Ravensthorpe Cemetery



Situated on the main South Coast Highway 7kms from  town.

Transcribed 20th June 2003 by Jill Bickmore, Carol & Phillip Riley.

Updated September 2004

Many thanks to Margaret Herold.. Ravensthorpe Shire.


U denotes grave with headstone




Anglican No.11

ALEXANDER unnamed stillborn

Burial 11/06/1920


U Anglican 96 & 97

ARCHER Arthur William

born 13/05/1903 Horbling, Lincs. Eng.  13/05/1903 - 24/10/1984 Ravensthorpe, WA. In God’s care. Loved husband of  Muriel. Loving father of John, Lloyd, Rosemary, Annabel & Janet. Grandfather of 15. Great Grandfather of 1. burial 26/10/1984 aged 81 years.


ARCHER  Muriel Carwardine (nee Chambers)

born Ravensthorpe 22/08/1906 died 25/03/1997 Ravensthorpe, WA.  Wife of Arthur William Archer. Mother of John, Lloyd, Rosemary, Annabel & Janet. Grandfather of 15. Great Grandfather of 26. Loving memories always. Burial 27/03/1997 aged 90 years.


U Anglican No.90

ARCHER George Leo  

07/08/1911 – 1983 aged 72 years. Forever in our hearts. Burial: 30/06/1983 


U Anglican No.85

ARCHER  Marion 

08/06/1905 - 12/10/1981 aged 76 years. Eternal love. Burial 17/10/1981


Anglican No.78

ATKINS Ronald James

Burial 31/08/1978 aged 55 years.


UBaptist  No.1

BAILEY Murray Peter 

died 23/03/1970 aged 3 years. Accidentally killed. Loving son of Peter & Beth. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


Anglican No.83

BAKER Lawrence Robert

Burial 15/11/1980 aged 69 years


Anglican No.28


Burial 01/03/1933 aged 2 hours


Anglican No.29


Burial 21/01/1934 aged 33 years.


URC No.11

BELLI  Peter

died 22/03/1958 aged 75 years. Loved husband of Rosa. Loving father of Rosie, Victor, Julian, Jack, Alice & Cliff.  R.I.P. Burial 24/03/1958                                                                                                                                                         


URC No.12     

BELLI  Rosa Marguerite

25/07/1885 - 14/07/1978 aged 92 years Beloved wife of  Peter (dec’d). Loved mother of Victor, Rosie, Julian, Jack, Alice & Cliff. Burial 17/07/1978


Niche Wall

BENNETT Colin Campbell   

18/10/1924  -  13/02/2000. A man of simply pleasures and hidden depths.


Baptist No.37

BERG Pieter

Burial 03/04/2004 aged 70 years


Methodist No.16


Burial 30/01/1935 aged 72 years.


UPresbyterian  No.100

BIDDULPH  James Kenneth

12/04/1923 - 03/08/1990 aged 67 years. Burial 09/08/1990


Presbyterian  No.101


burial 05/09/1997 aged 68 years.


U Anglican No.25  


died 15/03/1931 aged 43 years Devoted husband of Bessie & fond dad of Oliver & Joan. Treasured memories. Burial 17/03/1931


BLAKE  Bessie Louisa

died 26/11/1969 aged 81 years.

(ashes ex. NSW 07/02/1970)


Anglican No. 4

BLAKE Robert J.

Burial 24/04/1923 aged 9 years.


Anglican No.10


Burial 10/03/1921 aged 2 days


Anglican No.21

BOM Valma

Burial 10/03/1930 aged 2 hours


Presbyterian  No.6

BUCKIE Margaret Elizabeth

buried 06/02/1939 aged 72 years.


URC No.13     

CALVEY  Patrick

died 13/10/1960aged 41 years. Drumgallagh Ballcroy, County Mayo, Ireland. Burial 14/10/1960


RC No.20

CAMPBELL Bryan Donald

Burial 26/01/1977 aged 10 weeks.


URC No.28 (photo on headstone )

CAMPBELL William John 

02/06/1971 - 10/07/1994 aged 23years. We had a short time together. We lived that time to the fullest. And a gift so previous our son Byron William.  Burial 13/07/1994                                                              


U Anglican No.87

CAVANAGH Edward Augustus Owen

1898 – 1983 Dear husband of Hilda. Father of Gifford, Leah & Nalda. 10th Light Horse.

1914-1918 War. Burial 13/09/1983 aged 84 years.


U Anglican No.86  

CAVANAGH Hilda Emma 

1906 – 1981 Loved wife Gus. Loving mother of Gifford, Leah & Nalda.

Burial 10/12/1981 aged 75 years.


U Methodist No.28


died 30/07/1948 aged 78 years Dearly loved dad of Wyn, Kath, Spen  & George. Forever with the Lord. Burial 01/08/1948


U Methodist No.31

CHAMBERS Arthur Sydney

died Oct 1950 aged 78 years. Loved father of Muriel. Burial 24/10/1950


 UMethodist No.58           

CHAMBERS Edith Cecelia

10/11/1944 - 27/03/1994 aged 49 years.  Devoted wife of Graham. Loving mother of Craig, Ronald & Noel. Nana of Kardia, Joanne, Matt, Kieran & Aaron. To love in hearts is not to died. Peace, Perfect Peace. Burial 27/03/1994


U Methodist No.33

CHAMBERS Elizabeth Jane

died 15/05/1952 aged 79 years . Beloved mother of Win, Kath, Spen & George. At rest with the Lord. Burial 15/05/1952


U Methodist  No.48 

CHAMBERS Spencer Alfred

died 27/12/1975 aged 67 years Beloved husband of Win. Loved father of Ronda, Graham, Athol, Lindsay &  Des. The Lord is my shepherd. Burial 31/12/1975.


CHAMBERS Graham George

died 19/03/1979 aged 69 years Loved brother of Win, Kath & Spen. Ashes to ashes. Ashes interred 24/06/1979


 UMethodist No.6


died June 1924 aged 10 years. In loving memory. Sister of Muriel.

Burial 11/06/1924


U Methodist No.15

CHAPMAN Alice Jane

1851 – 1934 Loved wife of Charles. Thy will be done. Burial 09/09/1934


U Methodist No.4

CHAPMAN  Charles

died 08/12/1924 aged 67 years Beloved husband of Alice Jane Chapman. A patient sufferer at rest. As the ivy clings to the oak my memory clings to thee. Burial 09/12/1924


Methodist No.17


Burial 30/01/1935 aged 72 years.


UAnglican 94

CLARKE Eloise (Mickey) Irene Pearl (nee Barrett)

12/06/188713/09/1984 In loving memory. R.I.P.

burial 17/09/1984 aged 98 years.


UAnglican Nos.42 & 43

CLARKE William

died 06/05/1955 aged 54 years. Beloved husband of May. Fond father of Valda, Bill, Audrey & Gwen. Burial 09/05/1955


CLARKE-PRICE May Elizabeth

1906 - 06/03/1990 Dearly loved wife of Bill Clarke 1930-1955 & Len Price 1970-1990. Dearest mother of Valda, Bill, Audrey & Gwen. Stepmother of Verna & Ivan. Burial 09/03/1990


UAnglican No.118

CLASEN Alice Wardle 

19/05/1905 - 24/10/1988 (ashes)



02/12/1902 - 29/05/1994 (ashes)

In Loving memory of our dear parents. Dearly loved by their family. Sadly missed.


UAnglican No.15


13/07/1865 -  09/07/1926  In loving memory. Rest in Peace.Erected by loving relatives. Burial 12/07/1926


URC No.17

COLEMAN Kathleen May

died 05/05/1966 aged 59 years. Rest in Peace.


UAnglican No.31  

COLEMAN  Patrick

1865 – 1934. R.I.P.

burial 26/03/1934 aged 68 years


URC No.22

COLEMAN William Peter

22/02/1900 -19/08/1982 aged 82 years

burial 23/08/1982


 UAnglican No.8

CORNELL William John

died 17/06/1921 aged 49 years. Result of an accident. Much loved husband of Ellen. Loved father of Peg, Nell, Betty &  Bill.  Memories always.   Burial 18/06/1921      


URC No.24     

CUKNOTT Alan Clarence 

21/02/193216/04/1988 In God’s Care.


UBaptist No.2    

DAW Alma May 

13/12/1951 - 13/03/2002  Loving wife of Mervyn. Mother of Colin, Gavin & Karen. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


Methodist  No.70

DAW Clarence Charles

burial 29/06/2001 aged 93 years


U Methodist No.35

DAW Ethel May

1884 – 1975 ‘Qualup Bell’ Devoted wife, mother & citizen. Time ne’er will dim the love you gave nor memories fail your grace, your boundless faith in God, to save what joy once more to see your dear face. Burial 20/02/1975 aged 90 years.


Methodist No.38

DAW Evelyn

Burial 14/10/1961 (baby)


U Methodist  No.73

DAW Francis Edgar jnr

1906 – 1985 aged 77 years. Burial 12/09/1985.


DAW Jeannie Houston (nee Haig)

1909 – 1989 aged 80 years.

In loving memory of our dear parents. Loving family Gwyneth, Len & Margaret. Burial 19/06/1989


U Methodist No.34

DAW Francis Edgar

died 21/05/1957 aged 82 years Beloved husband of Ethel. Father of Edgar, Clarence, Courtney & Lionel.  We shall meet again our esteemed loved one. So good so noble. Who so ever liveth and believeth in me shall never died. Dedicated by his loving wife and sons. Burial 23/05/1957


Methodist No.65

DAW Judith Maude

Burial 13/2/1995 aged 49 years.


UMethodist  No.71 (photo on headstone)

DAW Rita Millicent

1914 – 1982 aged 67 years.  Devoted wife of Tommy. Dearly loved mother of Rodney, Mervyn, Wesley, Linley, Murray & Rita. As ever forever. Burial 06/09/1982


UAnlican No.115

DICKINSON  Luke Andrew

13/07/197720/03/2002 aged 24 years & 8 months. So loved and so missed. Precious son of Ian & Kerry. Very much loved brother of Robert, Wayne, Paul & Joelle. Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories. Burial 27/03/2002


UAnglican No.14  

DUNN Walter

1861 – 1926  Pioneer Settler.

Burial 16/05/1926 aged 65 years.


U Methodist No.13


died 16/09/1930 aged 79 years.  Loved and faithful friend of the Faulkner family. Burial 18/11/1930


UAnglican No.55

EDWARDS  Desmond Norman

-         no dates –

burial 16/01/1967 aged 6 years


UAnglican Nos.70  & 71

EDWARDS Florence Ruth [Flo]      

- no dates -  burial 31/12/1973 aged 45 years.                      


EDWARDS Maxwell Alfred [Max]  

- no dates –  burial 01/10/1997 aged 73 years


UMethodist No.62 (photo on headstone)

EDWARDS Kym Walter 

26/03/1958 - 22/07/1994 aged 36 years.  Previous 3rd son of David & Yvonne.

Brother of Garry, Rodney, Leigh, Quentin & Darren. The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land. Burial 23/07/1994


Anglican No.116

EDWARDS Percival Henry

Burial 14/05/2003 aged 89 years.


Anglican No.44

FABIAN Elizabeth

Burial 06/06/1955 aged 80 years


UAnglican No.46


26/08/1955 aged 84 years. In loving memory. Burial 28/08/1955


UAnglican No.59  

FERRIER Ian Hamilton  

1919 - 21/06/1969 Van, Alice, Jim, Julie.

Burial 24/06/1969 aged 49 years.


UAnglican No.83

FIELD Bradley David

died 26/09/1981 aged 6¾ years Always cherished by Matt, Mum & Dad. R.I.P. Death is swallowed up in victory – 1 cor-15-54. burial 29/09/1981


UAnglican No.94  

FINLAY John Steel

died 02/08/1984 aged 75 years  WX4422 2/28 Batt. A.I.F.

burial 06/08/1984


UAnglican No.99

FRANCIS Eli George (Jock) 

08/04/1914 - 14/09/1990 Loving husband of Ida. Loved dad of Hazel, Avis, Robert, Edith, Susan, Kerry & Leslie. Burial 17/09/1990


Anglican No.100


Burial 23/12/2003 aged 87 years.


URC No.23

FULTON Veronica Mary [Vera]

died 04/03/1988 aged  84 years. Beloved wife of Bill (dec'd). A very unique lady.


Anglican No.65

FULTON William White

Burial 19/04/1970 aged 61 years.


UAnglican No.12

GELL Dickson 

etat 05/01/1885 – obit 30/04/1921 Sleep thy last sleep. Free from care and sorry.

Erected by H. D. Gell of  South Australia. Burial 01/05/1921 aged 36 years.


Anglican No.66  

GIBSON Charles Ross

died 28/09/1970 aged 57 years  Beloved husband of Else. Beloved father of Ron, Allan & Bob.

Burial 01/10/1970


UAnglican No.67

GIBSON Elsie Vera 

died 22/04/1995 aged 82 years. In loving memory. Dearest mother of Ron, Allan & Bob (dec'd). Mother-in-law of Gwen, Maxine & Patsy.  Loving Nanna of 10 grandchildren. Burial 26/04/1995


UAnglican No.7


died 28/06/1921 aged 78 years. In Loving memory of our dear father. Be ye also ready.


UAnglican Nos.40 & 41


died 13/03/1954 aged 80 years.In loving memory. Erected by his loving wife Bertha & children Jim, Doll, Jean & Charl. Burial 15/03/1954


GIBSON Alice Bertha

died 24/02/1968 aged 89 years. In loving memory. Dear mother of Jim, Walter, Doll, Jean & Charl. Always remembered. Burial 26/02/1968

with GOLDSMITH, Amy Jean


UAnglican No.48  


died 10/04/1961 aged 58 years Beloved husband of Ruby.



died 13/02/1987 aged 83 years. In Loving memory.


UAnglican No.98

GIBSON Ronald Joseph

1933 – 1987 burial 27/01/1987 aged 53 years.


GIBSON Muriel Gwendoline 

1937 – 1996 burial 20/12/1996 aged 59 years.

In loving memory          


Anglican No.101

GIBSON Neil Henry

Burial 25/01/1993 aged 63 years.


UAnglican No.3   

GIBSON Walter Henry

died 12/10/1925 aged 19 years.  In Loving Memory. Accidentally Killed. Forgive us for that wish to have thee back. Burial 15/10/1925


RC No.7

GLEESON Patrick J.

burial 23/08/1934 aged 73 years.


UAnglican Nos.40 & 41


05/12/191116/06/2000 aged 89 years.Dearly loved daughter of James & Bertha Gibson. Her ashes where brought home to her parents as her family was her greatest joy. (ashes only 30/09/2001)

with GIBSON James A. & GIBSON Alice Bertha


Methodist No.20

GOODALL James Arthur

Burial 17/08/1938 aged 10 years.


Methodist No.56

GORDON Karen Sue

Burial 27/03/1987 aged 17 years


UAnglican No.68  

GORDON Leonard Michael

died 15/02/1973 aged 63 years. Loved husband of Winifred. Loving father of Valma, Shirley, Muriel, Rex & John. Burial 15/02/1973


UAnglican No.69  

GORDON Winifred Muriel

20/01/1909 - 20/05/1999 Loved wife of Leonard. Loved mother of Valma, Shirley, Muriel, Rex & John. Burial 24/05/1999


UAnglican No.72  

GREEVE Maxwell Henry

23/01/1925 - 20/06/1974 

In loving memory. R.I.P. A.I.F.    

Burial 20/06/1974 aged 49 years.


Anglican No.20

GRIFFIN stillborn

Burial 17/05/1929


Presbyterian  No.2


burial 20/10/1922 aged 64 years.


UAnglican No.61  

HALL  Glennon James

died 12/09/1969 aged 17 years. Accidentally Killed. Dearly loved son of Irene & Joe. Loved brother of Derek & Janice. In God’s care. Burial 15/09/1969


Methodist No.7

HAMBLEY William Henry

Burial 02/02/1926 aged 8 months


U Methodist No.1

HAMILTON Charlotte

died 03/12/1920 aged 40 years Beloved wife of Ernest Hope Hamilton. Loving mother of Lillian & Ronald.  And with the morn those angel faces smile, which we have loved long since and loss awhile. Burial 03/12/1920


Anglican No.9

HARRIS Constance

Burial 25/06/1921 aged 19 years.


Methodist No.19

HARRIS Griffin Martin Judas

Burial 15/06/1937 aged 7 ½ hours


RC No.4

HARRIS Lorna Anne

burial17/05/1929 aged 2 years 8 months


Anglican No.36

HARRISON Francis Elizabeth

Burial 22/12/1945 aged 85 years.


Anglican No.16


Burial 16/10/1926 aged c50 years.


UAnglican  No.32                  


died 23/09/1935 aged 77 years In loving memory of Thomas, beloved husband of Margaret Hibbet. Ever remembered.


RC No.6

HILLIER Alice Frances

burial 01/05/1931 aged 63 years.


RC No.5

HILLIER Ernest Victor Valentine

 buried 26/11/1930 aged 62 years.


UMethodist No.9 (surname not visible on headstone)          

HOBBY  Alfred Henry

Burial 28/12/1926 aged 56 years.

In loving memory beloved husband of Annie. (much of script missing)


Anglican No.26


Burial unknown aged c70 years.


UAnglican Nos.103 & 104

HOSKING William Hurtle 

16/02/1908 - 01/08/1993  husband of Doll. Father of Kevin, Les (dec'd) & Val.

Burial 01/08/1993 aged 84 years.


HOSKING Arnie Alice (nee Doll Gibson)

21/01/1910 - 29/01/1994 wife of Hurtle. Mother of Kevin, Les (dec'd) & Val.

Burial 29/01/1994 aged 84 years.


RC No.29

HOWARD Barry James

Burial 24/07/1996 aged 50 years.


Anglican No.37

HUNT John Thomas

Burial 28/04/1946 aged 44 years


Presbyterian  No.9

INGRID? Alexander

burial 05/08/1964 aged 64 years.


Anglican No.18

JOHNS William

Burial 02/08/1927 aged 79 years


UMethodist  No.8           

JOHNSON John Eric 

died 26/07/1926 aged 72 years. A patient sufferer gone to rest. Erected by his wife & family.

Burial 22/07/1926 on shire records. Headstone definitely says died 26th.


UMethodist  No.45                          

JOHNSON Henry Spearwood

died 14/08/1969 aged 44 years. R.I.P. Burial 16/08/1969


U Methodist No.26

JOHNSON Rosa Sophia

died 20/12/1945 aged 77 years. In Loving memory of our dear mother. Beloved wife of the late John Eric Johnson. Erected by her loving children. Burial 22/12/1945


Anglican No.57

JONES Arthur Edward

Burial 18/06/1968 aged 65 years


Anglican No.107

JONES Kathleen Elsie

Burial 24/07/1998 aged 86 years.



UMethodist No.22         

KNOX Thomas 

born 05/11/1879 Errigal County, Managhan Ireland died 14/09/1941 Hopetoun, WA. Husband of Honora. Father of John,William, Honora, Thomas.

Husband of Myrtle. Father of Malcolm, Stanley, Harold, Ronald, & Oliver. Thanks Dad. R.I.P. burial 16/09/1941 aged 61 years.


UMethodist No.43         


15/09/1924 - 30/03/1995 aged 70 years. A Gentle man especially remembered for his kindness & considerations to others. Rest well my friend. Burial 05/04/1995.


RC No.10

KUEHN Louis Edward

burial 02/11/1939


UMethodist  No.39


died 01/11/1963 aged 48 years Dearly loved husband of Jannette. Loved father of Marinus, Dick & Simon.  R.I.P. Burial 04/11/1963.


KUIPER Jannette In loving Memory 20/07/191604/03/2000 aged 83 years. Loving wife of Simon. Mother of Marinus, Dick & Simon. R.I.P. ashes laid to rest 04/04/2000


Methodist No.37

KUZMINS Vortolomejs

Burial 03/02/1975 aged 52 years.


Anglican No.64

LAWRENCE James Arness Adam

Burial 23/12/1969 aged 64 years.


Anglican No.81

LAWRENCE Thelma Frances Mary

Burial 24/08/1979 aged 73 years.


 UAnglican No.110

LINDNER Dulcie Cecelia Mavis

17/05/191405/11/1999 aged 85 years. Beloved wife of Leslie Lindner (dec’d). loved mother of Darryl. Mother-in-law of Odette. Grandmother of Steven (Butch), Kylie, Vicki & Kate. Great grandmother of Shane, Nathan, Michael, Cody, Dylan, Tyson, Brock, Andrew & Jamie Lee. Forever in our hearts. Burial 11/11/1999


UAnglican No.30                  

LOVE Frank William 

28/08/1913 - 21/02/1934 In loving memory of our dear son & brother. Ever remembered.

Burial 25/02/1934 aged 20 years.


UAnglican No.73                  

MAHONEY Montiford John (Mont)

died 27/10/1975 aged 71 years. Remembered by all the family.

Burial 30/10/1975


Anglican  No.2

MARCHANT Francis William

burial 29/07/1925 aged 58 years.


UMethodist  No.43                         

MAROLD Martin Roland

11/07/1945 - 05/11/1967 aged 22 years. Lovingly remembered by his family. Burial 07/11/1967


UMethodist  No.53A

MAROLD Edith Hedwig Martha

01/09/191427/05/1967    Cremated 29/05/1967 Interred 20/07/1987


MAROLD Gert Leo Martin

13/05/190704/07/1971 aged 64 years burial 07/07/1971                   


UMethodist No.12         


died 02/08/1930 aged 55 years Beloved husband of E. H. Martin. Another plaque reads: In fond memory of my loving father from his loving daughter Maidos.


URC No.2                       


died 20/09/1922 aged 71  years. Sacred to the memory. Erected by his loving wife of Marion.

Burial 22/09/1922.


UMethodist No.27         

MARTIN Marion Steele

died 26/04/1948 aged 84 years. In loving memory of our dear mother. Burial 29/04/1948


UMethodist No.10         

MARTIN Marjorie Gwendoline Edwina

19/07/1928 aged 15 years Beloved daughter of A. & E.H. Martin. In fond memory of Marjorie from her Aunty Jane. Burial 21/07/1928


RC No.16

MARTIN Ronald Vincent

burial 23/11/1964 aged 32 years


Methodist  No.77

McCULLOCH Florence Emily

burial 21/03/2003 aged 91 years.


U Methodist  No.76         

McCULLOCH James Matthew

1906 – 1996 aged 90 years. Loving husband of Florence Emily. Father of June, Enid, Ann, Nancy & Lynette.Until we meet again. Burial 04/11/1996.


McCULLOCH Jane Lauder

1866 – 1961 aged 93 years. Wife of Matthew Calderwood. Loving mother of James & Jean. Ashes buried with son.


Anglican No.27


Burial 30/06/1932 aged c75 years.


Presbyterian  No.1

McKINNEY William

burial 16/05/1922 aged 77 years.


UAnglican No.92                  

MEADOWS Bruce Thomas

22/07/1933 - 21/11/1983 Loved husband of Pat. Loved dad of Coby, Leonie, Scott & Ainsley. A special place in our hearts always Bruce. Burial 24/11/1983 aged 50 years.


MEADOWS, Frederick William

22/06/190917/01/1995 In loving memory. Father of Bruce, Lorraine, Maureen, Carol, Ross, Dianne, Paul & Peta.



31/08/191317/08/2002 In loving memory. Mother of Bruce, Lorraine, Maureen, Carol, Ross, Dianne, Paul & Peta.


Anglican No.58

MEADOWS Cecil George

Burial 12/11/1968 aged 71 years.


UAnglican No.79                  

MEADOWS Coby Anne 

18/09/1958 - 23/03/1979 Always in our hearts. Loved eldest daughter of Bruce & Pat. Loved sister of Leonie, Scott & Ainsley. Until the dawning Coby.

Burial 28/03/1979 aged 20 years.


U Methodist No.5


died 28/05/1923 aged 82 years Beloved husband of Harriet Merrifield. At rest. Burial 30/05/1923


U Methodist No.14


In loving memory of our loved mother.  no dates –

Burial 14/12/1930 aged 83 years.


UAnglican No.74                  

MILNES David John

died 24/07/1976 aged 35 years. Accidentally Killed. Beloved husband of Sally. Loving father of Jeanette.

Burial 29/07/1976


UAnglican No.80                  

MOIR  Elsie Mabel

1896 – 1979 R.I.P.

burial 14/07/1979 aged 82 years.


Anglican No.6

MOIR Gracie Flossie

Burial 16/10/1924


Anglican No.23


Burial 09/09/1930 aged 81 years


UMethodist No.54         

MURDOCK Edward Clifford Percy (Sandy) 

1901 – 1996 aged 95 years. Beloved husband of Winifred. Father of Ursula, Brenda, Bevan & Ian. Rest in Peace. Burial 03/09/1996


UMethodist  No.53     

MURDOCK  Winifred Mary

died 13/09/1983 aged 77 years. Beloved wife of E.C. (Cliff) Mother of Ursula, Brenda, Bevan & Ian. At Rest. Burial 16/09/1983


MURDOCK Bevan Edward 

1940 – 11/09/1988 aged 47 years. Father of Daryl, Donna, Michael & Brendan. In our memories forever. Cremated 15/09/1988 ashes placed with mother 18/09/1988


UAnglican No.54                  

MURIE   John Cumming 

1927 – 1965 Rest in Peace.

Burial 14/12/1965 aged 38 years.


UAnglican No.17                  

MURPHY  Elizabeth died 11/02/1927.

In loving memory. Oh for the touch of a loving hand, for the sound of a voice that’s still.  Burial 12/02/1927 aged 74 years.         


UAnglican No.38                  


died 21/09/1949 aged 90 years. Our loving granddad.  May & family.

Burial 23/09/1949


URC No.27  (see also under P)       

NAGLE John Thomas 

1935 – 1989 aged 54 years. Beloved husband of Pauline. Loved father of Gary, Glen, Danny & Kim. Very sadly missed. Burial 08/06/1988 Shire date?


PARSLOW  Winifred  

1914 - 1989 Loved mother of Norman & Pauline.  May you both always rest in Peace.


URC 14                     


died  23/10/1963 aged 48 years. Accidentally killed. Ever remembered.  Burial 25/10/1963


UAnglican No.77                  

O'DEA John Kyran Daniel

died 21/06/1978 aged 60 years  Loved husband of Thelma. Father of Delma, John & Patrick. Cherrished memories. Burial 24/06/1978


UAnglican No.82 (handwritten headstone writing fading fast)                  

O'DEA Kyran Allan 

died 06/07/1980 aged 10 weeks    Loved son of Pat & Kim. Brother of Anthony & Tamara.

Burial 09/07/1980


UAnglican No.75                  

O'DEA Lydia May

died 21/03/1977 aged 78 years Loved mother of John, Bill, Margaret & Ilma. God bless nan.

Burial 24/03/1977


RC No.1


burial 05/12/1919 aged 63 years


O’DEA Mary Irene

burial 27/10/1922 aged 2 hours or days


UAnglican No.120

O'DEA William Henry Pappin (Bill)  

1920 – 1993 aged 72 years.  Husband of Cath. Adored father of Leanne & Tracey. See you down the highway dad. Burial 22/03/1993


UAnglican No.53                  


1932 – 1965 Loved son of Vera. Burial 21/10/1965 aged 33 years.


UAnglican No.50                  


1882 – 1964. Loved mother of Vera. Burial 10/01/1964


URC No.27 double (see also under N)      

PARSLOW  Winifred  

1914 – 1989 Loved mother of Norman & Pauline.  May you both always rest in Peace.


NAGLE John Thomas

1935 – 1989 Beloved husband of Pauline Loved father of Gary, Glen, Danny & Kim. Very Sadly Missed. Burial 08/06/1988 Shire date?


URC No.3                       


died 08/07/1923 aged 76 years. Loving father of Mary, Will, Jim & Ted. Sacred to the memory. Peace Perfect Peace. Another small plaque reads:  From his loving children. R.I.P.


URC No.30  (photo on headstone)                   

PERKINS  Colleen Patricia 

1974 – 1996 aged 22 years. Loved daughter of Dick & Nancye. Sister of Lisa & Anthony.  We will always love you and ever hold you near. Death took me at an early hour my prime of life had just begun. In me there lived a noble power that touched the lives of everyone.  God Bless.  Burial 25/10/1996                                                                   


UAnglican No.1                    

PHELPS Abraham

died  22/02/1925 Husband of Edith & father of Kylie & Robert. Burial 24/02/1925


U Methodist  No. 52 (photo on headstone)

PREBBLE  Nathan Andrew

died 30/07/1982 aged 2 ½ years. Cherished memories. Precious son of Ken & Fran. Brother of Matthew, Joel, Benjamin.  Burial 02/08/1982.                                                                                                                                                            


UMethodist No. 29

PRICE Emily Jane

died  23/08/1949 Fond mother of Florrie, Len & Wyn. Loving Memory. Resting.  Burial 25/08/1949 aged 72 years.


U Methodist No.42                         

PRICE Kathleen M.

1907 – 1967 aged 60 years.Devoted wife of Len. Loved mother of Verna & Ivan.

Burial 11/09/1967


U Methodist No. 23

PRICE William Henry

died 25/07/1942 aged 59 years. A servant of the Lord, resting. Burial 28/08/1942


RC No.8


burial 12/12/1934 aged 58 years.


URC No.15                      

REID Michael Andrew 

15/01/1964 aged 13 months In loving memory of our darling son & brother. Mummy, daddy, Kerry, Heather & Andrew. In memory of our darling boy inscribed in cross with teddy. Burial 15/01/1964


U Methodist  No.44

RENTON Roderick Charles

died 29/11/1968 aged 22 years. Accidentally taken. Remembered & loved by his family. Burial 02/12/1968.


Methodist No.3

Dates unknown aged 15 years


UAnglican No.39                  


died 22/09/1952 aged 71 years R.I.P.

burial 24/09/1952


Anglican No.52


Burial 22/12/1964 aged 85 years


RC No.21

ROCCO Eileen Patricia

Burial 25/05/1979 aged 46 years.


UAnglican No.51                  

ROSE Alan Clifton

died 11/02/1964 Loved husband of Alice. Loving father of Peter, Stephen, Bill, Mary, Ella, Coral, Sam & Don. R.I.P. burial 13/02/1964 aged 63 years.


UMethodist No.55

ROWE Kirsten Jane

Birthday 30/10/1974 Accidentally taken 24/09/1986 aged 11 ¾ years.  Dearest Kirsten. Thank you for our wonderful years of laughter & love. We forever wish you were here, but the loving power of fun filled memories will carries ups through, until we share again. Your loving sister Alison & parents Christine & Keith.  A child of God forever. Burial 27/09/1986


RC No.18


Burial 08/12/1967 aged 67 years


URC No.19                     

RUSSELL  Alfred Clarence

died 23/06/1968 aged 5 years. Youngest son of Reg & Veronica. Accidentally killed. Ever remembered. Burial 24/06/1968


Methodist No.36


Burial 23/03/1959 aged 56 years.


UAnglican No.22  

SELLECK, Alfred [Alfie]

died  05/08/1930 aged 5½ years  In loving memory of our dear little son & brothers from his loving brothers, sister, mother & grandma. In God’s keeping. Burial 07/08/1930


UAnglican No.33                  

SELLECK Palmer Frank

died 09/07/1936 aged 53 years  28th Batt. A.I.F. In loving memory of our dear father. Erected by George, Frank & Cathie. Always remembered. Burial 20/11/1936


UMethodist  No.50

SMART Lancelot 

27/10/192429/06/1981 aged 56 years. Beloved husband of Joan. Dear father of Robie, Karen, Steven & Jeanne. Till we met again.   Burial 03/07/1981           


URC No.26                     

SIMONAITIS Juozas (Joe) 

08/12/1932 - 08/08/1988 aged 55 years. Beloved husband of Yvonne. Loving father of Dianne, Linda & Richard. Burial 09/08/1988


U Methodist No.32         


      -no dates-             Devoted mother of Hilda, Ina (dec'd), Elsie & Harry.

Burial 05/10/1951 aged 77 years.


U Methodist No.21     

SMITH Edith Winny

-no dates -  Beloved wife of Frank Smith.  Loving mother of Barbara, Muriel, Bert &    Mabel.Grand-ma of Frank, Myrtle & Betty.

Burial 27/04/1940 aged 65 years.


U Methodist No. 25

SMITH Harry Edgar

died 19/10/1943 aged 73 years. Dearly loved husband of Annie. Loving father of Hilda, Elsie & Harry. Grandpa of Steve, Shirley, Ron & Allan. Burial 21/10/1943


U Methodist No.11

SMITH Ina Mary

died 31/10/1929 aged 20 years Beloved daughter of Harry & Annie Smith. Thy will be done


UMethodist  No.24                         


died 10/10/1943 aged 75 years Beloved wife of Walter F. Smith.  Fond mother of Hugh & Lena.

Burial 12/10/1943


U Methodist No. 30        

SMITH Walter Francis

died 16/06/1950 aged 82 years Beloved husband of Jane (dec’d). Devoted father of Hugh & Lena. Burial 18/06/1950


UAnglican No.92                

SMYTH Lysbeth Ann 

07/01/1981 - 9/10/1984  Dear little daughter of Larry & Christine. Special friend & sister to Patrick & Christopher.

‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

Burial 13/10/1984 aged 3 years.


UAnglican No.34                  

SORENSEN  Thomas [Tom]

died 24/11/1938 Erected by his friends Mr. & Mrs. Stunstill.

Burial 24/11/1938


UAnglican No.49                  

SROZINSKI Sydney Charles 

04/06/1923 - 17/09/1963 Accidentally Killed. Husband of Irene. Father of Michael, Jeanette & Sandra. Loving memories eternal. Burial 20/09/1963 aged 40 years


Anglican No.5


Burial 15/12/1922 aged 45 years


Anglican No.24

STENNETT John Thomas

Burial 15/03/1931 aged 75years


UAnglican No.35                  

STEVENS William Thomas

died 25/10/1944 aged 80 years. In loving memory of the beloved brother of Charlotte Britteon.

Burial 28/10/1944


Presbyterian  No.4


(no other info available from Shire)


UPresbyterian  No.3     (nothing but surname left)     

STEVENSON Robert Henry

buried 07/10/1929 aged 64 years


UAnglican No.19                  

TAYLOR  William Ray  

01/06/1928 - 21/01/1929 burial 22/01/1929 aged 7 years 5 months


TAYLOR Ravensthorpe W.J.W.  (William John)

20/09/1900 - 14/10/1985 aged 84 years (shire has 14/10/1985 but headstone definitely 1984)

&                                             ashes only 13/08/1995

TAYLOR Kathleen May

05/05/1902 - 12/04/1995 aged 92 years


U Methodist  No.46         

THOMAS Ena Gertrude Edeline 

06/08/1909 - 20/04/1972 Wife of Lawrence Row Thomas interred in Pingelly. Loving mum of Kevin, Gordon, David, Melvin, Phillip, Donald & Dorothy.

Prov.3:5-6 Burial 24/04/1972 aged 62 years.


URC 24                     

TUCKNOTT Alan Clarence

21/02/1932 - 16/04/1988 aged 56 years. Here rests in God’s care.

burial 19/04/1988  


Presbyterian  No.5


burial 08/06/1934 Minister/Undertaker was J. Murphy


RC No.9

VALLI Dominic

 burial 31/08/1935 aged 65 years.


Methodist No.18


burial 04/08/1935 stillborn


Presbyterian  No.11


burial 29/01/2002 aged 87 years.


U Presbyterian  No.10


10/03/1916 - 14/05/1980 aged 64 years. Wife of Cornelus. Mother of Wim & Dik. Buried 19/05/1980


UAnlican No.102   (photo on headstone)

WADDINGHAM  Mathew Edward 

01/08/1916 - 28/06/1993 aged 76 years. Brother of Phyl & Thelma. Where beautiful things happen – Dorothy Gray. Burial 28/06/1993


UAnglican No.105   

WEBSTER  Ian Stewart     

- no dates -   

burial 16/05/1995 aged 55 years.    


UAnlican No.88                  

WEHR  Hans Wilhem Heinrich 

died 06/01/1983 aged 84 years Beloved husband of Vera.

Burial 11/01/1983


Anglican No.90


Burial 25/11/1996 aged 93 years.


UAnglican No.56 

WEST Rebecca 

died 22/11/1967 aged 87years.Beloved wife of George Charles. Loved mother of Charlie & Bill. R.I.P. burial 24/11/1967


WEST George Charles

died  02/08/1972 aged 96 years. Loved father of Charlie & Bill. R.I.P. burial 08/08/1972


U Methodist  No.74 (photo on headstone)

WHITE Dylan Page

20/02/1991 - 07/08/1994 aged 3 years. Cherished memories of our darling little man Dylan now at rest in God’s Garden.  God Bless.  Loved Mum Catherine Daw. 

Burial 07/08/1994.    


Anglican No.13

WILLIAMS Colin Andrew

Burial 31/10/1925 aged 30 years.                                                                                       


UAnglican No.47

YOUNG Ronald Henry

16/05/192712/10/1960 aged 33 years. Killed on the Ravensthorpe mine. Loved wife Hazel. Children Lorraine, Rhonda, Diana, Alan, Shirley & Marilyn. Gone but never forgotten. Burial 14/10/1960


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