Shelter Cove Catholic Cemetery



Surname Given Name Death date Age Notes
CHURCHILL un-named female     Daughter of George and Mary
CHURCHILL nee WISBY Mary     Wife of George
COX Anthony 16-1-1892 88 y husband of Jane
COX nee Daly Jane 16-9-1902 72 y wife of Anthony. BDM married 15-10-1849
DALY Jane pre 1900   Wife of Patrick Daly ?
DELANEY Dawn     Fenton's little girl ?
DELANEY Gloria 6-5-1930   daughter of Anthony Fenton Delaney & Florence nee Brodribb
DELANEY James 1954    
DELANEY James William 8-1-1954 63 y b. 3-11-1891 son of Michael & Catherine nee Cox. Batchelor
DELANEY Michael 1918    
DELANEY Michael 17-4-1916 62 y b. 28-5-1854 son of Fenton Delaney & Margaret McDermott. Husband of Catherine nee COX
DELANEY Michael Leslie 22-7-1923 45 y b. 8-10-1877 Son of Michael & Catherine, husband of Ruby nee Gibbons ied at Cygnet.
DELANEY nee COX Catherine 29-12-1923 69 y b. 30-1-1854 [BDM] daughter of Anthony Cox & Jane Daly, wife of Michael
FALVEY Michael 30-7-1927   husband of Susannah {BDM married 17-2-1890]
FALVEY nee COX Susannah 22-6-1921   wife of Michael
HARWOOD Willian John (Jack) 9-4-1918   Killed at Lauriston. Accidently through clothing being caught in shaft of oil engine (chaff cutter). Husband of Roberta nee WISBY (daughter of Frederick & Martha Wisby)
WISBY Frederick 1950 95/96 y Born 4 February 1854. Son of Alan WISBY & Elizabeth nee MITCHELL.  Husband of Martha nee COX
WISBY John 18-3-1914 few hours Son of Robert Allen & Grace Evelyn WISBY
WISBY nee Cox Martha 1933/36 80 y Wife of Frederick [BDM married 9-10-1883]
WITTISON Agnes Violet 1903   Born 1901. Infant daughter of George WITTISON & Agnes nee DELANEY
WITTISON George     Born 25-12-1876. Husband of Agnes nee DELANEY. Son of Sam WITTISON & Gertrude nee JOHNSON

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