Burrungabugge Cemetery

 Also known as (Dart River)


* The cemetery of 2 acres was gazetted on the 4th September, 1885 [VGG 1885/2548] noting it as Burrungabugge (Dart River) Cemetery.
* It was noted as being located on a track off Dartmouth Road leading to Granite Flat.
* There is a DHS Cemetery Archives File for the cemetery noting it called Dart River Cemetery and also in the file is reference to it being called the Dark River Cemetery.
* Trustees were identified in April 1891 as Henry Barnes, George Gow, Peter Jannese and Alfred Sparks. I cannot locate them being gazetted in the Victorian Government Gazettes [VGG].
* Location: Dartmouth, Towong Shire.
* It was/is still a crown reserve.
* The DSE Historic Places Unit lists it as the Burrungabugge Cemetery Reserve.
* There is no record if the cemetery was ever used or if it was gazetted closed: Status undetermined.
* In the Towong Shire Heritage Study of places, it is not identified.
* The cemetery reserve is still noted on the DSE cadastral plan for the area: Parcel P204295.
* In December 1980 the Victorian Dept of Crown Lands and Survey wrote to the Victorian Health Commission requesting the cemetery reserve be revoked.
* In January 1981 the Health Commission replied noting "that the land was used for burial purposes in the early part of this century. This Commission would oppose any revocation of the cemetery reserve for this reason."
* Two of the Trustees noted above - George Gow (died 1900) and Peter Jannese (died 1905) might be buried in it, but this needs to be proved.

It was not the old Dartmouth Cemetery now part of the Dartmouth Dam. I have data on this cemetery and it is a different cemetery. 

It would appear that there might have been burials in this cemetery but I cannot locate any reference to any so far. If anyone has any information on burials in the cemetery or any information on the cemetery, I would appreciate hearing from them.

David Weatherill
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