Koonongwootong Cemetery



Group of five graves situated on the property of Mr William Henry Williams, soldier settler, whose block is Allotment 5 in the subdivision of Koonongwootong North Estate. The graves are situated about a mile back from the Coloraine-Belmoral Road.

The graves are said to be those of:

* William White,
* George White - brothers and the original owners of the Koonongwootong Station.
* Mrs Mason Shepherd - wife of manager of Kongbool Station.
* Mrs Donaldson - employee of Messrs White.
* Mary Watt, aged 4, child of resident of district.

All these interments are said to have taken place between 1849 and 1861.

The graves are situated on the crest of a hill; they are not enclosed nor are there any headstones, nor is there any certainty as to the identity of each separate grave.

If anyone has any further information on this old burial ground or the people buried in it, I would appreciate hearing from them.

David Weatherill
Email: djweath@bigpond.net.au
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia


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