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The Magill Cemetery is owned by the City of Burnside, is 5639 Square Metres in Size and bordered by Pepper St, Jackson St and Carey St, Magill.

Land for a chapel and burial ground were set aside for a cemetery at Magill when the area was subdivided in 1838 as 'The Village of Makgill' by two Scots who had met on board 'The Buffalo', Robert Cock and William Ferguson. The chapel did not eventuate on this site, but the cemetery did, and it is one of only two in Burnside (the other one is the Glen Osmond Anglican Cemetery attached to St Saviour's Church). In 1878 the land comprising the cemetery was donated to the Magill Methodist Church.

Some of those buried there include:

  • William Pitman (d 1878) who arrived in South Australia in 1840 and was a vine dresser at Crompton and Clark vineyards.
  • George Hunt (d 1874) father of the builder of Tranmere House.
  • Alexander Calderwood (d 1891) carpenter and wheelwright of Magill
  • Charles Bennett (d 1919) founder of Bennett's Pottery
  • Joseph Crompton (d 1901) a partner in the Stonyfell winery and founder of Crompton and Sons.
  • Joseph Gillard (d 1927) of Clarendon and Penfold's wineries, and founder of the Vignerons Association.
  • Thomas Pitman (d 1925) a builder, who erected the telegraph station at Darwin in 1872, and the transepts of the Kent Town Methodist Church.
  • Alexander Cock (d 1872) son of Robert Cock, one of the founders of Magill. Many other members of the Cock family are also buried at Magill.

The Magill Cemetery is now closed, except for those with leases and then in only limited circumstances.









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