathB.
Stock George Henry   01.12.1938 41y h/ Phyllis, f/ Ernie,Phyllis BapD.
Stock Margaret   03.01.1923 88y   AngD.
Stock Mary Adelaide   11.05.1906     BapC.
Stock Phyllis May   18.08.1988 91y our mother BapD.
Stock Thomas   18.02.1900 72y   AngD.
Stockdale Benjamin   06.05.1923 58y   AngA.
Stockdale Benjamin   05.04.1895 63y   IndC.
Stockdale Charlotte Elizabe   24.10.1955 56y   AngA.
Stockdale John Samuel   12.10.1917     IndC.
Stockdale Mary   07.06.1943     BapB.
Stockdale Mary   02.03.1909 76y   IndC.
Stockdale Sarah Ann   12.08.1945     BapB.
Stocks Catherine   11.07.1899     AngD.
Stocks Thomas   24.05.1897     AngD.
Stockwin E.G. [Edwin George]   04.11.1898     AngD.
Stockwin Elizabeth   18.08.1903     AngD.
Stodart Bridget   27.01.1898 72y   CathB.
Stoddart Catherine   16.05.1888 35y   AngA.
Stoddart John   10.05.1889 13y   AngA.
Stoddart Katie   09.11.1874 12d   AngA.
Stoddart Katie   07.04.1882 13m   AngA.
Stodgell Norman   18.02.1936 35y   CathA.
Stodgell Vera   09.05.1980 79y   CathA.
Stogdale Emma Lucy   04.05.1907 52y   MethA.
Stogdale George 23.05.1849 20.11.1925 76y   MethA.
Stokan Eva no dates       AngD.
Stokan James no dates       AngD.
Stokan Jessie Victoria no dates       AngD.
Stokes Annie   [1863] infant   IndB.
Stokes Clara   [1862] infant   IndB.
Stokes Edith Kate   21.08.1872 2y   AngC.
Stokes Gertrude Elizabeth   01.11.1865 13m dau/ William & Mary Jane AngC.
Stokes Ione Ethel May   28.02.1979     MethC.
Stokes Isabella no dates   infant   IndB.
Stokes James no dates   infant   IndB.
Stokes James   28.11.1914     IndB.
Stokes Jane no dates   infant   IndB.
Stokes Jessie Isabel   12.04.1897     IndB.
Stokes Lilian Charlotte   29.04.1915 46y   AngC.
Stokes Louisa M.   09.09.1917 75y   IndB.
Stokes Margaret   06.02.1972 78y   CathC.
Stokes Mary Ann   11.04.1865 38y   IndB.
Stokes Mary Ann   19.06.1889     IndB.
Stokes Mary Jane   [1865] infant   IndB.
Stokes Nelsom Ross   26.06.1943 55y   MethC.
Stokes on foot no dates       Other.A
Stokes Samuel   04.04.1908 76y   IndB.
Stokes Sarah Ann   24.01.1924 69y   IndB.
Stokes Unknown no dates       AngD.
Stokes Unknown no dates       Other.C
Stokes William Albert   08.04.1904 55y   IndB.
Stokesberry Hannah (Bay)   03.04.1972 [83y]   Lwn.
Stokesberry on foot no dates       AngC.
Stokoe Robert William   26.01.1875 12y3m gson/ Robert Blaikie AngB.
Stone Alice Harriett   15.03.1961 76y   MethC.
Stone E. Mary Page 31.05.1865 18.12.1910     IndB.
Stone Elizabeth   17.07.1950 94y   AngB.
Stone Evelina   26.08.1868 59y   AngB.
Stone Hannah   27.05.1886 67y w/ Isaac HebB.
Stone Isaac (Rev.)   03.05.1883 54y h/ Hannah HebB.
Stone John   09.04.1878     IndB.
Stone John   05.08.1930 60y h/ Olive Maude, my parent PresC.
Stone Louisa   1859     MethA.
Stone Olive Maude   19.11.1944   w/ John, my parent PresC.
Stone Percival Otto   15.08.1966 86y   MethC.
Stone Pollie [Mary]   16.10.1939 25y dau/ Lawrence & Florence Clark BapD.
Stone Sarah Elizabeth   05.02.1889 69y   IndB.
Stone Sarah Jane cf2 14.01.1858 14m   CathA.
Stone Thomas Portlock   01.08.1861 42y   AngB.
Stooke Cecilia   21.12.1859 27y   AngA.
Stooke Richard Cornish   09.08.1865 38y   AngA.
Storey Dulcie May 06.07.1893 23.06.1988   b. Launceston NicheA.
Storey Edith   22.12.1956     Other.F
Storey Elsie May   20.09.1890     Other.F
Storey William   07.06.1925 [65y]   Other.F
Stork Charles E. 1911 1978     NicheA.
Story Henry Charles   05.08.1898 37y   BapC.
Stout Mary I.   21.05.1941     PresB.
Stovell on head no dates       IndD.
Stow [Jane]   16.10.1918 [85y]   AngD.
Stow Catherine   1912     AngD.
Stow Fredk Arthur   1935     AngD.
Stow George   27.07.1896 4y   AngD.
Stow Harry   05.10.1940 51y h/ Mary AngC.
Stow John   28.01.1902     AngD.
Stow Kathleen   1915     AngD.
Stow Mary   22.07.1970   w/ Harry AngC.
Stow Matilda (-Tolley)   1956     BapD.
Stow Olive   1913     AngD.
Stow on foot no dates       AngD.
Stracey John C.C.   12.12.1869 72y   AngB.
Strachan Agnes Eliza Barclay 11.05.1836 09.08.1879     PresB.
Strachan Agnes Murray no dates       PresB.
Strachan Arthur 30.04.1860 22.07.1869 child   PresB.
Strachan Gilbert Leighton   20.05.1912 55y   PresB.
Strachan Isabella   11.06.1880 67y w/ John AngB.
Strachan John   [09.02.1891] [76y] h/ Isabella, stone fallen, broken AngB.
Strachan John 01.07.1832 28.12.1881     PresB.
Strachan William 14.05.1834 05.04.1895     PresB.
Strachan William Leighton   25.04.1915 27y   MethB.
Strachan William Murray 27.10.1848 04.02.1883   b. Newton, Montgomeryshire, Wales PresC.
Strafford George   28.12.1891 44y   Other.C
Strahan Margaret   05.10.1921 24y   PresC.
Strahle Adam Thomas   13.03.1909 72y   IndB.
Strahle Mary Elizabeth   26.07.1890 45y   IndB.
Straughair Percy no dates   5m2w   MethC.