Kangarilla Bible Christian Cemetery

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Eyre Flat East Bible Christian Cemetery




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Eyre's Flat East Elim Chapel

Eyres Flat became Kangarilla by 1870

The foundation stone laid by Ann Bottrill 1861. Opened 16 th February 1862. The land for the chapel was donated by her husband John Bottrill, part of section 875.  The building was opened on February 16, 1862.  The Chapel when opened, was still incomplete, the cost was approximately 250 pounds. 

This building was situated next to the Bible Christian Cemetery and Temperance Hall (now the Kangarilla Institute).  After Methodist Union it was sold, and demolished a few years later.

“the chapel in gothic style and although incomplete it was said to be an ornament to the neighbourhood. It was call Elim, and along with a cemetery was located next to the Temperance Hall that was built in 1875”

From Bible Christian Methodists in SA 1850-1900 by Edwin Curnow







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