Old Tambellup Cemetery


Situated on the Tambellup/Gnowangerup Road just outside of the Tambellup township. Was to be the main cemetery but ground found to be too hard.  Has only one visible grave and a plaque with these names on it.


Plaque reads: A Memorial to Colin Lionel CHAPMAN Died 07/05/1900 aged 3 months.

James BURCH Died 04.12.1902 aged 70 years

Mabel Annie MURRAY Died 30.05.1905 aged 12 hours.

Robert FISH Died 28/06/1905 aged 51 years.

Unnamed male WARD Died 15/12/1905 s/b

William George BABINGTON Died 30/03/1908 aged 43 years.

Agnes MURRAY Died 09/02/1910 aged 66 years.


Inside a little fence with wire and wooden posts is one headstone



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