Wilson's Promontory Lighthouse Cemetery

or Yanakie Station Cemetery


The information regarding some of the burials at this small cemetery on the Prom can be found on a Memorial Plaque erected by National Parks and covers the dates of 14th Jan, 1864 to 2ns July, 1873.

The cemetery is just through the Wilson's Promontory Park entrance and then turn to the west through the stockyard campsite and on top of a hill. The plaque notes that there are 5 burials in the cemetery and only one grave and headstone remain.

The grave is that of William Brown, Born: 20th Oct, 1810, died: 16th May, 1865. He had been 12 years in Victoria and at Yanakie Station. He had been born and married in England.

Others noted as being buried there were:
* James McKeich - 46 years
* Mary Davis - 36 years
* William Davis - 1 year.
All of Yanakie Station.

The only lighthouse related burial is that of:
* Alice Musgrave: Died: 2nd July, 1873, aged 7 months. She was the daughter of Thomas Musgrave (Lighthouse Keeper) and his wife, Catherine (Sinclair). She had been born at Wilson's Promontory Lighthouse and died of "General Debility from Birth" with a note that there was no Medical Attendant nearer that 90 miles. (A real problem for families in isolated areas)

I do have the death certificates of all 5 of these known burials. Trying to see if there were any others. So it would appear the cemetery was used by the lighthouse and the station people.

If anyone has any further information on this cemetery or other burials, I would appreciate hearing about them.

David Weatherill
Email: djweath@bigpond.net.au
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia



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