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The cemetery is situated at the rear of the Thomastown Primary School, as this school was originally a Wesleyan School, which commenced in 1855. The Memorial Inscriptions and partial burial records date from 31/10/1855 to 3/8/1955 and the information was compiled in 1985 by Mrs Beryl Patullo and also found at the GSV.

The first burial at the cemetery was for the father of Francis Thomas (who owned the land) John Thomas; who was buried on the 3rd August, 1855. Francis Thomas made one acre available for one hundred pounds with front half an acre to be set aside for the school and the rear half acre set aside for the graveyard. The cemetery is still found at the rear of the school.


In the records for this cemetery in the GSV's vertical file can be found a hand drawn map of the cemetery made at the time the transcriptions were completed in 1984 with the names of the graves marked on the map. A number of the headstones were damaged by vandals over the years.

Graves in this cemetery include:

THOMAS: Sacred to the memory of JOHN THOMAS who departed this life
October 30th 1855 aged 67 years, also his wife MARY who
departed this life April 6th, 1859 also JOSEPH beloved husband
of ANN THOMAS who died August 12, 1907, aged 88 years.
"Asleep in Jesus".

GRUTZNER: In loving memory JACOB GRUTZNER who died at Thomastown
20th November, 1912, aged 89 years. Resident 60 years.

David Weatherill
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia



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