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LEESON Archibald 17-3-1912

HARRISON Flora 9-2-1913

HARRISON Alice 1-3-1913

PLOZZA Guiseppe 4-11-1915

SCOTT James 13-11-1916

BAGLEY Albert Edward 12-8-1920

Wannamal is a small town in the Wheat belt region of Western Australia. The town's name is taken from the nearby Wannamal Lake, a name of Indigenous Australian origin that was first recorded in 1853. The meaning of the word is thought to mean lake

The old cemetery is situated 0.4 kms north of Wannamal West Road on the western side of railway line.

Gazetted in 1912, today it is a closed cemetery.

Situated on four acres of land and divided into six religious areas.

Laid to rest in the cemetery are six persons buried between 1912 and

1920, today the exact location of these graves is unknown.

Burial services were read in most cases by the school teacher, possibly because they had an

of ficial status as the only government employee in the area.

The Cemetery Committee last met in 1954. In 1996/97 the Wannamal community re-fenced

the area and placed granite boulders in the cemetery on which to mount memorial plaques. These commemorate former residents, soldiers killed in war and those known to be buried in the Cemetery.




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